Breaking In New Shoes

Breaking In New Shoes

Breaking In New Shoes:

Freaky Shoes is all about adding your taste and design to the shoes that you wear and making it comfortable not only to your liking but also to the size of your foot. The organization understands the feeling behind sliding your foot into your new shoe, especially one accustomed to your taste. However, Freaky shoes also understand how it feels when you slide your foot into your best shoe only to realize that it didn't fit well. The feeling is especially devastating when you know that the footwear is too small for your foot.

New shoes can cause nasty blisters on one's foot and can make you feel so uncomfortable, especially when walking. Some people are forced to either remove the sneaker or prepare for the consequences, including painful blisters. A shoe that does not fit well does not only hurt but can also embarrass you, especially when you are trying to control the discomfort.

Some people resort to removing the shoe halfway and stepping on the backside to let their feet breath for a while and to relax the muscles. However, this method is destructive to the boot, especially the custom-made Freaky shoes. Therefore, Freaky shoe's customization of exclusive footwear designs does not end with designing the client's taste and preference but also extends to teaching the client how to break in those new shoes if they have a problem with the size.


Today, we will discuss how to break in new shoes, and to ensure that they are more comfortable, as you continue to rock them. It is okay for a person to take a while to break in those new shoes because they come in different sizes but have stretchable material.

Additionally, getting comfortable in new shoes can help in causing less discomfort and blisters around the feet. Breaking into new shoes can also help adjust the size and material of the shoe to the shape of your foot. Therefore, in this article, we will explore different approaches of fitting into new shoes that you can use to ensure that the beautiful Freaky Shoe you bought was not in vain. Some of the methods of breaking in new shoes include using blow driers, sock method, and using water.


Blow Drier Method


Some of the materials used to make Freaky Shoe design stretch when exposed to heat, making it possible to use the heat emitted by blow driers to break in new shoes.


Using blow driers involves blowing your shoes with the drier for a while before sliding un your foot and trying them out. The heat emitted by the drier can help reshape the shoe to fit into your foot by stretching the edges. To effectively break in your new shoe using the blow drier method, you should first warm up the shoe material using the drier. Do this to both the external and the internal surfaces of the shoe. You should also take care to ensure that all parts of the shoe are warmed by the drier and not expose a specific section to excessive heat that may damage them.

Note that the temperatures that the drier produces may be too much for some types of materials and may expose them to damage. You can then use a sock to slide your foot into the new shoe and try to flex your toes and ankle to create more room inside it. It's okay to try walking around with the boot or inserting the left foot into the right footwear to just to adjust the size of your new footwear. Additionally, it's okay to try the method for a couple of days to ensure that you break in more comfortable new shoes.


However, some types of materials are not very friendly with heat, and the blow drier my only cause more damage to their surfaces. Materials like leather are not very comfortable with high temperatures and, therefore, the amount of heat that you can expose to it matters a lot. Too much heat may cause more damage to a new shoe than it may help you break-in. Therefore, it is only necessary to be careful and avoid using excessive heat from the blow drier when trying to break in new shoes made of such materials.

Working with a blow drier to break in your new shoes may be challenging. Therefore, you should first try using other methods before you resort to using the blow-drier. However, when you use it effectively, nothing can go wrong with the drier way. It only depends on the level of heat that you expose each material too.

However, there are many other methods that one can use to break in new shoes. This article discusses some of these different techniques in detail.


The sock method


Did you know that you can also simply use your socks to break in that new shoe? Well, you can! You don't have to go through all that hustle of looking for a blow-drier. You can just use two pairs of your socks to break in a new shoe. You better try this method for a couple of days before deciding to seek an exchange of shoes or using a blow-drier. Freaky Shoe products are made of flexible materials because we are aware that sometimes foot sizes are not specific. Freaky shoes advise that you should first try this method before seeking another approach.


The sock method involves putting on two pairs of your thick layer socks and using them to slide your foot into your new shoe. Do the trick several times and walk around with a new pair while trying to flex your toes and ankle. The purpose of wearing more than a pair of socks is to ensure that they stretch the shoe materials outwards from inside.

