Best Way To Clean Sneakers

Best Way To Clean Sneakers

Best Way To Clean Sneakers

For ensuring the peak performance of keeping your sneakers over time, it is recommended to take extra care of your custom shoes and maintain them properly, which requires effective cleaning. One can keep their sneakers fresh and odor-free if they follow some DIY cleaning tips.

Do you want to how to clean my sneakers? Then get started

Hassle-free tips for cleaning sneakers

Use a dry brush: If you want to remove dirt from the uppers, outsoles, and midsole of sneakers, make use of a soft-bristle and dry shoe brush. An old toothbrush can work well too.

Cleaning solution: You can mix up some warm water with laundry detergent for cleaning your sneakers easily.

Wash laces: Sneakers come along with laces and they should be clean thoroughly. You can remove your laces and can apply a mild cleaning solution. Massage your laces well and dry them off with a soft cloth.

Wash your soles: Apply the mild solution to your soft-bristled brush and start brushing your midsole and outsole. Dry off well with a soft cloth.

Wash and dry: Make use of a mild solution and soft brush or you can take a clean soft cloth for cleaning your sneaker uppers. Make use of a soft cloth for blotting and lifting the soapy moisture and the dirt present. Repeat, if required.

Air dry: Don’t make use of a dryer or a washing machine for drying your basketball sneakers. You can let them dry at room temperature.

What should I use to clean my sneakers with the help of a sponge?

Using a sponge and a small number of clothes washing detergent can be helpful for cleaning sneakers. With one wash only your shoes can start looking better. For tackling the trickier fabric area, you can clean them with a sponge and with soapy water.

For removing tough stains, you need to dab on some liquid detergent and let it stay for ten minutes. When the shoes start looking clean, wipe away the detergent with a fresh cloth or clean water.

What could be best to clean my shoes using the washing machine for cleaning sneakers?

With the advancement in technology, many people want things to be done automatically. This is also the same in the case of sneakers. Many of the modern sneakers available are sturdy enough and they can withstand the washing machine.

It is recommended to put shoes in a pillowcase or mesh bag for added protection, and even detach their laces while putting them in the washing machine for effective cleaning. You can add some liquid detergent, which offers good cleaning.

Drying your sneakers after cleaning

If you want to dry your sneakers well, make sure you go for the natural drying option. Don’t put them in the washing machine dryer as they can be damaged. You don’t have to put them under the direct sunlight for drying too, as the color may fade away.

Find a cool and dry place where you can safely keep your shoes for drying. Get ready to accelerate this process of drying by removing insoles and washing them separately. Based on weather conditions, this drying process may take a few hours and maybe days. Plan accordingly and follow these easy ways for cleaning sneakers.

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Best Way To Clean Sneakers

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