5 Quick Tips For DIY Shoe Repairs

5 Quick Tips For DIY Shoe Repairs

5 quick tips for DIY shoe Repairs:

Easy DIY shoe repairs are very necessary to know if you are someone like me who loves your shoes dearly. What is more heartbreaking than giving up your favorite pair of shoe just because they have some nicks or their heels are broken? If you are a shoe lover like me then this is the perfect place for you to have a look at some quick fixes for your precious pumps that will help you down the road.


  1. Use nail polish to fix small nicks

How would you react if I told you that you can fix the small nicks on your shoe by using a nail polish? Yes my friend, you can fill the small nicks on the shoes by using a nail polish that is of the same color as that of your shoe. All you need to do is just dab some nail polish in the nick. You can also use a permanent market as that of the same color of your shoe and use a clear nail polish over it. You can choose any of the ways as you desire.


  1. Repair worn heel tips

It becomes a little difficult for me to run every time to a professional shoes repair service near me. Instead I use one of these famous heel caps. They are the perfect for your pumps and Stilletos. They keep your heels from wearing out. Because I do not have shoe repairs near me, I prefer to use these caps over the metallic nail part on the heel. This instantly stops the clicking sound. This is rather easy solution then popping up to a shoe maker repair near me.


  1. Patch the holes and cracks in shoes and reattach the soles

Shoe goo is one excellent shoe adhesive available in market. It is the best sealant to repair your broken sole and rebuild them. The shoe goo works perfectly on the leather, rubber, and vinyl type of shoes. It is a very versatile product and helps you to patch the cracks in your shoes and reattach the soles. Shoe goo helps the shoe to stay flex and bend when required. This is what I do when I am out and I cannot find a cobbler near me.


  1. Fixing scratches and scuffs

In order to prevent the scuffs it is important to spray a protectant on the shoe when it is new. One can use Waterproof sprays to protect the shoes against, rains, stains, spills etc. Beeswax is a good option of your are protecting canvas shoes. Leather, suede, and fabric shoes require waterproof spray to keep them safe and increase their shelf life. This trick comes in handy during the monsoons as I do not have shoemaker repair near me.


  1. Stretch your shoes

Shoes biting is what we all face when we buy ourselves a new pair of shoes. You cannot walk into a shoes repair shop every time to help you stretch your shoes. All you need to do is fill zip lock baggies with water. Put them in your new shoes and keep them inside the fridge. The water will expand into ice and will stretch your shoes.


All of these tips come in handy to me as I do not have a shoemaker repair shop nearby. These tricks not only save some time but they also save up some money.


5 Quick Tips For DIY Shoe Repairs

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