Best way to clean your Jordans like a Boss

Best way to clean your Jordans like a Boss


Part of the care of your Jordan collection is to make sure you clean your sneakers well. Everything cannot be thrown into the washing machine and come out unharmed.

Jordan shoes, like any other purchase, can be considered an investment. As an investment, you want to keep it and use it longer. The key to doing this is to make sure you keep it clean without causing damage and store it properly when not in use.

Air Jordan sneakers must also be cleaned. But, as already mentioned, it cannot be washed like we would with everything else. Here are some tips to clean your Air Jordan without damaging it.


Remove and clean the laces

The laces can be machine washed, but be sure to put them in a mesh bag to prevent entanglement. Or you can simply scrub them with soap. If you have white laces that need to be bleached, use baking soda to rub it. Rinse thoroughly and allow to dry completely.

Using a soft, dry cloth or a soft bristle brush, clean the surface and debris from the surface of your Air Jordan shoes. Make sure you do not apply too much pressure, as this will only hold dirt deeper into the shoes.


Do not wash Air Jordan under running water

It will saturate the shoes and can make the sole separated. Use a damp, non-abrasive cloth to clean difficult dirt. You can also use a cloth soaked in warm water and a small drop of detergent to clean the entire surface of your Air Jordan shoes, including the tongue. Just be sure to wring the cloth before using it to avoid moisture.

For stubborn dirt, you can use a combination of oxygen and paste with water or gel-free whitening toothpaste to brush it. These household items are known to clean and whiten almost everything, including the sole of your Air Jordan shoes. You can use a damp cloth to clean the bleach residue.

Although it is an effective element for deep cleaning of rubber soles, the use of Seaglow to whiten soles requires great care. Allowing Seaglow to run or drip will cause stains that will negate the purpose of cleaning your Air Jordan shoes. Apply Seaglow on the transparent rubber areas of the shoes with a small brush. Put your shoes in the sun with the soles up.

Be careful not to expose your shoes to the sun more than three hours at a time; otherwise, the soles of the shoes will separate. When you are convinced that the yellowed rubber of your Air Jordan shoes is white enough, you can clean the Seaglow with a damp cloth. Ensure the Seaglow doesn’t come in contact with other parts of the shoe. This is the right way to restore Jordan's sneakers.


Dry your Air Jordan shoes in the air

Make sure they are completely dry before storing or wearing them.

First, dry your Air Jordan shoes before keeping them. You can do this by putting a newspaper in the shoes. The newspaper can wick away moisture so your shoes are not wet and do not smell bad when you remove them again. Another thing to do to avoid moisture is to place a package of silica inside the plastic storage. To safely eliminate the smell of shoes, you can place your Air Jordan shoes in a shoebox. Leave a small open box of baking soda inside. Baking soda will act as a deodorant. Having moisture can make your Jordan squeak.

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