The shoes can then loosen to fit your legs and to ensure that you break in well. However, it is upon your judgment to decide whether the method is working, and you should continue using it or resort to other technique. Regularly, the formula works effectively after some time. However, if used persistently, yet it is not working effectively, it may cause more blisters and discomfort to the foot.


You can add more socks to your foot and slide it into the shoe only if you realize that the method is working. However, be careful not to make the new shoe lose its shape as adding too many socks to your foot may alter the shape of your new footwear.

Additionally, changing the shape too much may also render it ineligible for exchange should your request after trying to use the sock method. However, the technique is not the only method to effectively break in your new shoe. Where the sock is not useful, other technologies can help you break in your new shoe effectively and comfortably. The sock method is more effective if your shoe's original size was only a little smaller than your foot, and adding about three of them can effectively break it.




Water can loosen up your shoe if you have the time to walk a while in your soaked shoe. Yes, wet soggy shoes for a walk. This explains why it is not a favourite method among many people. But if you have lost all hope and still like the taste if the Freaky shoe customized to your liking, you can soak them in water for a while then walk around with them while still wet. The water will loosen up some of the shoe's materials to adjust to your feet and help you break-in. Water helps the tightened content of the materials used to make the boots loosen, and walking them around in their soaked state helps them adjust to the new shapes. Therefore, it okay to walk around in soggy shoes for a while, only if you are trying to break into them.


The method that you use to break in your new shoe depends on yourself and how much you like your new footwear. Have you seen the new Black Lives Matter accustomed shoes from Freaky Shoe? You would walk in them soaked every day.

In essence, cute shoes require time to break in. So take your time with them for a while before you take them to the dancing floor. Wear them around the house and feel them, walk in them, and show them off to your friends. Taking your time with the shoes for a while wearing thick socks as well to help the inner surfaces of the shoes to adjust to your feet. Don't mind trying out a few dance moves and attempting dash or a sprint if they are sports shoes. Don't try that with boots.


You should also understand that breaking into some types of shoes may take a while, so don't rush them if you fell, they get comfortable after wearing them severally. You can just keep them for the next occasion. You would not want to go to an official meeting before you are pleased with your new leather shoes. A sports shoe would be okay. However, you would have a terrible time at the meeting with leather shoes. You can always keep them and take a while wearing them with socks, blowing them hot and cooling them again in water.


If you like, you can go to the office with your shoes, not dried well enough. Take a while to dry the in the sun during the tea break before you go to that boardroom meeting because they can stink terribly. In essence, it may take some more work n dome more time to fit in an exclusive official shoe than it may take you to break in a sports shoe. However, it all depends on how small or uncomfortable the boot is to your feet. This poses the question of how long it may take to break in your new pair of shoes. It all depends on the model of the shoe, but it can take about two to three weeks. Some sneakers may take longer than this period, while others may take shorter depending on the material used to make the shoe.


Avoiding the pain


Breaking in new shoes may be very uncomfortable when it makes you feel pain while using them. this also depends on how often you use you’re the new footwear. When blisters appear, the next time you wear the same shoes, they will cause more pain when they rub against the footwear.


Most of the methods that this article has discussed may cause pain while breaking in some types of new shoes. However, you can slide your foot into your new shoes and avoid pain. Breaking in your new shoes painlessly may take time because one of the main factors to consider is that you should not wear them every day.

You have to start by putting all elements into consideration before buying the shoe. This will help you prepare for fitting into your new shoe without struggling too much. Look at how often you will wear the footwear, the taste, and the design of the shoe. Freaky Shoes have all types of shoes that can fit perfectly into your variety of considerations. You should also look at the quality of the shoe itself, and the material used to make it. Don't fail to consider the comfortability as well. You can do this by doing some research online or vising the Freaky Shoe website.


Breaking in new shoes painlessly can be very demanding because it requires you to do specific things while wearing new boots. One of the things you have to do is protect the hotspots. The hotspots include the heels of the shoe, the s sides, and the top of the shoe where the thumb toe rests. These areas may develop blister when walking in new shoes—protecting these areas by keeping your skin moist is key to preventing the friction in these areas.

