Betsy Ross Flag Sneaker Collection from Freaky Shoes

Betsy Ross Flag Sneaker Collection from Freaky Shoes

Betsy Ross Flag Sneaker Collection from Freaky Shoes:

Like any other part of the body, your feet also need comfort. Freaky Shoes offers a trendy and artistic line of shoes for men and women alike. The company works to ensure that you feel confident and at ease when you wear its shoes.

Following the controversy regarding Nike’s Betsy Ross Shoes, Freaky Shoes has introduced its line of the Betsy Ross Flag shoes. Additionally, the company has now introduced high tops and low tops for skateboarding in premium quality.

Worn by men and women both, these high tops feature classic and updated high top skate shoe silhouettes. Specially designed for skateboarding, they are made up of 30.34 Oz carrying faux suede heel and vamp patches. Designed in the Oxford Fabric quarter, they are bound by Oxford fabric itself and soft PU Nappa leather padded collars.

Furthermore, Betsy Ross High Tops have a translucent rubber sole, and a faux suede insole, breathable foamed. They not only offer protection for the ankle while skateboarding but daily as well. It should also be noted that Betsy Ross shoes are printed with ink that does not fade but, is to be hand washed only.

The Betsy Ross Low Tops are unisex and come with the same specifications as high tops. The only differences being that they have low top skate silhouettes and are made up of 29.98 Oz. They are flexible and suitable for skateboarding and everyday wear.

Freaky shoes uses material from state of the art facilities to manufacture shoes that guarantee quality and comfort. You can have them at your doorstep via free Shipping.

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