All The Things That You Should Know About Mildew And Mold

All The Things That You Should Know About Mildew And Mold

All The Things That You Should Know About Mildew And Mold:

    Mold and mildew are the two common problems that are faced by many people. The two of these problems are considered to be one and the same but they are not similar. There are quite many differences between them. Though the mold is an important part of nature but still it harms the belongings when grows indoors.


What are basically mold and mildew?

     Mold when grows indoor on your personalized shoe slides harms the nearby objects as well as the object that it initially grows on. The mold has the capability to grow at a very fast speed like the fire and is usually green, white, or black in appearance. They only need a time span of one to two days and they start growing in the moisture atmosphere.


The mildew can be termed as the growing mold. The mildew is dusty and flat in consistency and is usually found in yellow, orange, or pink color.


Treating mildew

      There are many alternatives as well as ways to clear the mildew from personalised sliders or from any other thing. The bleach is used by many people to clear the mildew but here are some of the other alternatives that are available and can be used in place of bleach.


Option 1-Use vinegar

       Before you start to make your own slides shoes, you can use this process to treat the shoes. Take some vinegar and store it in a spraying bottle and generously spray the vinegar on the area where the mildew has grown. Then let the vinegar do its work for half an hour and then after half an hour scrubbing the affected area harshly and then rinse. Apply the vinegar spray once again, let the item dry and you are done protecting your things.


Option 2-Hydrogen peroxide or oxy bleach

      Take a spray bottle and make a solution of 50/50 of hydrogen peroxide or oxy bleach and water. Spray the solution on the affected area and leave the solution on the area to do its work. Rinse the area and then spray the solution and let it dry again for the best results.


Option 3-Specialised items

      When you decide to make your own slides, then do learn about a product named concrobium. This product is very easy to use and convenient as well.


Treating mold

     the key and the most important factor that must be kept in mind is to prevent mold is moisture. If you can control the moisture in your indoors, then the mold will not be formed. Here are some tips that can be used to prevent this irritating stuff.


  • Using exhaust fan-If you have design your own slides shoes and they are kept in the closet beside the bathroom,

    then a no moisture environment is a must. To avoid moisture use an exhaust fan after each bath as the exhaust fan will distinguish the moisture.


There are many more ways to prevent mold but the foremost thing to be kept in mind is moisture content in the surroundings. So, follow the given options and make your things mold and mildew free.

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