5 Things Happen When You Wear Sneakers without Socks

5 Things Happen When You Wear Sneakers without Socks

5 Things Happen When You Wear Sneakers without Socks

Hey, do you sweat a lot, but it never stops wearing sneakers without socks? This could problem you! Your favorite pairs will become stinky, and rotten sneakers, which you obviously don’t want. But here are 5 things that happen when you wear sneakers without socks.

  1. Your Sneakers Stink!

You don’t need to be mad about your sneakers; they too do need proper care if you are careless toward them, how you can be supposed to have them in a long way. You wear sneakers the whole day; the sole absorbs all sweat, and covert sweat into stinky bad smell, which could be unbearable. So when you wear sneakers without socks, they will surely stink no matter how much scent you spray on them.

  1. The Color Will Get Change:

This is not it; not only they will stink, but their color also gets changed! Yes, if you like to wear sneakers without socks, then you can observe the change of color from white to grey. This is all due to moisture that builds on it, and due to constant friction, the color starts fading out.

  1. There Will Be Mold Buildup:

Do you think the story will end to smell or color changes? Then you are wrong; the damages are far more than those.

Mold can be build up in the inside covering of the sneakers, which is logical. When you sweat so much and pack your feet in the casing for more than 20 hours a day, then what else you could expect from them. Obviously, there would be mold build-up due to bacteria and dust, etc.

  1. Blisters Under Your Feet:

No doubt wearing comfortable sneakers feel heavenly, but it could be stressful if you wear them without socks. It can result in blisters because your feet in continuously rubbing the sole, which can damage your foot sole badly, and usually damage occurs behind the foot area, so be careful.

  1. Stepping On Wet Sponge:

If you want your shoes like a wet sponge, then it’s time to say goodbye to them. Yes, due to sweating and constant contact of bare feet with the feet can make them spongy, and you can feel like dampness. So it’s always better to avoid this.

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