A Big No To Funky Feet, It’s All Bacteria, Dead Skin And Sweat

A Big No To Funky Feet, It’s All Bacteria, Dead Skin And Sweat

A Big No To Funky Feet, It’s All Bacteria, Dead Skin And Sweat:

The embarrassing odor of your stinky feet can even show an exit door to your best friend. It is usually summer, when people put away their boots and close-toed shoes for flip-flops and sandals; this is where your funky feet appear commonly.

If your feet stink, that doesn’t mean you are unhygienic, it is that little bacteria in your shoes which multiplies and causes the bad smell. Moreover, this bacterium eats the dead skin too.

After they have digested the sweat that includes fat, it releases gas. As they keep on feasting on feet, their colonies grow. Many experts have suggested how to decrease these bacteria that feast on your feet and reduces the stench too.

  • One of the popular treatments for extreme sweat is Botox. It helps in blocking the nerves which signal the glands for sweating.

    This will cause less sweat for the bacteria for feeding off, and thus reduces the smell.


  • If you don’t want to go for an expensive botox, then you can follow the best foot plan by Freaky shoes for keeping your feet

    healthy, fresh and free from odor.


  • Wash your feet regularly with antibacterial soap and dry the feet before going barefoot or wearing shoes.


  • Try wearing natural fabric and clean socks for absorbing sweat. Look out for moisture-wicking socks which have an antimicrobial feature.


  • Regularly change your shoes. Buy a new pair of shoes and alternatively wear one after the other. Wearing the same shoes in

    a raw can increase the chances of sweat odor. It is because the bacteria thrive in moist areas, so you need to give some time

    to your shoes for drying out between wearing, overnight is not at all enough.


  • Choose ventilated, breathable and lightweight shoes. Avoid wearing synthetic fabrics as rubber, plastic or vinyl.


  • If you have an issue of stinky shoes every time, then clean them well by using hot soapy water. If you are having leather shoes,

    wash its insole too. Make sure your insoles and shoes are dry out completely before wearing them.


  • You can also try sweat-absorbing inserts, which best helps in keeping the bacteria and sweat away from your feet.


  • Make use of products that helps in absorbing odor.

Some of the myths that might lead you to a wrong path

An expert about foot fungus and athlete's foot has also stated that the common fungus can be found on surfaces like locker rooms and bathrooms too. Its symptoms can be scaly and red rash which leaves an unpleasant odor.

They dispelled some of the related myths about dealing with foot fungus.

1. Listerine can help in curing foot fungus.

Not at all, it might help in killing bacteria from your skin, but it will not prevent nail bed or foot fungus.

2. Bleaching feet for removing fungus

Don’t ever try, it is can dry your feet a lot.

You just need to follow the basic tips by Freaky shoes for keeping your foot free from fungus and see amazing results.



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