About Collin Kaepernick

About Collin Kaepernick

Collin Kaepernick:

       American Football is loved for its strategic gameplay by fans and players alike. This sport has impacted many people’s lives in different ways. Just like basketball and baseball, many players use it as a platform to make names for themselves by turning their lives around and those of their loved ones. The NFL franchise is a tough league that only the best players play for various teams to compete in the Superbowl. These athletes find pride in the game since most of them make millions of money to cater for their lavish lifestyle. Besides, some put the cash into use by giving back to the communities they come from through different community projects.

     Collin Kaepernick is a pro quarterback formerly playing for the San Francisco 49ers and currently a free agent. He has had different sides of history in the US as a superstar player and used this stage to engage in activism. One notable act was that of kneeling when the national anthem was being played. This bold step in demonstrating his activism was in protest to police brutality in particular while handling people of color. Though it elicited many views, as some stood with him and others condemned him for not honoring the flag, it did not deter his stand on the issue. This served as inspiration because many professional and amateur sports personnel followed in his footprints.

The Genesis

     Collin Kaepernick Family was made up of diverse cultures as his mother was white while the father an African American who had ties with Nigeria, Ghana, and Ivory Coast. Kaepernick was born on 3rd November 1987, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He didn't have the luxury to be brought up with his father as he had separated from the mother before he was born. Since the mother, Russo wasn't in a position to cater to the young Collin's needs, she wisely put him up for adoption, and he fell in the caring hands of Rick and Teresa Kaepernick.

The couple had two other kids (kyle and Devon), but they concluded adopting Kaepernick as they had initially lost two of their sons to heart complications. Among the three children, he became the youngest.

The family resided in Wisconsin, and when Collin was four, they moved to California in the early 1990s. It did not take him long to discover his love for the sport, as he did join the youth football league at eight years old. He was a strong, intelligent, and coordinated player, and this allowed him to be fielded in the defensive line by his coach. Soon he got himself up in the team sheet because of his work rate on the field. Also, Kaepernick began to play as a quarterback by the age of nine.

While in California, Colin joined Pitman High, and it was at this institution that he proved he was both a young, talented, intelligent person, and he averaged a 4.0 GPA. The unique thing about him is that he played basketball, baseball, and football. Furthermore, this freakish athlete, while in senior high, got recognition from different state universities for the three sports.

His steadfast commitment in these fields contributed to many football scouts going head to head with baseball recruiters for his signature. This bright talent was so good that he ended up obtaining full scholarship proposals from Tennessee, Notre Dame, and Arizona State to go and play baseball. Kaepernick inspired the Pitman High football team to their first playoff championship victory. At the same time, in basketball, they reached the finals as his 34 points could not match Ryan Anderson's 50 points, which affirmed Oak Ridge High winners of that game.

College: the defining moment

      Collin always wanted to join college ever since he was a kid. Baseball and football created the platform for him to make his dream a reality. Moreover, the incredible performances he put on pitch and off pitch would grant him his wish. Forever his passion for American football was more profound than anything. Therefore, a highlight of his junior season was put together by his coach Larry Nigro who sent to different schools. Although he didn't receive any responses, Kaepernick never gave up, for he went on during the summer to attend the many college football camps.

Physically Colin was about 6”4’, strong, and had excellent foot speed. These attributes differentiated him from the rest; thus, he caught the eye of coaches from the University of Nevada in Reno who offered him a scholarship. Thus 2006 became the year that he officially signed for them and became part of their team.

Whenever any player who has ever played competitively joins a different league with another team, fitting in and feeling the boots of their predecessors is not always easy. This was the same for Collin, for he found himself being lined up as back-up, but he soon got his chance when Nick Graziano was injured.

He was very impressive in his first start against Boise State -the best-ranked team. Approaching this game, they were indeed the underdogs. Equally 1st against 36th was a David and Goliath kind of battle. It was a match they went out knowing it would take a lot for them to win. Through his leadership, Wolfpack took the game to overtime, but two points narrowly defeated them as it ended 69-67.

