A Step by Step Guide To Remove Stains From Canvas Sneakers

A Step by Step Guide To Remove Stains From Canvas Sneakers

A Step by Step Guide To Remove Stains From Canvas Sneakers:

      A lot of people might think of it as being rather superficial or materialistic. Still, most people feel a surge of happiness and immense joy upon buying a pair of brand-new sneakers. The feeling of getting the most awaited pair of sneakers is inexplicable. New shoes look good and make you feel even better. However, if the sneakers are made of canvas material, you have to be extra careful too.


Canvas sneakers are highly versatile and excessively prone to stains and dirt, so keeping these shoes clean can be quite problematic and stressful. Canvas sneakers of dark colors can last for longer durations even if they catch dirt or get badly stained. Contrariwise, as gorgeous a pair of white sneakers look, they are likely to get dirty or stained almost instantly. Regardless of your canvas sneaker's color, it is absolutely essential to remove stains from your canvas sneakers.


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Different Types of Stains on Canvas Sneakers

     There are different kinds of stains and marks that your canvas shoes can be stained with. The most common types of stains include dirt or mud, but there can be other kinds of stains like grass, blood, grease, tar, and other general stains.


If you want your canvas sneakers to look flawless and good as new, you must clean it regularly. You should always try to prevent the stains and dirt from becoming permanently; otherwise, cleaning canvas sneakers can be very strenuous.


Things Needed For Removing Stains From Canvas Sneakers

     The process of removing stains from your canvas sneakers depends solely on your choice of products, cleaning techniques, and equipment. Cleaning your canvas shoes can be very tricky and require the right set of tools, techniques, and products to avoid damaging the shoe material.


It is essential to conduct some research before wanting to successfully get rid of stains and dirt from your canvas sneakers in the best and soundest way possible. Here are some of the things required for cleaning your canvas sneakers.


  1. An old toothbrush

  2. Any type of cleaning product such as laundry detergent or a liquid dishwashing soap

  3. Baking Soda

  4. Scrubbing brush with softened nylon hair

  5. A Shallow Wash Basin

  6. A Fabric Stain Remover

  7. A Soft White Towel


This article only refers to the steps and materials required to clean your canvas shoes. The first and foremost step is to gather all the right products and equipment necessary for cleaning your canvas sneakers. Hence, here is a step by step and in-depth procedure of how you can effectively clean your canvas sneakers.


Step One: Soaking and Scrubbing The Laces

      Your laces can catch dirt or stained along with the sneaker too. Trying to clean your laces while still on the sneakers will be ineffective and result in a waste of time. The laces need to be soaked and scrubbed separately. For this, you will need to create a cleaning solution comprising part soap and part water. Any laundry detergent or dishwashing soap can do the trick.


Mix it with water and soak the laces for at least 15 minutes or till the shoes have been cleaned. You will need to use a soft-haired toothbrush for scrubbing in between the laces to prevent the fibers from getting damaged. Keep in mind that it can be incredibly tricky to stop the laces from tangling and moving back and forth while brushing them out on a flat and hard surface.


It is advised to wrap each shoelace around the palm of your hand and then brush them through. Do not forget to flip each lace and scrub and clean thoroughly for completely brand-new appearing laces. After scrubbing and brushing the laces, wash them off under running tap water and dry them in the air.


If your canvas sneakers have insoles that can be removed, it is much easier to wash and rinse them outside the shoes. Any cleaning solution and an old toothbrush can be used to clean the insoles. Simply scrub the insoles gently and then rinse them off. Leave it to dry in the air.


Step Two: Remove all the Loose Dirt and Debris

    Before cleaning your canvas sneakers, it is vital to ensure that they are thoroughly dry. If you have gone trekking through the murky grounds, then you must first let it dry. Once the mud dries and hardens, it becomes easier to get rid of it. You can eradicate all the dirt and debris from your canvas sneakers by using a scrubbing brush.


Another alternative would be to simply tap your shoes against each other or on a possibly hard surface. This way, all the dry and loose mud or debris under and over your sneakers will fall off. For stuck-on dirt, a brush will be a better option to remove all the debris and dirt from the outer layer.


Your goal is to remove the dirt to whatever extent you can. This makes the next step of eliminating stains much easier and faster to complete. Now it is time for the significant part of the process – cleaning the canvas! A thorough scrubbing of the outer and inner parts of the material is vital. This is where dirt, stains, and bacteria accumulate each and every time you wear them.


Step Three: Scrub Your Canvas Sneaker Thoroughly

  A few things should be in your mind while you are cleaning your canvas sneakers.


1. Do not soak the material for more than fifteen minutes in water. It may deteriorate the texture and weaken the fibers.