Often try to wear your new footwear with a pair of socks as well to reduce the friction caused by brushing against your skin. Since blisters are caused by the friction between the inner surfaces of the shoe and your skin, effectively protecting the hotspots helps you feel comfortable faster in new shoes. However, there are other unconventional methods of preventing the pain associated with blisters, which involve anti-sweat products.

The anti-sweat product prevents the sweating of the foot and makes it hard for blisters to develop due to friction.


One of the most commonly used anti-sweat products is known as an antiperspirant. However, you can also use surgical paper tape. The surgical paper tape is made of thin and smooth material that protects even against the danger of hurting your feet while removing the tape.

The surgical paper tape has been used widely among athletes to prevent blisters from uncomfortable shoes. The use of the tape to avoid the growth of blisters was validated by a study conducted by Stanford University, which identified the product as a significant way of adjusting your feet to live in a new shoe.


Although the use of socks has been discussed widely in this article, using the super-thick socks while resting or while at work can stretch the new shoes' materials slowly. However, one requires the help of a shoe shaper or a potato. The process of breaking in new shoes using super thick socks and a shoe shaper involves inserting the items and the super thick socks into the shoes and letting it stay overnight. The technique stretches the shoe and makes it easily wearable the next day.


The approach is also a better process of breaking in a new shoe without wearing it, therefore avoiding pain. Another method of breaking in new shoes without wearing them is through the use of ice bags.

The approach involves filling two ice bags with water and putting them inside the shoe to stretch the material used to make the shoe. You can as well put the shoes in a freezer and leave them overnight. When the water in the bag freezes, it will expand the size of the shoe. This approach is practical for shoes made of non-leather products like most products by Freaky Shoes.


Avoiding pain while breaking in your new shoes can be complicated but very necessary. There is no worse feeling than nursing blisters inside you beautiful Freaky Shoe products customization to your taste. Additionally, the materials used to make freaky shoe products are pliable enough to form to the shape of your feet. Freaky Shoe products also have the desired quality preferred by many Americans, making them always in search of new ways to help you break in your shoes comfortably and painlessly.


Development in new shoe designs and innovation in the shoe industry has created space for new and unconventional approaches to breaking in new shoes. There are new models of items and commodities made by both Freaky Shoes and other fashion stakeholders to help you break in your new shoes. One such product is Compeed blister cushion, which protects the foot from blisters. The blister cushion is placed on the most vulnerable parts of the shoe to protect the person who wears the shoe from developing blisters.


Using the Compeed blister cushion is one of the most effective ways of breaking in new shoes in the 21sst century. However, you should also have in mind that the Compeed blister cushions work over a long period and therefore, may take you a while to break into your new pair of shoes. The method I especially ideal when the footwear is causing you much more discomfort by developing excruciating and significant blisters. You can then use the Compeed blister cushion to heal your blisters while still breaking in your new shoes without the pain. The approach replaced the use of bandages, which only caused more discomfort with significant blisters.


Breaking in new shoes should also be a slow and steady process and does not require you to rush the shoes into fitting your feet. Often, the shoe is not small at all but just rigid from overstaying I the store shelves. Therefore, breaking in a new shoe does not require you to wear footwear for the entire day. You can do by wearing the shoes in small shifts while relaxing and walking around the neighbourhood to get used to them.


Wearing the shoes for the entire day may definitely because you blister, which may also take more time to heal. Therefore, it's advisable to wear the shoes for about an hour and rest your feet for another hour before wearing them again. The process of wearing your shoes and removing them again severally will help the materials used in the shoe relax, and you will break in your shoe easily without pain.

Therefore, it is possible to avoid pain while breaking in new shoes through the various ways that this article has mentioned. You just have to choose your style of breaking in your new shoes while avoiding pain because they are somehow complicated.

However, some of the methods mentioned in this article are not as complicated as they may seem to be. For example, what is so complicated about taking short intervals of wearing and removing your shoes severally? Breaking in your new shoes while avoiding pain requires more commitment and time than just breaking in those new shoes the traditional way. However, always remember that once you buy the shoes, they start to belong to you, and there is no need rushing to break them in.


It makes sense to carry you an extra pair of soft shoes that you are already used to when breaking in new shoes. The feeling can be overwhelming when you have to spend the whole day with the new shoes when they are causing your legs to feel like they are on fire. This is not necessary as you can always remove them for a while and use your old shoes in place. There is no shame in doing this because, at the end of the day, you still want t walk back home. Therefore, carry an extra pair of old shoes, or a pair of open shoes and take some time off your new shoes.