Collin developed as he played the majority of the season since his debut game leaving Graziano on the bench. His ability to read the game was seen from the incredible stats he put up. Moreover, he made 19 touchdowns and three interceptions, which saw him garner 161.06 QB rating that put him fifth nationally. With such stats in only 11 games out of 13, adding to an outstanding 53.8% ball passing accuracy proved that even though still a first-year student, he would be the one to watch in seasons to come.

By 2007 Kaepernick had a great time with Nevada Wolf Pack, but 2008 was even better because he kept pushing himself, which also made the rest of the team do better. As a sophomore, he was named the fifth player in NCAA history after making 2,000 yards passes, and 1,000 yards run in a single campaign. Furthermore, his history making moments didn’t stop there.

Despite losing the game during the Humanitarian Bowl, he contributed to 39 touchdowns of which he completed 370 passing yards, and two clinical interceptions saw him lift the Most Valuable Player trophy. In 1992, Marshall Faulk had become the first sophomore to be named WAC Offensive player of the season. This record stood for 16 years as Collin achieved the same accolade due to his performance in 2008, becoming the second person in history to do so. In addition, to his impressive display, this athlete was recognized as first-team All-Western Athletic Conference Quarterback.

In 2009 Kaepernick got drafted by Chicago Cubs. Receiving this pick meant that he was still good in this sport, and he would have to make a life-changing decision of going pro at the age of 22. Later he turned down the offer and continued playing for Nevada because his heart was still in football.

Following their successive runs in 2008, the team was ready for the 2009 season, which they sought to fight hard for in the WAC. With Collin's guidance, the team came close to clinching the championship, but the best they could do is play second fiddle to the eventual winners Boise State.

Finishing in this position didn't mean that they had not performed. Additionally, WolfPack's game was terrific as Kaepernick threw over 2,052 yards, and together with his two teammates Tau, Luke Lippincott amassed a whopping 3563 yards. It was a super fit as this would be the first time in college football that three players from the same team completed 1000 yard runs in the same ground.

Not only was he the MVP for the second time, but he and his two teammates were also inducted in Football College Hall of Fame. Not to forget, the remarkably equaled the record of his previous campaigns of over 2000 -1000 setting yet another historical mark in the game.

When he joined Nevada, his goal was to help them lift as many Western Athletic championships. The previous two seasons, they had always aged close to clinching the trophy, but he didn't know that he would bring it home during his final year at the institution. On 26th November 2010, the WolfPack faced with their bitter rivals, the defending champions Boise State Broncos.

They had met in two finals previously, and the visitors stamped their authority in the two campaigns. This time they were also real contenders for the title, and what was surprising about this match is that it was so good that they went to overtime. With Collins spearheading the team, they were able to conquer their fears rivals 34-31 to qualify for the final. After the game, Chris Ault, Collin’s head coach, commented that it was the most crucial win in the history of the Nevada Football program. In the final of the league, Kaepernick's team defeated Louisiana Tech to lift the trophy.

Collin became the first-ever player in the college football campaigns ever to make over 2000 yards passes and over 1000 runs in a single season. After their win, he was later alongside Kellen More confirmed the WAC Co-offensive Player of 2010. Also, he, Tebow, and Cam Newton managed as passers to contribute by throwing and adding runs to their 20 touchdowns in 2010.

Due to his fantastic distribution in Nevada, Kaepernick has completed 10,000 yards passes combined with astounding 4,000 runs in a college shirt, something that another athlete has not broken. Nonetheless, he further established himself as a profound quarterback as he matched Eric Crouch, a former QB from Nebraska, with most running touchdowns in their position of play in the history of college football.

From an early age, Collin had always been a brilliant child. He further continued with both in High School and College since he was a 4.0 GPA student. With his incredible mind, he maintained this and graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management.

