Can Basketball Shoes Help In Jumping Higher

Can Basketball Shoes Help In Jumping Higher

Can Basketball Shoes Help In Jumping Higher:

Some athletes can jump higher while wearing shoes that are designed for enhancing the jump height. Some of the basketball shoe manufacturers also claim that shoes allow players for jumping 3 ½ inches higher than players that can jump without any special shoes.

Although the shoe designing technology might focus attention on the better technique of jumping, the jumping higher doesn’t depend on shoes. It was also discovered that some of the players can maintain the high jump after wearing spring-assisted and jump enhancing shoes, even when they wear the old footgear.


Shoe padding impact

The fast action on the hard surface of the basketball court can cause various injuries to the athletes. The manufacturers of basketball shoes respond to this phenomenon by creating a complicated system of cushioning in basketball shoes for reducing the impact of stress. However, while shoes are responsible for reducing the impact injuries, the added padding helps in absorbing some energy which is used for driving jump that reduces the jump height.


Mechanics of jumping

The vertical jumping also mostly depends on the muscle strength, using the calves muscles and upper legs for driving the body upwards. The muscle elasticity even contributes to jumping height by storing & releasing energy. The maximum jumping height also depends on the correct use of body structure.

Placing the weight on feet ball rather on heels also allows the elastic energy storage in your Achilles tendon. This typical energy increase makes a difference of around 3 ½ inches in your jumping height.

This increase even matches closely the results which are reported by the Athletic Propulsion Labs during the test of spring-loaded shoes.


Jump-training shoes

The special strength training shoes even contribute well to the jumping ability by forcing wearers for putting the weight on the forward part of the foot. The thick soles on its front part of training shoes help in lifting heel off the floor.

These shoes emphasize calf strength & prevent the player from driving heel downwards instead of making use of natural foot resilience. The athletes have seen an improved jumping ability while returning to the regular footgear.

The compression-spring shoes

Banned by NBA, the performance-enhancing and spring-loaded shoes are known for increasing jumping height through the better technology process. The compression spring in the ball area of shoe stores energy when athlete plants foot for jumping and during the propulsion part of the movement, it transfers energy back to heel and ball through the patented embedded bar in the sole of the shoes.


Players have reported the improvements in their jumping height, but the improvements linger even when the athletes shift on other shoes. The new shoes also encourage the better form according to an expert coach.

The first impressions have also been positive. The good quality of shoes better helps in improving the traction wherein during a vertical jump, a player can gain horizontal speed by running towards the hoop, and then you can plant your jumping leg and use the legs as a lever for transforming horizontal speed in the vertical one.

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