Betsy Ross Flag Premium Skateboarding Sneaker Collection from Freaky Shoes

Betsy Ross Flag Premium Skateboarding Sneaker Collection from Freaky Shoes

Betsy Ross Flag Premium Skateboarding Sneaker Collection from Freaky Shoes:

The Betsy Ross shoe is top and most talked about shoe design today in the US. After the Nike Betsy Ross controversy when company recalled all shoes from the shelves all the fashion lover patriotic citizens are looking for the same 13 star American flag themed design. The Betsy Ross flag is traditionally a 13 star flag which was secretly presented to the General George Washington in Philadelphia in 1776 by Betsy Ross- The maker of first American Flag. The demand of Betsy Ross shoes design is so high that Betsy Ross Nike shoe is on sale for whopping $1000 on ebay.

Following the Betsy Ross Nike Shoes controversy and enthusiasm of US citizen looking for Betsy Ross Shoes, Freaky Shoes has introduced its own line of Betsy Ross Shoes to meet the demand of American citizens. The Betsy Ross 13 star American flag themed shoes are top trendy design for both men and women today in US. The Freaky Shoes has added Betsy Ross high top and low top premium skateboarding sneakers in its line of Freaky Shoes Betsy Ross Shoes.

The handmade premium quality Betsy Ross Sneakers for the lovers of skateboarding is an ideal choice with respect to durability, comfort, trend, fashion and quality. The light weight and flexible high top and low top Betsy Ross skateboarding sneakers are ideal for skateboarding. These trendy and superior quality sneakers are not only suitable for skateboarding but also perfect for everyday wear.

Both High Tops and Low Tops are designed for men and women in order to satisfy their curiosity to lace-up top trending shoes design after the Betsy Ross Nike controversy. The weight of Betsy Ross Low top skateboarding sneakers for men and women is just 29.98 Oz which make movement during skateboarding easy. Unlike other heavy weight high tops sneakers the weight of high top Betsy Ross Sneakers of Freaky Shoes is just 33.51 oz slightly more than the low tops.

The flexibility, comfort and light weight is combined through selection of best material from throughout the world. The vamp and heel patch is made up of faux suede while oxford fabric is selected for the quarter. The soft PU Nappa Leather padded collars with oxford fabric binding are main features of the Betsy Ross Skateboarding Freaky Sneakers.

The selection of translucent raw rubber sole with breathable faux foamed suede for insole is proof of the premium quality of Betsy Ross high top and low top skateboarding shoes with no other match in the market. The high top collars give extra protection to ankles during skateboarding and everyday wear for running or any other movement on rough rocky surface.

The Freaky Shoes never ever sacrifice quality over style and above mentioned specifications of both high tops and low tops is proof of our tradition but style and design of shoes is also attractive and catchy. The metal eyelets for classic look, the color of stitch matching the design of bordure and printing by using high quality ink give Betsy Ross Shoes from Freaky Shoes aesthetically beautiful and catchy look. We guarantee that print on the Betsy Ross Sneakers will not fade even after the usage for the longer time but always wash shoes with hand.

The Betsy Ross Shoes from Freaky Shoes uses high quality material to manufacture the shoes in state of the art facility. We guarantee durability, comfort, style and flexibility needed for the movements during skateboarding and everyday use.

Order your favorite Betsy Ross Skateboarding Premium Shoes from Freaky Shoes ( It will take 10 business days to make the pair of shoes by hand.

Don’t wait because stock is limited and order Betsy Ross Shoes/Sneakers from FREAKY SHOES and get your pair of shoes at your DOORSTEP WITH FREE DELIVERY.

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