Football indeed is an intense game, and players mostly have to be 100% focused both on and off the pitch as both mental and physical strength is a priority. Maintaining such sometimes takes a toll on them; thus, balancing academics and sports can be challenging. Collin was able to find a balance between the two worlds as he was consistent in averaging a 4.0-grade point, which is a true reflection of his tremendous passes.

The professional Draft

Most football sports personnel before they begin playing their principal purpose is to go profession. Before anyone goes pro, they wait to be drafted by different American Football franchises that would grant them this opportunity. That is why while they grind hard to make it to the draft picks. Pressure comes as many look forward to being drafted in the first round by top teams of the nation as this would mean a good earning. Even though not all get drafted in the first round, some are hopeful for being selected rather than not.

In 2011 Collin did not expect to make the first-round draft selection, but he did in the second of which the Denver Broncos picked him, but it seemed like the 49ers were interested in him, so put in a trading request. Furthermore, for them to grab him, it meant that they had to exchange him for three lower picks who were 45,108 and 141.

After the agreement, Collin Kaepernick signed for the 49ers. The 2011 season for his new team was similar to that of Nevada as he played from the bench. As back up for Alex Smith, he watched him drive the team to that campaign's championship game. On the other hand, Collin did receive little game time in which he had thrown five interceptions accompanied by a whole 24 of 25 distributions that year.

Alex being the regular starter, meant that the coach had to improvise to use Collin in some games. His instructor brought him to run some unique plays, but his real shot came in the 10th week of the 2012 season against St. Louis Rams. The starting Quarter Back, Smith got hit on the helmet in the first half, leaving the game with a head injury, therefore in the second part of the game, Kaepernick was called upon to fill the boots.

That night he went to deliver on the mission he had been sent to finish, for he made seventeen passes, completed eleven of them, and 66 ran yards and a single rushing touchdown. At the end of the night, both teams finished the match in a tie of 24-24. Following his performance against the Rams, he was called to the front of the park at Candlestick Park to lead the team in his first NFL start against Chicago Bears. Besides, going into the game, Collin knew that he was going to face the most robust defense in the league.

Moreover, even the fans believed that he wouldn't perform against such a defense. For him to prove his doubters, he had to bring his best to the game, which he eventually did. He had such a spectacular performance as they outperformed their opponents with an impressive 32-7 win. On that night, in the 246 yards covered, Collin scoped 16 of the 23 passes made and double touchdowns.

Soon Smith would recover from his injury and coach Harbaughhad a dilemma on his hands since Collins had showcased his strength, speed, dynamism, and brilliance on the pitch. In addition, Smith made it to the top three passers in the league. With such statistics, it would not be an easy decision, and either would be an excellent choice for the squad, so all eyes were on the head coach. Later Harbaugh added Smith an extra week’s rest and presented Kaepernick the regular spot.

During college, Collin made massive records while playing for Nevada. This is something he continued to do in the NFL. In their game against the Green Bay Packers, he made 263 yards pass, a single interception, passed two touchdowns, an interception, and an average of 181 rushing yards. As the game ended, they had defeated their opponents 45-31. In this game, he smashed Michael Vick's 173 records in a single match setting a new one.

Furthermore, in the same year, despite being a QB, he established himself as a true athlete since he would join both Jay Cutler and Otto Graham in the history of the National Football League during a game in the playoffs to pass and dash for a pair of touchdowns. Kaepernick leads the team into defeating Atlanta Falcons 28-24 to qualify for the Super Bowl XLVII. The 2012 Superbowl final was played in New Orleans.

Fun fact about the 49ers against Baltimore Ravens was not only a game that Collin had to ensure their team won as everyone was not solely focused on him, but also it was a game of two coaching brothers. Baltimore was in control of the game from the beginning, and it looked like they would take the trophy home early. The light went out as the game continued.

When the lights came back, it's like it had given the 49ers a lifeline for they looked dangerous on the offensive. In the 3rd quarter, he pushed his team to make two touchdowns; first, he passed to Michael Crabtree from the 31 yards and the to Gore. In this hard-fought game, Collin's 302-yard throw couldn't be enough to win the title as the Raven's double lead saw them lift the trophy 31-34. Though they lost, he thought that they should have won because the team displayed a perfect game.