2. Do not apply too much pressure while scrubbing the material.


3. Do not opt for harsh cleaners.


4. Avoid using bleach and products with bleach on your canvas shoes. Only use bleach to clean your sneakers if your canvas is of white color.


5. It is essential to clean your sneaker outsoles before your clean the material of canvas. An old toothbrush will be suitable for this.


6. Brush in only one direction rather than continuously scrubbing the material back and forth.


7. Be as gentle as possible while cleaning around the stitched areas.


Cleaning Your Canvas Shoes

 To start cleaning your canvas shoes, you need to place them under running tap water and pepper the insides with ample baking soda. Baking soda is used to get rid of all the nasty and bad odors.


Next, you should create a cleaning solution by including one or two caps of laundry detergent or liquid dish soap in three cups of water. The intensity of the cleaning solution or soapy mixture mainly depends on the number of stains, dirt, and debris your canvas shoes have.


Dip the scrubbing brush into the cleaning solution and then gently scrub through and clean the canvas material. At times, the dark stains may be hard to remove, and it may seem that they are not fading away. The stain can be tackled in the next step. Next, you should wash the sneakers and continue scrubbing it until you feel that most of the stain or dirt has come off.


Step Four: Spot Cleaning The Stains

    After rinsing your sneakers for the final time, you will probably still see some visible stains that are still not ready to come off yet. However, if you use the right technique and products, then this will come off too. Based on the color of your sneakers, you can use either one of the cleaning technique.


For White Canvas Sneakers


While using bleach to clean your white canvas sneakers, you should wear proper protective gear that includes long sleeves, gloves, and goggles. Direct contact with bleach can be hazardous for your skin, cause eye and skin irritation, and tons of other allergic reactions. It is better to take proactive steps to be cautious while using bleach.


Secondly, it is essential to dilute the bleach by adding water. This will prevent your white sneakers from discoloration. On an average basis, use six parts of water and one-part bleach to clean your white canvas sneakers. After the bleach solution has been created, the following steps should be pursued.


  1. Add a small quantity of cleaning solution on top of the stained area and let it soak for some minutes.

  2. Next, using a clean and new toothbrush, dip into the soapy solution. Put one hand inside the shoe for supporting the underside of the canvas material, and then gently brush over the stained part in circular directions.

  3. In case of any more obstinate stains, repeat the steps. Lastly, rinse off the sneakers.


4. Another way to remove stains from your white canvas sneakers would be to apply white liquid shoe polish. This helps cover stains and marks that are too stubborn or old to be removed.




For Colored Canvas Shoes

     To remove stains from your colored canvas sneakers, you will need a fabric stain remover that comes without bleach. It is better to stay away from any sort of chemical while cleaning colored canvas material. It can diminish the color.


The majority of stain removers come with written directions on the label. If the fabric stain remover you are using does not come with specific instructions, follow these easy steps to free your colored canvas sneakers from stains.


  1. Pour the stain remover on top and around the dirt or stain marks. Let it perform the trick on the canvas material for roughly about 2-3 minutes.

  2. Take a white cloth towel and gently dab or wipe on the stained part. This allows the stain to transfer from the shoe to the towel. It is better to wrap an end of the towel around your finger while wiping it.


3. Once the stain comes off, wash the stained area with water to wipe off the cleaner.


Step Five: Let Your Sneakers Dry Naturally

    Unfortunately, you cannot squeeze your canvas sneakers like you can with a towel. Your soaked canvas sneakers can take some time to completely dry up. Based on the weather conditions and the humidity level, the canvas sneakers typically dry off overnight when placed underneath a fan. If the climate is damp and moist, it can take up to 2-3 days for your canvas sneakers to dry.


Here is a list of some excellent ways to expedite the drying process of your canvas sneakers.


  1. Use a blow dryer to dry your sneakers for about ten to fifteen minutes before letting them air-dry. Hold the blow dryer approximately 1 ½ foot from the sneaker. Remember not to expose the canvas material to excessively high heat.

  2. Place your white sneakers in a sunny and clean spot to dry. Contrariwise, colored sneakers must be kept in a shady spot and left to air-dry.

  3. Keep your canvas sneakers on any windowsill that receives an ample amount of cross ventilation.

  4. Place your sneakers against a pedestal fan and switch it to the highest speed.

  5. Use dry towels for absorbing moisture and dampness from your canvas sneakers before letting them air-dry.

  6. Stuff paper-towels in your sneakers that can soak up all the excess moisture. Replace the soaked paper towels with new ones.


After your canvas sneakers are fully dry, you should insert the insoles (if removed) and laces back. Now you will have a set of clean, dirt-free canvas sneakers that look fantastic and smell amazing.


A Step by Step Guide To Remove Stains From Canvas Sneakers

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