A Guide On How to Clean Your Nike Shoes and Keep Them Fresh

A Guide On How to Clean Your Nike Shoes and Keep Them Fresh

A Guide On How to Clean Your Nike Shoes and Keep Them Fresh:


Cleaning and washing your Nike Shoes is not much different than cleaning any pair of white sneakers or shoes and other sports footwear brands. An ideal example of this comes from Jordy Geller, a Guinness World Record Holder for owning the biggest sneakers' collection. There used to be a time when Jordy Geller possessed over 2,500 Nike Shoes. He took care of his shoes in a way that it appeared they have just been freshly unboxed. You can also make this happen by using only a handful of household items and some elbow grease.


Nike is indeed one of the leading and most renowned worldwide companies in sportswear. Nike sells all types of products from a selling point of view, including apparel, accessories, and fitness gear, but Nike footwear stands unparalleled. Ever since the launch, Nike has come up with an exclusive collection. It is incredibly common for those limited-edition sneakers and shoes to sell like hot cakes for thousands of bucks.


Spending a hefty sum of money on your most desired pair of Nike Shoes surely requires some cleaning, and you do not want your gorgeous pair of sneakers to end up looking like rubbish in just 2 weeks. With so many things scattered around your house like rag cloths, old toothbrushes, and soft brushes, you can easily clean your Nike shoes. Here are 8 steps on how to clean your Nike Shoes and make your white sneakers look fresh.


Step 1: Brush away the excess and loose dirt


The first step in cleaning your Nike shoes is to brush off all the excess dirt from your sneakers. For this purpose, you can take either a soft cloth or use a brush with a soft bristle to get rid of any loose dirt, mud, dust, or grime. If your Nike shoes' upper material comprises mesh, stuff in the inner area with some newspaper or cloth pieces before brushing off the access.


This is because mesh material can soak, so a towel or newspaper will prevent the dirt from seeping in. Do not forget to scrub the soles underneath to remove any small stones or dirt that could affect your Nike shoes' traction.


Step 2: Get Rid of Scuff Marks


In the next step, dab a melamine sponge (also known as a magic eraser) in a bowl of water and then gently rub over the scuff marks to eliminate the. Make sure to go over the marks as gently and lightly as possible. These magic erasers are incredibly rough, so they can affect the shoe fibers and do more damage than good.


If your Nike shoes' surface is pebbled, use a soft and old toothbrush to extract the dirt from the crevices. As a pro tip, always remember that the longer you let the dirt stay on your shoes, the more challenging it gets to clean them.


Step 3: Remove Your Shoelaces and Wash Them


It is absolutely essential to remove the lace and wash them separately. Let your laces soak in a mixture of lukewarm water and a cleaning liquid such as laundry detergent. If the laces are white and are covered with dark marks or spots, it is easy to bleach them or simply scrub off the stains gently with an old and soft toothbrush. However, if the laces are colored, then do not use bleach.


Step 4: Spot Clean the Stained Areas


If your Nike shoes are white in color and catch minuscule stains, it is best to spot clean these stains as early as possible before they become permanent. Use a mild laundry detergent or any cleaning liquid like shampoo or dishwashing soap.


If you are worried about water stains since white sneakers are likely to catch watermarks too, make sure to use distilled water while spot cleaning.


Step 5: Clean The Insoles of Your Nike Shoes


The majority of Nike Shoes and other brands of sneakers come up with removable insoles. The insoles should also be cleaned and washed separately. After removing the insoles from the shoes, take a soft brush, and gently scrub them with some mild cleaning detergent.


If the insoles cannot be removed, clean them off with an old toothbrush and try to reach into the corner areas inside the toe boxes. Before inserting the insoles in your shoes again, make sure they are entirely air-dried.


Step 6: Clean The Uppers of Your Nike Shoes


Take a sponge or a soft brush and dip it in laundry detergent to lightly scrub the uppers of your Nike Shoes. It is not required to entirely soak the shoes in water because it might weaken the glue that holds your sneakers together and keeps them intact.


Step 7: Leave Your Nike Shoes to Air-Dry


After cleaning and washing your shoes, it is essential to let them air-dry. Air-drying your shoes is an entire process on its own and requires utmost care. It is advised to dry your Nike shoes in a shady place or at least at room temperature. Do not ever place your Nike shoes in the dry because many sneakers cannot withstand such high heat temperatures.


Step 8: Place Shoe Inserts to Maintain the Shape of Your Nike Shoes


This step is crucial, particularly for people who have leather-based Nike shoes and are liable to get creases alongside the toes. If you do not place shoe inserts in your shoes or sneakers, simply insert some rolled towel cloths or newspapers as substitutes.


Keeping Your Nike Shoes Clean On the Go


If you wish to save yourself from the hassle of cleaning your Nike Shoes, here are some essential things you must carry with yourself at all times. These basic things allow you to clean off the uppers and bottom soles on the go as any dirt or mud gets stuck.