San Francisco let go of Alex Smith a few weeks after the final to Kansas City. This solved the Quarterback issues in the team. Conclusively it meant that now Kaepernick was officially the 49ers leader.

The year 2013 saw Collin have a better season than the previous. Although he did not manage to lead the team to another Superbowl final, he was a threat offensively to many teams because of his size, agility, and the way he joined in scrambling. When the season ended, he made over 3,197 yards, 254 rushing yards, eight huge interceptions, four rushing touchdowns, and a total of 21 goals. Though he didn't drive the team to a major championship in 2013, he was still the one to watch in the coming seasons based on the decisive choices he made on the pitch that produced those statistics.

The following season in 2014, he added six more years to his contract with San Francisco. In his new contract, he would receive $126 million, plus potential guarantees worth $54 million and $13 million guaranteed fully. Being offered such a deal was a sign that he genuinely a valuable player.

Adding to this, his fame was going up. Like any other famous people, Collin was not shy of controversies. He was fined for using inappropriate language. Besides, NFL yet again penalized him in October $10,000 when he appeared with Beats by Dre headphones in the post-match press instead of using the league's official sponsors. This was the season the 49ers would not forget because they failed to make it to the National Football League playoffs. This was something that had not happed since 2010. The results prompted head coach Harbaugh to leave for the University of Michigan.

Since the team had failed to achieve better fits in 2014, they looked to bounce bad with a bang in 2015, especially their best QB. Things did not turn as Collin had anticipated as he struggled under new coach Jim Tomsula. A defeat to St. Louis made matters difficult for him as he was benched in their next game against Atlanta. Without him, the 49yers were able to win 17-16 strictly. In addition to his benching, Collin would miss the rest of the campaign through a shoulder injury.

When he came back from injury in 2016, he had to compete with Gabbert for the position. Head coach Kelly named Gabbert as the first choice. Kaepernick would soon start his first game against Buffalo Bills in week six in which he made 13 of the 19 passes despite losing the game 45-16.

Though he didn't have a good run, he joined the likes of Michael Vick, Cam Newton, Randall Cunningham, and Marcus Mariota in NFL history to complete 100 rushing yards and also triple passing touchdowns in a game. During this campaign, he only played 12 games making only 2,241 passing yards. The 49ers introduced Kyle Shanahan as the head coach in the offseason, and this resulted in San Francisco wanting to release Collin because the coach believed he didn't fit in his philosophy of play. Nonetheless, he became a free agent after.


In 2016 while still with San Francisco, Kaepernick did not only sign a lucrative contract that would earn him millions, but also it was the year he would make other headlines in the third preseason game of his team. Traditionally, when the ‘The Star-Spangled Banner' is played in the NFL, players, coaches, and fans are supposed to stand. However, Colin was noticed sitting down as it was playing.

In an interview before a game, he explained that he was neither going to stand up nor show pride in a flag to a country where people of color were oppressed. Also, he stated that the issue was more significant than football, and on his part, it would be individualistic to turn a blind eye on what was going on in the country.

He further added that he would maintain his position during the playing of the anthem until he was satisfied that the American flag represented what it was supposed to. Collin surprised many once again during the 49er's final preseason game as he knelt when the US national anthem was played. To him, it was a sign of respect to those who had served and still serving in the military after the discussion he had had with former player Nate Boyer, while to some, it was a sign of disrespect to the flag. That season Collin continued to kneel in every 49er’s matches.

His actions sprouted different reactions across the country. This was the norm in the Colin Kaepernick news henceforth for the rest of the season. This did not stop but motivate him as he vouched to fund organizations functioning in oppressed communities $1million. Additionally, Collin contributed $25,000 to an organization called Mothers Against Police Brutality, which was initiated by a woman whose son had fallen victim to police cruelty and brutality.

