10 Must Have Rave Safe Essential Items To Carry

10 Must Have Rave Safe Essential Items To Carry

10 Must Have Rave Safe Essential Items To Carry:

Music festivals allow you to make lifetime memories. The venue you visit, people you meet and greet and the music you hear, are the best experiences which you can never forget.

However, it is very much important for you to stay completely safe during these festivals. It has a thousand numbers of attendees, and you need to take some measures for keeping yourself and others also safe.

Here Are Some Must Have Rave Safe Essential Items To Carry

1. Towel

Even if you are not going to take a shower during the weekends, make sure you keep your towel handy. They can also be laid on the stages even.


2. Power bank or charger

Of course, when you are going to these festivals, you will carry your phone too. Don’t forget to take your power bank or charger along. They are portable and be carried in a bag or pocket too. A power bank can save you from finding a switch around.


3. Bandana Masks

They are important for dusty festivals like burning man, electric forest and others. You must protect your lungs from dust and dirt for your good health. Make sure you carry your bandanna mask every time.


4. Baby wipes

Carrying baby wipes is a must because if you want to go to the loos, you will not find them anywhere, they might get over or there are leftovers which won't help.


5. Sunglasses

Many events start during the days and end at night. Staying in the sun for long hours without sunglasses can be risky, so carry your hat and goggles both. You can also carry your kaleidoscope glasses to the fest.


6. Earplugs

If a human ear gets exposed to 85-decibel levels, it can cause hearing damage. You must know that during the festivals EDM, the music is high on volume up to 115 decibels. Protecting your hearing is a must, thus carry your earplugs to the event.


7. First aid kit

This is the most important rave gear to carry. An emergency can take place anytime. Carry your mini safety kit and keep all necessary medicines for injuries, headaches, and others to be on the safer side.


8. Hand sanitizer

If you are purely a hygienic kind of person, then carrying a hand sanitizer to the event can be the right decision. Make sure your festivals allow you to carry it as some of them don’t allow extra liquids insides their venues.


9. Shoes

Comfort is the key. As long as you want to party and dance all night, this is very important for you. Make sure you get your comfortable sneakers which you can buy from freaky shoes. Be festival ready with them today.


10 Hydration pack

Staying healthy from the beginning of the festival until the last is most important. Water is the essential thing that can be carried in a hydration pack.



Follow this checklist on Freakyshoes.com and include other items like diffraction glasses, gloving led, and other stuff in your bag today for getting ready for grooving all night in the EDM festival.



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