Getting rid of Oduor in shoes: Make them Super Fresh

Getting rid of Oduor in shoes: Make them Super Fresh

Getting rid of Oduor in shoes Making Them Super Fresh:


Many people are not aware of the odor that has conquered their shoes after a long day and they take off their shoes in public which leads to embarrassment as the reeking smell irritated the nose of everyone around. This problem comes with the summers which cause your foot as well as your sandals pungent.


The guide to this is not cold weather but if you want your custom slider sandals to smell fresh, then there are other ways that you need to opt so that your shoes get rid of the stinky smell of the sweat. So, here are some of the hacks and tips that can be followed to get rid of the malodorous smell from your shoes.


Ways to keep your sandals fresh


  • New insoles-It often happens that even after you have given several washes to your custom slide sandals, then to the bad smell is not

    ready to leave the shoes. It means that if even after several washes the smell is not going then the odor has imbibed itself in the fabric

    of the shoe. In this case, you need to remove the insoles and insert new insoles. Buy new insoles from your nearby drugstore and

    breathe new life in your shoes and make them fresh.


  • Keep the shoes in the freezer-This hack is useful for those who usually get late for work or in layman’s term, they are lazy. If you are

    one of them, or you just want your shoes to get odor-free instantly without washing them, then take your customized slide sandals

    and pack them in a plastic zip-lock pack and keep them in the freezer for an hour or so. The low temperature in the freezer will cause

    the odor-producing bacteria to die and will prevent the smell this way.


  • Use essential oils-The essential oils are natural agents for killing bacteria and covering the smell. These oils are also used to treat

    fungal infections. So, apply some drops of this oil in your custom slides and leave the oil to do its

    work overnight. In the morning you will notice that the reeking smell has completely vanished.


  • Buy no show socks and maintain the hygiene of your foot-You cannot stop your shoes as well as your feet from smelling during

    the long day but you can minimize the smell throughout the day. Before you wear your custom sandal slide, sprinkle some of the

    baby powder or corn starch in the shoes as this will lessen the amount of sweat. Also, invest in a pair of no-show socks as they

    will prevent the footbed from developing the black gunk as well as also prevent the reeking smell.


You can surely stop the pungent unwanted odor to come from your fete by following the above hacks. These hacks will be surely of great use to you as they are simple as well as time-saving. So, take your shoes and your sandals to smell flowery or better by using either the corn starch technique or the essential oils.


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