6 Tips For Cracked Leather Shoe Repair

6 Tips For Cracked Leather Shoe Repair

6 Tips For Cracked Leather Shoe Repair:

Now it is easy to repair a cracked leather shoe ever. This is much economical and affordable. Now you don’t have to throw your cracked shoes away or buy a new pair of shoes. Repairing of cracks in leather shoes is a much simple, fun and inexpensive option for extending the life and look and feel of your leather shoes.

It is true that prevention is much better than cure and polishing your shoes regularly and buffing them can help in minimizing the chances of leather cracks that occur on your leather shoes. If any of the cracks have already appeared on your shoes, then follow simple methods for repairing your leather shoes so that you can hang around confidently.


Easy tips for repairing cracked leather shoe


1. Make use of a saddle soap

This is one of the useful tips to repair cracked leather shoes. You must wash your shoes with saddle soap. You can find it at any of the equestrian stores. You just need to rub this soap generously on the cracks and make use of water in between.

This process of leather repair works much better when the shoes are dry enough.


2. Avoid heat

One must avoid the application of heat for drying your shoe quickly. It is because of this the cracks turn severe. You can place your leather shoes outside in any area for letting them dry or away from direct sunlight, rain. Let your shoes dry with natural air.


3. Stuff your leather shoe for maintaining its shape

The leather shoes are often repaired and cleaned and hold the tendency of losing their shape. This can be avoided easily by stuffing the old newspapers or rags into the shoe when you perform the whole leather crack repairs.


4. Make use of mink oil

The application of mink oil to its cracks which have appeared in its leather penetrates deep into its crevices. This helps in re-hydrating dry leather. Although, people around are to tend to be unaware of using the mink oil when they repair leather shoes.

It is an effective way of giving needed moisture to its cracks and crevices. Let your shoes dry properly before applying any of the shoe creams.


5. Proper color match

The other helpful tip is, taking the shoes to a shoe store that sells leather shoe cream. This can help in determining a good match of color. Once you have got an appropriate color, apply your shoe cream to its leather and pay attention to crevices and cracks too.


6. Buff equally

The odd matched shoes are not the desired outcomes that perform the repairing job on leather shoes. Polishing and buffing shoes for a long time can make one shoe shinier than others. For avoiding the mismatch, note how long you buff your first shoe.


Spend 3 to 4 minutes on polishing your shoe and repeat the same on another one. For getting perfect matching pair, buff equally and properly.


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