A Brief History Of Yeezy Shoes

A Brief History Of Yeezy Shoes

A Brief History Of Yeezy Shoes:

There is no doubt that the franchise of Yeezy has created ripples in the mindset of sneakerheads that have gone on for shaping the outlook on exclusivity and hype. Here in the clubhouse of sneaker-tech, the humble adjunct of the footwear world, it is not about the metaphysical qualities of the shoes that it covets.

Everyone is more interested in knowing how Yeezy shoes are made and how they can help. So go through the brief history of Yeezy shoes and understand its concept. First, you need to have a look at its starting era, when Kanye west started this sneaker designing sector.

In 2006, the BAPE bear Bapesta which was perfectly good at that time was just a new colorway of existing shoes. But as soon as LV stepped in the ring, the table turned. Nowadays the luxury brands and streetwear and linked inexorably but in the year 2009, this was not the real case.


Kanye and Louis Vuitton collaboration

The collaboration of Kanye’s collection with LV was its first time that many backpack-toting youngsters and BAPE wearing wrapped their chubby knuckles around buttery smooth and fine calf leather from Europe’s premium tanneries.

In the same year, the dawning of Yeezy's age arrived. Kanye jumped with Nike. Together they had major goals, like fully utilizing the technological arsenal. How could he forget fitting Yeezy 1 with the classic Nike Air unit?

Its shoe sole was similar to Jordan 3 that was released originally in 1988 and featured a small window on its heels side. By this time, the brand had a full-length sole with no foam and was debuted in 2006 on Air Max 360. Soon Kanye realized the power of iconography over the lusty and cheap appeal of the hollow comfort.

Soon the sequel of Nike Air Yeezy entered the market in 2012 that had a reptilian aesthetic and had anaconda textured leather which wrapped the quarters of the shoes. Being such a tactile treat, it was a shame to plastering Swoosh over its top, so the shoes made use of new production technology, the Nike Vac-Tech.


The release of Yeezy Boost 750

Its seamless branding was also achieved by making use of a technique called thermo molding, included a vacuum compression that also fused materials without any requirement of stitching. Soon when the Yeezy Boost 750 released, it turned out as a hot commodity.

Before the year 2015, the company TPU, the thermoplastic polyurethane was a feature of its performance category, where handfuls of expanded TPU pellets were molded in shoe sole for better retaining the shape than using a big foam.


Yeezy boost 350 designs

This frisky foam turned out as an amazing thing for the sneaker market. Soon the NMD R1 turned out as the best sellers. After 750, Yeezy boost 350 captured the whole market that had a minimalistic designing.

Its upper has a two-part sock, an accented stitching down its toe and patterned texture. Finally, Kanye has entered the market of knitted sneakers with the best help of Adidas, Prime knit technology.

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