Collin continued to inspire as he influenced fellow athletes in the NFL and sports personnel from other sports who carried protest against the flag. NFL 2016 television stats dropped, and several hundreds of fans avoided games to protest Kaepernick’s actions. He had to be assigned police security when he appeared for a game as he did receive death threats.

Kaepernick further drew attention to the media during the 2016 US presidential elections because he wasn’t going to vote. He explained it didn't matter to him who would win if the system was still designed to subjugate African Americans.

Further adding to his voice of change and hope to others, he and Nessa partnered and engineered an organization known as 'Know Your Rights Camp.' It was dedicated to informing youths on the issues of American history, their rights, and how to empower themselves.

Most of those who attended were disadvantaged, and the seminars they held were free. Nonetheless, the arrival of COVID-19 affected so many things all over the world and April 2020 when the organization began a relief fund that was meant to help out in those affected by this pandemic. He donated $100,000 to the course expressing his support to fight the deadly pandemic.

In September 2018, Kaepernick was revealed by Nike in an advertisement as the brand ambassador of the brand's 'Just Do It' 2018 campaign. In this feature, a text that read 'Belief in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything else' accompanied him. The firm received a lot of criticism as to why they had to pick the quarterback, and some ended up burning Nike kit in protest.

In 2019 Collin would disagree with Nike because it launched Air Max 1 trainers who had the Betsy Ross Flag on it. The reason for this action is that the shoes were to be symbolic in celebrating Independence. The whole issue around Nike and Collin Kaepernick Betsy Ross flag sneakers escalated and made the company to recall its intention to launch the shoe brand on the back of Kaepernick’s open criticism of the product.

The issue of race in America is something that states have been having difficulties with for years. Having a black president in the Whitehouse, many thought that the problem of equality of race would be solved. Balance hasn’t yet been met for some deem themselves as superior to the other. People of color have tried to find this equilibrium in all country sectors, both politically, socially, and to a more significant extent, the economic aspect of it. A lot has to be mended in the system.

For instance, the increased violence and cases of reported police brutality have been alleged to emanate from the training academies. Indeed, this may have some semblance of truth in the assertion since sane people seem to be recruited and come out "insane." The period of training appears to be less.

This has met serious critics as many think the time spent in the academy is insufficient to evaluate keenly on a character but rather on racial profiling. To them, a thorough analysis is mandatory; this is compared to other countries that have little or no cases of brutal racial segregation and injustice related to the same, such as Germany.

Many before Kaepernick like Muhammed Ali, Jackie Robison, and Jack Johnson were remembered for things they did that did not bode well with the majority. Statistics show that many people of color have lost their lives between 2013 and 2019 from police-related shootings and uncensured brutality.

The ongoing protests in the United States related to the tragic incident in Minneapolis that resulted in the loss of George Floyd's life have ensued reactions to what Collin had echoed in the NFL, leading to intensified nationwide protests. Consequently, huge crowds across the United States took to the streets to stand against the situation surrounding the death of Floyd. These protests triggered a series of reactions that included the call to bring Kaepernick back to the NFL, arresting and trying the perpetrators, and overhaul of the system.

It is ironic that the majority of the players in the league are of African American descent and struggle to address the issue of race. Goodell’s apology for ignoring the plight of these players was looked at as pure hypocrisy. This was so because after Collin’s stand on the issue of injustice against people of color, he wasn't able to receive any form of employment from NFL owners.

Focusing on his ratings and value, there was no way a team in any league would reject his signature. In early June 2020, Kaepernick's protest symbol had been used by English Premier League clubs like Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United, Arsenal, and many others during training to ascertain their support for Black Lives Matter movement in response to what happened in the USA.

Legal Battle with NFL

After the end of 2016, Collin was let go by the San Francisco 49ers Collins Kaepernick news stating that he was not signed in the offseason or any of the 2017 training camps. It was alleged that he wasn't receiving offers because of his excellent performance on the field but because of his stand on matters on police brutality and his action against the flag.