This method is essential when you have decided to use the bucket of water method to break in your new shoes, and they are still wet. You can slide your feet into your old he while you leave the new shoes to dry out in the sun for a while. Always remember that the approach may be even more necessary when you are breaking into your new leather shoes. Leather shoes can be very rigid at times, and it may take a while to break into them. Carrying an extra shoe can help you break in your new shoe slowly and painlessly.


However, you also have to ensure that the old shoe is also comfortable enough not to add to your pain. You don't want to remove your new shoes to slide your feet into another pair that only makes the pain worse and brushes your blisters against its rough texture. You can use shoes with smooth surfaces, shoes that you have applied for a while, or just sandals to make things much easier for yourself. Canvas flat shoes are beneficial in such situations, and you can carry them along because of their excellent fashion taste.

However, you should try to ensure that they large enough to give your feet some breathing space. Freaky Shoes specializes in custom made hoes that can serve this purpose. You can just order for canvas from Freaky shoes to help you break-in your new leather shoes, and the company will design your shoes for both taste and purpose.


Treat your shoe well, and keep it warm.


This is also a better way to help you break in your new shoes. Some materials expand on warm and contract on cold environments. Therefore, keeping your shoes in a cold hallway will not help break your new shoes peacefully. Neither will be storing them without cleaning them or applying their usual shoe polish. Shoe polish both protects and maintains the shape of your shoe. Therefore, try keeping your footwear in a warm environment if you want to break in them effortlessly.

The use of a blow drier is a very effective way of keeping your shoes warm. However, the type of care you give to your new shoes matters most. Caring for your boots is not as complicated as many people may think. In fact, it is much more comfortable to break in shoes given proper care than breaking into shoes that are not well cared for.

Caring for your boots not only involves keeping them warm, but also includes washing them, keeping them clean and using them for the appropriate functions. For example, you cannot decide to go for a run with your leather shoes.


Tie up your shoe tight


Finally, many people think that the best way to break in new and tight shoes is to loosen the laces. Well, that's not the case. Tying up your shoelaces tight can help you break in your new shoes faster than relaxing them. When you tie your shoelaces and fit your shoe tight into your feet, you will make your feet adjust the shape of the shoe to fit into your desired shape. Unlike loosening the laces, tying them up tight helps you break in your new shoe faster than you may break in when you relax them. However, remember to wear your shoes only for a shorter period when you use this method it may cause more discomfort to your shoes.


The bottom line


The feeling of having your new shoes causing you pain than fun can be very dull. At some point, one may think of taking back the sneaker to the shelf and getting the other one you wanted but did not pick. It is advisable to try out some of the methods that have been discussed here before resolving to return to the dealer. The difference between a tight shoe and a properly fitting shoe lies in how you treat your new shoes. Remember to get comfortable and not be in a hurry while trying to break in your new shoes.

As mentioned earlier in this article, you don't have to wear your new shoes the first time you buy them. You can take your time with them, display them in the house, and enjoy the outdoors before taking them to that event you purchased them for. This explains why it is necessary to acquire your new shoes earlier before the day of the occasion you bought them for. However, taking your time to fit into your new shoes is the best way to break in.

However, remember that not all the methods that this article has discussed are suitable for all types of shoes. You need to be sure that the plan you are trying can help you break in your new shoe painlessly. While some of the methods are effective for leather shoes, they cannot be used to break in new sport's shoes or new canvas.


Additionally, the concept of avoiding pain that this article has discussed is fundamental. You should try to ensure that you use the methods to prevent pain while breaking in your new shoes. Yet, breaking in your new shoes is not as complicated as many people make it.

You can't struggle with your new shoes without trying out methods of breaking them in and claim it's hard to break in new shoes. Breaking in new shoes is only as simple as you make it and most significantly, depends on how much time it can take you to break in.

Additionally, it also depends on your shoe taste, especially the types of shoes you like to rock. Try out these exiting methods, and I am sure your breaking inexperience will never be the same again.


Breaking In New Shoes

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