Best Centers in The NBA (2019-2020 Season)

Best Centers in The NBA (2019-2020 Season)

Best Centers in The NBA (2019-2020 Season):

    Certainly, basketball is still undergoing a revolution ever since it was introduced as one of the world's games. However, if you observe it keenly, you will notice that basketball is evolving rapidly, and this is why it is categorized as one of the most-watched games by a large number of people across the globe. This like shooting guard, small forward, point guard, center, and power forward used in the traditional being turned by some of the professional players in the game with their responsibility and roles when they are one the court.

     The center position is one of the most critical positions in the basketball game, and people who hold this position have a lot to do on the court. Also, it might be the most dramatic shift, and the thing with this position is that it requires people with a lot of experience who can dribble the ball easily without any challenges. This position is also referred to as the big man or 5-man as most people call it. This position requires someone who can run down the court with a lot of ease and post the ball at the basket or grab the rebounds.


Moreover, most of the greatest big men that played at the center have left a legacy behind them, and they made sure that they open the way for the new class of the centers to come through, and they are also referred to as the new class of big men. However, with the latest generation in-game, the previous big men's style and capability look outdated when you compare them to the way these modern men are playing.


Furthermore, it is with surety that these men from this era will create a new record of the best centers to have existed in the National Basketball Association (NBA). Additionally, this article will take you through some of the greatest modern centers that have continued to impress the eyes of many, not just in the game but also worldwide. Without contradiction, modern basketball men have shown that they are capable of changing everything in the whole game with the talent and professionalism they have. Lastly, the question that ran in people's minds was, is NBA coming back? This was because they were happy to watch the players do their thing.


Decades ago, it was clear to many that the center position was one of the most endangered potions in the NBA. The men who played in this position had inefficient experience and professionalism. This made it boring whenever there was a game, as an advanced number of people noticed that the position had no qualified men. However, it is also true that both the modern and the future are represented well in professional players.


However, in this case, the possession data will determine the best player that qualifies to be categorized under the best centers of all time. For instance, judgment calls may probably be involved in this whole situation. Besides, the verdict of the results will be rendered after the team responsible for this has considered a defensive matchup data, consensus perception, and the lineup deployment.


Moreover, the role of various defensive specialists has ensured that their roles in some of the basketball team are maintained to the fullest. However, this position's future will depend on the players with the size of the most center legends that played so well during their time and the skills they used to handle the ball.


Modern-Day Centers

   Most of the centers of this generation can be classified under a specific role; however, some of the roles they are going to be summed up to are equally the same with the previous era's centers. However, apart from the skills used in those days like shot-blocking and rebounding, some of the skills have been invented by the present-day players, including shooting pick-and-roll. They have also been encouraged by their couches to master the new skills and apply them when they are playing and keeping the game's pace.



      This will always be an essential skill for the center to be well conversant with. However, it can only be performed well with the tall enough player because it entails more shooting. The big men in the game often get the chances fast in-out, letting the ball to the guard and push it to the court. This will probably catch the guard of the opposite team off-guard, which will be a win to them. However, it also needs the fastest and skilled men in the group who can perform faster when they get a chance to have the ball.



    This will always be worn by the tallest player and one with the largest wingspan in the whole team. In most modern games, the team must have a taller player who can act as the team's reliable protector. This player will also be able to guard or block the shot that comes from the opposing team. However, for many decades now, this position has been occupied by the NBA centers, and they have proven for some time now that they do deserve this position.



      For those who are fans of basketball, you will notice that this is a new skill in the game and was never experienced by the basketball players of the previous era. This skill is significantly performed when the ball is around the basket. The center only needs to be one half of the pick-and-roll to set the screen effectively without any challenges. However, a mismatch will always be created when the center's defender switches off to the guard.


However, this game's most essential thing is to have a fine and great body because you will need a lot of energy to control the ball and have much attention when you are on the court. This will ensure that you have a successful play whenever you are performing. It has been proven that the centers of this generation are more skilled and have more coordination than the yesteryear's group. Lastly, those center players were not that flexible to run this play as the modern centers do.




