Affordable And Cheap Shoe Repairing Secrets

Affordable And Cheap Shoe Repairing Secrets

Affordable And Cheap Shoe Repairing Secrets:

     Just imagine while walking in the garden, suddenly the heel of your shoe gets stuck in your sidewalk crevice. You will be shocked to see your broken heel. Well, a broken heel will not mean that it’s time to throw off your favorite peep-toes.

Here we have penned down some of the best shoes fixing solutions that you were looking out for. You can enjoy these easy tricks and can be a professional shoe repairer at home.


Scuffed shoes

    Has suddenly a black mark on your nude pumps have emerged which is spoiling your footwear look. Here is an easy and free solution.

DIY: Rub an eraser gently over the scuff. This helps the mark in disappearing from the shoe. Try this trick on leather shoes, not on the patented ones.

Affordable option: For the leather shoes, make use of a shoe polish which matches well the color of your shoes for covering the markup.


Worn down heel

Great thanks go to hard office hallways and city sidewalks, the heels don’t last long as their shell life suggests. If your heel has completely damaged, then your shoe repairer can suggest putting on a rubber cap and might replace your heel altogether.

DIY: Try alternating your shoes throughout the week. The rate of wearing gets accelerated if you wear the same type of shoes all over again. So if you love your shoes and don’t want to give up on them, wear them only for a few days.

Affordable option: Your shoemaker can put the rubber taps on shoes. These rubber gems help in protecting heel and toe from wearing down.


Slippery and smooth soles

Have you ever slipped while walking on the elevators, on a marble entrance or anywhere else? This is an embarrassing experience. For preventing the slippery and smooth soles from sabotaging the confident gait, you must follow a DIY or an affordable option given below,

DIY: Rub your shoe soles against the rough surface for putting some traction on all of them.

Affordable: Get a bottle of the cheap aerosol hairspray, spray the same on your shoe soles and let them dry. Some stickiness can go a long way and can prevent you from sliding and slipping.


Uncomfortable or too tight

Many times people sacrifice their comfort just for being in style. Well, there is a quick fix for this too. Never buy uncomfortable shoes, no matter how elegant they are. But if you have stuck on a shoe to which you cannot say “No”, then try these tricks.

DIY: Test your tight shoes on a hard surface and then decide do you need them?


Affordable option: If your shoes are too snug in wearing, take them to any shoemaker for quick stretching. If you are a regular customer of their shop, they won't charge you for the same.

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