A step-by-step guide to sneaker customization by Freaky Shoes

A step-by-step guide to sneaker customization by Freaky Shoes

A step-by-step guide to sneaker customization by Freaky Shoes:

     Creating the best custom shoes for women and men is not as hard as you imagine. With the right tools and features you can really take things to the next level in no time. It all comes down to knowing what tools you need and how you can complete the process properly. In case you have any issues creating custom shoes on your own, just give Freaky Shoes a try as we can help in no time.



You need to make sure that you buy the right materials. That means investing in Angelus paint, this is very good and works on most surfaces. You also need acetone, glass that’s not plastic based, liner paintbrushes, cotton balls, rubber gloves and an airbrush, a hair dryer, masking take and an x-acto knife.


Preparation process

This is where you spend most of the time when you create custom shoes for cheap. The idea here is that you want to remove the factory coating, as that will help make the paint bond with the leather a lot better. You should use gloves and take the acetone, soak those cotton balls and then try to rub off the leather to remove the unwanted color. It might take 40 minutes to complete this, but it will be a very demanding and challenging task.



Once you remove the coating, you need to mask things off. Whether you create custom Dragon Ball Z shoes or anything else, you will have to use scotch masking tape as it will help a lot. Then you can use the knife to cut around the edges so you can obtain those clean lines you expect.


The mixing process

You already prepared the shoes, so at this time you need to start mixing colors. Ideally you want to mix them and see what works for you. This process is all about trial and error. You need to experiment yourself as you try to find the right option. It’s well worth it and it will give you an amazing experience every time.


Painting your custom shoes

If you want to have amazing Dragon Ball Z custom shoes, you need to start painting them. The idea here is to apply paint only in thin layers. This will help you avoid streaks, which will happen more often than not. Apply multiple coats and then you will need to wait until everything dries out. You can also use the hair dryer in case you want to speed things up.


Once you use your ideas for custom shoes and bring those to life, you need to add details at the end. make sure that you add in those details with a small liner brush. Lastly, you should go one more time with the hair dryer so you can dry off everything. In case this seems too much for you, it’s a good idea to test our services. We are bringing you an amazing value and results, and we will be more than happy to provide the experience you always wanted.



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