Best Way to Wash Shoes By Hand

Best Way to Wash Shoes By Hand

Best Way to Wash Shoes By Hand:

You love your favorite sneakers and want to keep them for a long time. Sometimes you order the customized pair of sneakers with your favorite painting, graffiti or logo and don’t want them to throw out due to dirt, stains and/or oily marks.

Although the good quality of sneakers maintains their condition for a long time one great problem with sneakers is that they get dirty. Sneakers specifically white sneakers absorb dust easily and now you are not so sure what to do with them.

You can’t decide whether to wash them in the washing machine or not. We will disclose some tips to keep your “babies” for a long time with you. Some tips are simple straightforward but others are really mind blowing which will definitely surprise you.

Start from the first point if you notice a little scratch, mark or stain on your favorite new white sneakers just look for white nail polish. If you’re a guy borrow it from your girlfriend and softly hide mark with nail polish. Don’t touch and let it dry and you yourselves wouldn’t be able to detect the place where the stain was.

Although there are lots of cleaning stuff available in the market for cleaning a simple detergent powder is a cheap and effective solution. In case you don’t have anything than take an old piece of cloth and dip it in vinegar. Rubbing it gently on sneakers will remove all small stains. Hurrah…!

If there are dirty places inside shoes where are hard-to-reach than using an old toothbrush. For this fill sank with warm water and put some detergent in it. Soak your shoes in the water and leave it for some time. Rub the shoes with a toothbrush from both inside and outside. Make it sure that you removed all the stains. Set them out for some time to dry. The shoes will look shiny clean after they get dry.

Don’t forget to remove laces from the shoes before washing them. Wash laces separately from the shoes following the same process. After some time the laces will look like brand new. Apply masking tape on the tip of laces for sharpness.

Shoes specifically sneakers will absorb lots of moisture during cleaning and may take time to dry. Put some paper towels inside the shoes. The paper towel will absorb all the moisture.

If your sneakers get greasy in case you dropped oil or something greasy on it than use your shampoo, warm water, and toothbrush. Gently wipe at the oily mark and your shoes should be clean now.

Don’t leave your sneakers out in direct sunlight. The sunlight will fade their color. Keep them in a cool and shadowy place.

From now on wash your shoes whenever you feel. Don’t put them in the street bin due to dirt, stains, and oily marks. Wash them and wear for a longer time.

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