Michael Jordan: Basketball Player Stats And History Of Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan: Basketball Player Stats And History Of Michael Jordan

Basketball Player Stats And History Of Michael Jordan:

The full name of Michael Jordon is Michael Jeffrey Jordan. He is an expert American basketball player, businessperson, Olympic athlete, and a very good actor. He is known as the best players of basketball ever, he is dominating this sport since mid-1980.

Michael Jordon led Chicago bulls to reach its 6 NBA championships and also earned the award of being the most valuable player by NBA 5 times. With back-to-back 5 regular-season MVPs and 3 all-star MVPs, he turned out as one of the finest and premium players in the NBA.

About Michael Jordan life

He grew up with a very stable family life. His mother was a bank teller and father worked as a maintenance worker and later on turned as a manager. Jordon had 4 siblings too. The name of Jordan's wife is Yvette Prieto.


His Basketball career

He started his professional career in basketball when he was appointed by the Chicago Bulls in the year 1984. He was on the second list that was selected behind Sam Bowie, who was appointed by the Portland Trail Blazers. This also included some of the legendary players like Charles Barkley, John Stockton, Hakeem Olajuwon, and Michael Jordon himself on the basketball court.

Jordon helped his team to make it to playoffs and scored around 28.2 points in each game that season. For his majestic efforts, he received an award as an “NBA Rookie of the Year” and was soon selected for All-Star Game.

He also turned as one of the first players since Wilt to score more than 3000 in a single basketball season. By the late 1980s, he turned as an important part of the Chicago Bull’s success. His team made it to the finals of the eastern conference in the year 1990 and won their 1st NBA championship the same year by defeating the team of Los Angeles Lakers.

Jordon turned out as the rising superstar of the NBA because of his agility and power on the court and due to his leadership abilities. Many of the custom basketball sneakers in his name are also getting sold in the market.

What shoe size is Jordon?

His shoe size is 13


Awards and achievements

Jordon gained his first award as the most valuable player from the NBA in the year 1998 and earned the same title 4 more times in 1991, 1992, and 1996 and also in 1998. In the year 2009, He received his greatest honors for his favorite game basketball. He was admitted to Hall of Fame of Naismith Memorial Basketball.

As per Jordon, attending this induction ceremony was his bittersweet affair because being at this event means “your career of basketball is completely over”. In the year 2016, Michael Jordon was honored by former Preside Barack Obama a “Presidential medal of freedom honor”.


Michael Jordan’s stats in Basketball

Vertical Leap: 48 inches

Career Averages: FT%: 0.835, 3P%: 0.327, FG%: 0.497, MPG: 38.3, GS: 1,039 and G: 1,072

Rebounds in each game: PPG: 30.1, PF: 2.60, TO: 2.73, BPG: 0.83, SPG: 2.35, APG: 5.3, RPG: 6.20, DEF: 4.70, OFF: 1.60

Career Totals: MIN: 41,011, FTM-A: 7,327-8,772, 3PM-A: 581-1,778, FGM-A: 12,192-24,537

Rebounds: OFF: 1,668, DEF: 5,004, TOT: 6,672, AST: 5,633, BLK: 893, PTS: 32,292, PF: 2,783, TO: 2,924

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