Are Running Shoes Appropriate For Playing Basketball?

Are Running Shoes Appropriate For Playing Basketball?

Are Running Shoes Appropriate For Playing Basketball:

Can you play basketball in running shoes or not, the simple answer is yes. The running shoes are the one that enables everyone in moving and springing off on hard surfaces. The real question is, whether you should wear running shoes for basketball or not. Well, if you want to play basketball and run in the same shoes, then you should choose a cross-trainer.


Designing of a running shoe

The running shoes are light in weight and made of thin material. They are best designed for cushioning the foot when you hit the floor and are flexible too. They feel like you are wearing nothing at all. The main thing about running shoe designing for basketball is that, its cushioned sole.

They are bendable and light in weight.



Using inappropriate footwear for basketball carries risks to safety. According to the American Academy of Podiatric Sports, it states that bad shoes can give rise to the issues in lower back, ankle, hip, and leg. Such issues turn more serious when you play basketball shoes for a long time in your running shoes.

When you land in a crowd of basketball players to grab the ball, the running shoes can make you injured before the quarter’s end.


Designing of a basketball shoe

Hold your running shoes next to your basketball shoes and you will see a noticeable difference. The running shoes are light and small in one hand, and the basketball shoes are bulky, stiff and tall. These soles are thick and rigid and the ankle is too high. This allows one to perform regular stops and begins in basketball games without turning the ankle or putting the pressure on feet.


Things to consider

According to the American Academy of Podiatric Sports, around 68% of the NBA players make use of high-topped shoe styling. Only 10% uses low style, though this is not the same as the running shoes as sides and soles are durable and stiffer.

If you are stressed over that the basketball shoes are too bulky for playing fast, and then select a different style of the basketball shoe. For say, as per the Dick's Sporting Goods, you can get heavy power shoes for the forward player, the super-light one for faster players, lighter all-around for general play and the point guards.


Running shoes offers improved athletic performance

From added protection to support, there are many people that can experience the improved athletic performance from wearing the right type of running shoe. This extra performance is yielded from enhanced running capacity and comfort offered by this footwear type. Even the people that are not competitive athletes can achieve a good improvement which causes other benefits.


Physically active people typically live healthier and longer lives. In fact, the ACSM found that moderate activity contributes to the longevity by helping in lowering the blood pressure, controlling the blood sugar, improves the bad cholesterol level and enhances the bone density.

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