11 People To Avoid At Rave Party

11 People To Avoid At Rave Party

11 People To Avoid At Rave Party 

Whether it is the promoter, blogger or DJ, you need to be very clear of these people at a show. The rave parties are the epicenter of electronic dance music culture.

Choose your friends carefully as these groups of friends can help you make a lifetime experience, whether good or bad. There are few people from whom you should stay away. Let’s learn about 11 people that you should avoid at rave parties.

The hipster or the Bro

These two share the listing as they are the same person. The bro holds fraternity and hipster can be found as an urban outfitter. You can find them at different types of edm parties and they make people learn about “Quicksilver”, which is a brand that works part-time in Echo Park.


Avoid Drug dealers

You will find many boys that walk in the crowd and mutters the word “molly”. They can be aggressive at times as they want to sell their drugs and looks out for people that have sketchy look. Stay away from them.


Hip hopper

These kinds of people constantly catch the attention of security by lighting up blunt or tagging porta-potties. Once he gets lifted finally, he breaks dancing on dubstep and on free styling too. You can also find them moving around with diffraction glasses heart on their faces



You will find some drunken people in the parties that are wearing rave accessories to make them look hunk. They go out of control and keep on puking due to alcohol. Keep distance from such people.



You will find a few Australians there that will have a threesome with your sister and girlfriend and you will ask you to buy him alcohol the very next day. They also plug all their drugs, so stay away from them.



They are dumb. They pull the same shit as these Australians do and they sometimes even make wrong videos and then viral them to their friends.



This can be worse as you will find cool chicks in parties who put on the nice dress, wear kaleidoscope rave glasses and always in search of a boy for giving him a good massage. Suddenly his abusive boyfriend comes in light and spoils the whole fun.



Bloggers can eat your head in EDM. When they are at the party, they keep on showing off things about music genre electronic, free water, chips and even talks about DJs. They talk unnecessarily for attention and this may spoil your mood.



Although DJ looks cool as they can be found wearing color therapy glasses chart, amazing outfits when you stand next to them, all they talk about is their music and their drunken behavior can also make you sad.



The coupes, they should be allowed in raves as they keep on talking and fighting in raves. It can be an uncomfortable silence or screaming.



Stay away from the promoter that can be seen with raving light and a good marketing plan. Save your money and don’t get indulge in any of their tricks.

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