7 Shoe Mistakes You Should Avoid To Prevent Foot Pain

7 Shoe Mistakes You Should Avoid To Prevent Foot Pain

7 Shoe Mistakes You Should Avoid To Prevent Foot Pain:

Take good care of your feet; they do a lot for you. It would be best if you avoid getting hurt your feet. Shoe mistakes are a common cause of foot pain and different foot-related diseases.


In this brief article, we will talk about shoe mistakes that could be hurting your feet. The best part is that this website is a custom sneaker website, created by sneaker artists, it means we are professionals and will guide you well and brief. In short, if you want to know what mistakes you should avoid, then you need to read this article.


Taking Care Of Your Feet Is Important


Your feet support your whole body and do many things like running, walking, jumping. Nobody wants to lose these fantastic activities. Feet is a complicated body part consisting of bones and joints, and they need more exceptional care than you think. Hence the care of your feet is as vital as any other body parts.

Shoe mistakes are common for foot pain, read this article, and see if you are making any of the shoe mistakes. After identifying the mistake, make sure you get rid of that problem.


1. Wearing Incorrectly Sized Shoes


You might be wearing a size 6, but never count on that size because the body changes over time, so our feet. Ensure you are not wearing inappropriate size shoes, because you never know when your feet change and you might not be aware of the change.


Wearing inappropriate sized shoes could also cause many other problems like:


  • Corns And Calluses

  • Hammer Toes

  • Bunions

  • Neuropathy

  • Cause Falls and Reduce mobility


So always make sure you buy the right shoes for yourself, to be safe from these issues, and the best website to purchase custom and comfortable footwear is our website Freakyshoes.com. Take a look at beautiful designs or order your custom design.


Some Tips To Select Right Shoes


  • Always select a shoe that fits your feet.

  • Never buy shoes that may look beautiful but fit too tightly on your feet, make sure they are tight and should stretch if needed.

  • While standing up, make sure there is enough space for your toe at the end.

  • After wearing shoes, walk a little and see if they feel comfortable.

  • Never Believe in the written size on the shoes, wear them and see if the footwear is right for you.

  • If you already have shoes, then the best thing to do is to get your feet measured and see which of your shoes need to go.


If you want custom sneakers, made by best artists, then visit Custom Designs For Shoe and have a super comfortable and high-quality pair of shoes for yourself.


2. You Probably Wearing Wrong Shoes For The Job


Sometimes people don't wear the right shoes for the right job; for example, you may be walking a lot in cute looking high-heel shoes. These high heel shoes might be useful to look beautiful, but they aren't ideal for long walks.


High heels shoes are commonly used because they look beautiful. High heels put more pressure on the ball of our feet. That pressure is too much for joints, and that leads to the pain.

Flat shoes like flip-flops aren't that great for a lot of walking; they don't provide the support needed for the arch and cause pain to our feet. And these are the shoes most commonly used for walking, which isn't good for our feet.


Always find appropriate shoes specially designed for a lot of walking. Flat heel shoes are the best for this job because the shape supports the arch of your foot.


3. Walking Barefoot At Home


For most people, walking barefoot is not only the ultimate comfort but also not an issue that is necessary to fix. But in some people walking or standing barefoot on a hard surface like wooden floor tile or marble can cause too much pain or stress on feet' structure.

Your body weight is cushioned with the help of fat pads on the balls and heels of your feet. According to most of the research, this padding becomes thin and wears down. So finally concluded that too much walking or standing barefoot is harmful to these fat pads and resulting pain in your feet.

So always try to have a pair of slippers with a posh to wear around the house, park, or a place like a kitchen, where you usually stand to avoid feet pain due to going barefoot.


4. You don't Understand Insoles.


It would be best if you had to choose the sole type according to your feet structure or as required to comfort your feet against any specific pain you faced already.


Most of the time, soles come with your shoes that are not the right ones you need to fulfill the requirements discussed earlier or are not supportive to overcome the pain you already have.


So while choosing a sole, there is a rule of thumb that must be followed: "If your feet are flatter, you need stiffer insoles. In case of the higher arch, you need cushioned insoles."

Whenever you visit a market for new insoles or use any other sources like online websites like Freakyshoes.com can find some decent over the counter ones which match with your requirement. This is only possible if you are aware of the actual reason for uncomforting you are facing and the purpose of using these insoles.


5. Choosing Workout Shoes Based On Appearance


Picking up the right shoes for your feet isn't a simple process that you can wear any shoes you like based on the shoe's appearance. Most people follow what they see, and many people follow someone wearing a good looking shoe. And they without even knowing that it may look cool, but it could be dangerous for feet.


Research shows that different running shoes affect our feet differently.


The best shoes are those that look cool and also very comfortable to wear. The best way to find shoes is to talk with a specialist or find a shop or shoe website run by a specialist; they will guide you to the best shoes possible.


You may think workout shoes, sports shoes, are ways to make money by companies, but this is not true. These shoes are actually designed by the specialist for you to be comfortable while doing different activities. So consider buying different sneakers for different activities.


Running shoes are specially designed to encourage forward motion and have less impact on our feet than regular shoes. We want you to know that our custom website offers an amazing quality of comfortable shoes.


6. Still Wearing Old Shoes

A lot of people throw away their old shoes only when the sole of shoes is worn down. The reality is that wherever the sole starts to breakdown its angle at which your foot strikes, the ground is changed, causing pain in your feet. This pain affects not only feet but also your hip, back, and knees.


It depends on your activity level that a sole remains perfect for a few months or a year. You can use your favorite one by resolving or by adding insoles. Sutera and Gillanders both recommended in their research get rid of your old sneakers, hiking boots, and walking shoes when their time is up.


There is also a simple table test to check your shoes by putting it on the table and looking at the soles. They must not be uneven or wrapped.


7. Over Use of Running Shoes

This is the most common mistake we make. Usually, we don't notice that our running shoes are hurting our feet. After running a hundred miles, you should consider replacing your running shoes.


The cushioning and sole below our shoes wear down because of running, and it decreases the amount of padding for our feet, which causes pain to our feet.

You should be aware of your running shoes, and when you notice that cushioning and sole is worn down, consider replacing them with new shoes. That way, you can avoid the pain that it could cause to your feet.


If you aren't careful enough, then you will feel pain in your ankle, joints, and feet, then you should know that your running shoes are no longer in good shape. Consider buying a new one from a trusted website. We provide the best custom-designed shoes to our valuable customers.


These are the mistakes that you should avoid and be cautious about the health of your feet. These mistakes are common among people, and when you see someone making these mistakes let them know.

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