Though there is no escape from cleaning your Nike Shoes once in a while, wiping them on the go saves you from the trouble of long hours of scrubbing off the particles of dirt and grime that get stuck underneath.


1. Baby Wipes


To make your Nike shoes look new, use baby wipes to get rid of dirt instantly as you get them. Baby wipes are gentle and easy to use and do a great job in removing grime and dirt immediately from your shoes.


2. Pencils


The eraser at the back of a pencil is handy in eliminating scuffs and scratches from your Nike shoes' rubber texture. Just rub the back eraser on the stained area of a shoe in the same way you rub off words from paper.


3. Inserts


You can insert cardboard or hard paper inserts in your Nike shoes during times when they are kept in the storeroom. These inserts help keep your shoes in shape and do not warp the structure while not being worn. Inserts come handy, especially when sneakers are damp.


4. Change The Laces


Your Nike Shoes may instantly get that brand-new appearance after getting rid of your old laces and replacing them with new ones. A new pair of shoelaces dramatically changes the look of your sneakers and gives off a fresh-out-of-the-box feeling.


Washing Your Nike Shoes in the Washing Machine


Contemporary washing machines are now equipped with a sportswear shoe setting. Still, this definitely does not mean that all your shoes and trainers can be washed in the washing machine. It is recommended to check with the shoe manufacturer if it is okay to rinse your shoes in the washing machine. Though the best way to clean your Nike shoes is by hand, it is also possible to put them in the washing machine.


Now we will discuss a few things worth noting before placing your expensive Nike shoes in the washer. For instance, always remove the laces from your shoes and clean them individually by placing them in a mesh lingerie bag. The laces can also be washed by hand. The shoes should be washed separately and not mixed with the clothes as there are chances of it getting damaged.


Place your Nike shoes in the washing machine and add a small quantity (one scoop) of laundry detergent. If required, you can include one cup of white vinegar or even baking soda, which are useful ingredients in getting rid of bad odor. Switch on the washing machine on a delicate wash and rinse your shoes with cold water.


Let the cycle complete thoroughly before you remove the shoelaces and shoes. Keep them in a ventilated room and let the shoes air-dry naturally. As mentioned enough, Nike Shoes should not be placed in the dryer as they cannot withstand the amount of dryer heat.


Take note that Nike does not really recommend washing your footwear in the machine. However, as long as you avoid washing them regularly in the machine, there should be no significant side effects.


Things You Should Avoid Doing to Your Nike Shoes


Next time pay heed to these tips and see the instructions before cleaning your Nike shoes.


  • Never leave your trainers or Nike shoes to dry near a radiator. This could totally warp the shape and structure of your shoes.

  • Avoid using extremities like bleach, cleaning brushes, and toxic chemicals. This could ultimately ruin the fabric material of your shoes.

  • Note that any unsupportive cleaning techniques could destroy your shoes and strip them off any kind of warranty.


Exciting Ways to Freshen Your Nike Shoes


If you have owned a pair of Nike Shoes for some time and have basically worn it every day, they will likely give off a weird smell. Deodorizing your Nike Shoes is an essential part of maintaining the neatness and freshness of your sneakers. Here are some exciting tricks on how you can deodorize your Nike Shoes.


1. Use Baking Soda


Baking Soda possesses anti-bacterial properties. It is an excellent and critical ingredient in eradicating all the bacteria that cause stinky and bad odor in your shoes. Baking soda is very simple to use. All you need to do is pepper a few teaspoons of baking soda over your stinky Nike shoes.


Let it stay overnight for the baking soda to work its magic. The next day, you will see that the smell has evaporated from your shoes. After this, simply wipe away the baking soda sprinkles with a clean cloth.


2. Use Essential Oils


Essential oils come in all kinds of fragrances and can be very useful in lessening shoe odor. They possess anti-microbial properties and contain powerful and aromatic scents that get rid of the bad smell. Select an essential oil such as tea tree oil, clove oil, lavender oil, lemongrass oil, etc. and include 3 or 4 drops inside the shoe.


Do not pour oil over the surface, or it might cause a stain or lead to discoloration. After this, cover the shoes with a cloth or tissue and let it stay overnight. The bad odor should be eliminated by morning, and you can get fresh smelling shoes.


3. Use Tea Bags


Teabags another useful item in getting rid of shoe odors. All you have to is place two bags of tea in hot, boiling water and let it sit for 4-5 minutes. Let it cool for no more than 10 minutes before putting one teabag each in your shoes.


Let the tea bag stay inside the shoes for the night. Teabags work like magic in eliminating the bad odor inside your sneakers. Once the smell has gone, remove the tea bags and throw them away.


Simple Ways To Keep Your Nike Shoes From Stinking


There are a handful of things you can do to keep your Nike Shoes from developing bad odors and smell fresh.


  • You should let your shoes dry fully before you wear them again.

  • Avoid wearing the same pair of shoes for two days consecutively.

  • Sprinkle some powder on your feet before wearing your Nike Shoes.

  • Store your Nike sneakers in a shady, cool, and dry area. There should be no moisture in the room.



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