Though he received visits from representatives of teams such as Seattle Seahawks and Baltimore Ravens, neither of them offered him a contract as they came up with lame excuses for not selecting him. On one occasion, one team's owner argued that acquiring him would anger many people so they would be criticized. Eventually, this statement was denied by the organization.

Later that year, a website called Five ThirtyEight keenly observed what was going on and concluded that it was crystal clear that the league had entirely blocked Collin because of his political views.

They were perturbed as to why an athlete like him couldn’t find a spot in any team because they had noted that, based on the QB rating, no above-average player in that position had been unsigned that long as he had in the offseason. The comment prompted the Seahawk to schedule another meeting with the quarterback. Still, they decided to reschedule without a definite date because Kaepernick wouldn't clear to them if he would consider whether to continue his kneeling during the national anthem.

After realizing that teams were ignoring him, Collin took a bold step on 15th October 2017 and decided to yet again stand up for what was just. He filed a grievance against the NFL and the team owners for collusion. In his statement, he said that the two parties had conspired to deny him the opportunity to get employed as retaliation to Kaepernick's devotion to creating awareness, championing for equality, and social justice in America.

It didn’t take long for people to come along in support of his lawsuit. In November Collin was on the cover of GQ as the brand's ' Citizen of the Year' The company rose to its defense in an official launch of the December issue as they pointed out that he had become an enemy of the people and blacklisted from the league simply because he had taken a stand against police brutality. Furthermore, they went on to say that Collin Kaepernick’s fight puts him alongside great sports personas who had historically made their mark by putting everything on the line to bring change.

In December, during the yearly Bill of Rights dinner in California, he was acknowledged as he received the Eason Monroe Courageous Award. Nevertheless, he was nominated for TIME's Person of the Year; though, he didn't win, he was glad to have had the experience.

Soon he did earn himself more recognition as he was appreciated with the Muhammad Ali Legacy Award. This accolade is given to former individuals in the sporting industry that are symbols of difference, those who embrace and exhibit sportsmanship qualities, philanthropy, and also leadership.

On 30th August of 2018, the National Football League requested the arbitrator to dismiss Kaepernick's grievance. Still, it was denied because he concluded that the athlete had presented adequate evidence in support of his claim. With this decision, a trial was set. The case didn't last that long as in February 2019, Collin Kaepernick Settlement with the NFL was reached, and the case closed.

In a similar case, his former teammate of the 49ers who was the first to accompany Collin in kneeling, Eric Reid, also settled with NFL.

The workout

NFL workouts are always planned by the league so that coaches can come and have a look at a player's performance to impress them and get an opportunity to be signed. The franchise announced on 12th November 2019 that they were going to host an indoor training in Atlanta. So, on 16th November, all 32 league teams were invited without any media presence. It all had to involve a presentation of his in-field skills and an interview that the teams would receive after. In most instances, the league always prepares for such occasions on a Tuesday, which is convenient for all representatives from the various organizations.

In Kaepernick's scenario, the league planned for it to takes place on the weekend; this meant that not everyone would be available as the teams do prepare for their big games on Saturday. He felt that the NFL was insincere with the whole program from the initial stages.

His camp thought that he received limited time to analyze the contents of the deal. Collin went ahead, stating that he was being denied the chance of making the session public based on the waiver he had been forced to pen down. Also, he wasn't required to bring along a camera crew of his own.

Few minutes into the original work out program, he made it public that he would exhibit his skills in a high school in Atlanta that was only an hour away from the initial venue. Though, he had notified the public in such a short amount of time. Still, seven different recruiters from the NFL came to watch his 40 minutes work out.

Furthermore, they marveled by his brilliant display as evidence that he still had it in him to continue terrifying defenses with his speed and arm strength. Additionally, he said after that, he proved that he was among the best, and the exhibition was enough proof that he has always been ready to go back. Therefore, he told the league owners to come out and stop avoiding the people and truth.

