Best Ways To Keep Shoes From Slipping When You Are Walking

Best Ways To Keep Shoes From Slipping When You Are Walking

Best Ways To Keep Shoes From Slipping When You Are Walking:

Whether you are out of town or in your office, never let your slipper shoes make you do a wobbly walk, twist an ankle or fall flat on the faces. The shoes that don’t have slip-resistant material are really dangerous, embarrassing and annoying as well.

The best part is that you have your safety in your hands whether you wear sneakers black or any other that slides when you walk.

The best way for keeping shoes from slipping when you walk includes the following,

  • Wipe the bottom of shoes with the best help of a rag. This helps in releasing debris and dirt from the bottom of the shoe and

    prepares your sole for sanding.

  • Rub sandpaper in the circles along the whole bottom of your shoes white mens. Focus on the areas which lie under feet balls and heels.


  • Hold your mens dress black shoes in your hand and scrape carefully big “X”s insole by using a blade tip of a sharp pair of scissors.

    Keep on repeating with other shoes.


  • Peel the backing from your non-slip shoe pad and place the same direction on the bottom of your shoe and then press it firmly.

    Make sure you pad fit the bottom of your shoe before pressing the same. If required, trim your pad with pair of scissors in advance.


You can either scroll down a shoes online store or a nearby shoe repairing shoe for getting the protective rubber guards that are placed on the bottom of shoes. Make sure that your guard matches the color of your shoe bottom so that they don’t get notified when the soles get showed.


Spray feet with hairspray

If you are fond of wearing working boots for man and they slide when you walk, then you can use a DIY hack by spraying your feet with a hairspray. This makes the feet sticker and shoes stick on it like glue on a paper.


Double-sided tape

This is another DIY hack when means that you can use a double tape that keeps the heel from slipping. Some many models and actresses use this tip as their shoes usually slip when they walk.

You can also use this tip on your fly of london shoes. If you are going to use this trick, make sure you keep a roll in your purse as this tape is less sticky for the people that sweat a lot.


Wear tights

No matter whether you are wearing a big brand shoe of Ecco or any other, there are times when the shoes slide off when you walk. The best news is, you can wear tights that can help you to tighten your shoes and prevents your shoe from sliding.


Get boots a half size smaller

If you can stand the pain then only do this. For the sake of fashion if you are ready to suffer and don’t want shoes sliding, then you can buy shoes a half size smaller.

Sometimes something can be wrong with your walking style too, try changing it. Follow freaky shoes for more ideas.


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