This will always be an added value to the centers that have proven that they deserve to be honored. It is evident that this skill has never been that good the way it is today, and this is an indication that the game has evolved, and it is still changing with time. Most of the past centers could not take even four threes in the whole season, which means that they would go without any in a game. But that is so different from today's centers the average three-point they have ever scored during a single match is four threes, something that was never seen before.


Today’s Best Centers in The NBA (2019-2020 Season)


  1. Karl-Anthony Towns


He is probably one of the best NBA centers in the present generation, and he has proven in many games that he is the best center of today's basketball games. On 52% of his shooting, he manages to have 26.5 points, which is excellent for a player who plays at the center. He has been estimated to have garnered 8.5 three in every game he plays after making 42 percent attempts in the game, which was close to the NBA near quadruple-double.


However, the right thing with him is his versatility, because unlike other players or centers, his shooting is equally good as his other stats, this is a good impression for a star like him. In one game, he can have an average of 1 block with 11 rebounds in total. When compared to his age, his talent and ability give hope that he will be a legend and one of the best players in the league. He is 24 years old with a lot of energy and determination.


  1. Andre Drummond


Despite being referred to as the old school center, he has proven to many people that he is excellent at his own game. However, he is one of the centers that do their damages under the basket, and their moves cannot be detected easily. He is a sharp player on the court as he chooses to give all his coordination on the game, which is why he has always managed to perform well. He has an average of 54% of his career in the league and 84 three-pointers in all his 570games that he has managed to play without missing.


However, he is mostly into blocking shots and rebounding with him, having garnered a total of 14 rebounds per game, but in this season, he has a total of 16 rebounds. It is proven that when he continues with this pace, he might be one of the centers to have produced the highest number of rebounds in the NBA.


  1. Joel Embiid


He is one of the centers with a lot of potentials when it comes to gaming. His basement and ceiling are endless, this being an indication of a great player in the NBA. However, his ability to perform on the court has been lowered by his frequent injuries and conditions that keep him out of the game. This has made many people wonder if he will ever get along with the schedule of the NBA.


With him missing most of the games has managed to have 24 points per game with a field goal of about 50%. He also serves as an all-star rim protector and rebounder simultaneously; this shows you how great this player is, and if not for his injuries, he would be far. He has managed to garner two blocks and 12 rebounds per game, which is a good impression for a player like him.


  1. Nikola Jokic


Many people around the league and the fans refer to him as the joker. Moreover, if you can close to this guy away from the courts, you may think that he is an athlete and not a basketball player, and this is because of his height of about 11 feet. However, this man has no muscle at all, but his professionalism in playing and IQ has made him one of the most scorers, making him great as an NBA player.


He is dangerous on the court, especially when he possesses the ball, and his ability makes it hard for the defender to handle him. You can only prevent him from scoring when you guard him tightly and ensure that he doesn't get a chance to carve you up. He has a total of 10 rebounds and an average of 17 points in every game he plays. He has also managed to add to his records a total of 6 assists. He is truly a great player in the league.


  1. Ruby Gobert


He is the other throwback center that is counted in the list of the greatest today’s centers. He shows his impression on the defensive side, and he is one of the players that is not involved in the shooting of the threes because he has no offense; that is why the defenders worry less about him when it comes to solving his offensive games. However, he has managed to create a name in some other team areas, such as the dirty works needed in a contest for a team to be successful.


He has managed to have an average of 11.4 points per game despite his rare chances of scoring. His total shots add up to 60% because he barely misses a shot. He has also managed to create a record on the shot-blocking and rebounding, having garnered two blocks and ten rebounds per game. However, he is one of the players that need keen attention for you to notice how great he is at his game.


Bottom Line

     With the centers discussed above, it is clear that other centers have not been addressed in this article. However, if you want to follow up and know more about other centers, you can visit Freaky Shoes and find out everything you want to know about your favorite center in the NBA. You can also notice that the numbers of these players vary in different ways. Is NBA season over? This is something that people kept asking because they never wanted to be left out. Lastly, some of the players have shown their potential with a lot of hard work; this means that you should make sure that you frequently practice for you to have a great performance.

Best Centers in The NBA (2019-2020 Season)

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