Best Shoe Storage Ideas In Garage

Best Shoe Storage Ideas In Garage

Best Shoe Storage Ideas In Garage:

   If you are the one, who enters the house through the garage and even takes off your boots and leave them next to the door, then your one or two pair of shoes must be turning a pile of shoes for sure.

This is a common storage issue for many and it can be difficult for forming an organization plan for a garage. Well, the experts have come up with some favorite ideas for keeping the space cat shoes mess under proper control.



It is easy and inexpensive. You can find it at any of the hardware stores and you can also make this project highly decorative. You can also place your boots in it. So if you are the one who needs creating a spot for keeping the shoes that you use for the sports, golfing or yard work, this one is the best.


Wire shelves for visible and open storage

Maybe you like the idea of the things off the floor and want to see all the shining sneakers, and then the wire shelves can be the right option. They are easy in installation and adjustable enough for the flats, boots, kids sizes and lot more.

They are called as affordable too. Moreover, many of the stores of home improvement like Lowes sell these wire storage racks for organizing the pineapple print shoes.


Slat-wall is diverse and versatile

The Slat-wall is highly versatile and its accessories can easily be changed without much work. The shoes can be easily organized in the baskets, shelves, wire racks or even on hooks. The accessories and panels can be even found online.


Lockers for an added refined look

Is your family is having a large number of shoes that litter your entryway? Or you need something defined and refined? The cubby system or a locker can be the right fit for the family. They can also keep their flamingo print shoes in it. You can also find a DIY kit and can create a customized system for yourself.


This system is termed as a DIY project and can be easily found at places like WayFair or organized living.


Re-purpose crates or bookshelf

The best way for reusing the old bookshelf which has found its way to garage or basement is to turn it in something as functional. The wooden crates can be the best item for repurposing. They are durable enough for withstanding the climatic changes, they are decorative yet interchangeable.


Find a corner

Well, some of the garages don’t also have extra space and some people don’t want a bunch of digger gold shoes getting collected in the garage. The corner shelves are simple enough and they also limit the number of shoes that accumulate on the door.

Being an inexpensive option, you can get your hands on it, they are versatile and functional too. Follow Freaky shoes to have a look at the wide range of funky shoes online and place your order too.


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