Discussions about his return

Recently people are coming out in the open in support of what Collin had started in 2016. In NFL, the most critical athletes are quarterbacks because they are the leaders of the team. Moreover, their decisive gameplays contributed to them being the face of the company. A lot of measures are put to ensure that they are well-protected. Furthermore, a vast sum of money is made from the lucrative deals they are offered, and mostly they are rewarded more than other sports personnel.

Since a lot is invested in these athletes, much is required from them to make the league a success. Collin's activities that angered many fans who later went ahead protesting weren't encouraged by the owners of the association. As a result, the franchise incurred losses that they attributed to Kaepernick's behavior. His relationship was further dented in 2017 as he filled a lawsuit against the league. His issues with the NFL saw him remain unemployed to date.

The protests across many US states over the cruel treatment of George Floyd has seen many changes taking place in various sectors. Big firms are coming out publicly declaring that public lives matter as they prepare to make amendments from within to accommodate everyone. After so many years, it looks like a more friendly atmosphere for change has been created since the 1960s.

The society is now more than ever convinced that in the seasons, approaching views of athletes on such matters will be given an ear. As the changes are taking place, others are also commenting that Collin Kaepernick, age 32, can still hack it in the league as he possesses qualities that teams would want. The adjustment would influence his reinstating partly in the country.

Recently Pete Carroll said that he had an opportunity to procure his services. Though he wouldn't be the Seahawks QB, the head coach indicated that there was someone who had contacted him asking for details on Collins's availability but didn't disclose who inquired.

The settlement he had with NFL would have seen him return soon, but this wasn't the case. There might have been an of the parties not being happy. The league would have to reconsider the players' return because of what is taking place in the country. Besides, Collin Kaepernick's news has been a trending topic in sports.


Like many athlete's majorities of Collin’s wealth came from his career in football. Collectively what could be said to have skyrocketed his value was the $126 million deal with San Francisco. For the six seasons, he received about $43 million before taxes, but his highest-earning came in the 2016 campaign. Additionally, he did get a reasonable amount of money from the NFL lawsuit. Despite the settlement not being revealed, some sports outlets do believe that is was close to $10million. In addition, he sold his house in California for $3.075 million. All this accumulates to him being worth $20milion. In early 2020 he opened a publishing firm, and it's through the company that he publishes his memoir.

Bottom Line

Throughout our American history, people of color have been playing second fiddle to white. The majority of them don't feel like they lack opportunities that their counterparts are exposed to. For decades different people of color have risen against the brutal and unfair treatment of minority groups. Rightfully one can review that those who stood up for what they saw were unspoken.

Among the many issues, the USA has failed handle is the constant police brutality that has led to many deaths of African-Americans. It was such events that Kaepernick could no longer close his eyes for. His kneeling during the playing of the national anthem didn’t please many as they criticized this action.

Maintaining his position about what was happening in his society, he remained adamant that he would continue taking the knee until such issues were addressed. Moreover, this didn’t please his employers who went on to block him from being signed by a major NFL team. The move made him more determined as it was proof of what the African American community was going through in America.

Collin inspired others to put their voices out there, and the Awards he received are recognized for his work in the community. Furthermore, seven years later, people further appreciate what he had done because of the current state of events in America.

His symbol of protest has seen many sports personalities embrace it as some have been spotted during training. We hope to see him back in the NFL anytime soon as he is genuinely a fantastic quarterback who makes defenses fret in his presence because of his strength, speed, and intelligence. Additionally, history will forever remember him as one of the personalities who championed for change.



About Collin Kaepernick


About Collin Kaepernick

About Collin Kaepernick


About Collin Kaepernick


About Collin Kaepernick


About Collin Kaepernick


About Collin Kaepernick

About Collin Kaepernick

About Collin Kaepernick

About Collin Kaepernick

About Collin Kaepernick

About Collin Kaepernick


About Collin Kaepernick

About Collin Kaepernick

About Collin Kaepernick

About Collin Kaepernick

About Collin Kaepernick

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