Can You Get Rid Of Bunions Without Surgery?

Can You Get Rid Of Bunions Without Surgery?

Can You Get Rid Of Bunions Without Surgery?

Are you suffering from bunions, and want to get rid of them without surgery? You have come to the right place. There is no magic wand that could work for you, expect you manage it properly. Yes, what we meant to say is you need to wear the correct footwear and taking care of bunions.

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Can I get rid of bunions with surgery?

Well, only if you take care of your bunions; otherwise, surgery is a must. There are various products at the market to ensure it doesn’t worsen over time. These products will help you avoid costly surgery.

However, the best way to avoid bunions is to wear the correct footwear. Yes, if you keep your feet protected and managed, you can avoid bunions.


How Painful Is Bunion Surgery?

No matter big or small, surgery is always painful. Bunion surgery is much more painful, and it takes longer to heal from it. The reason is, your bone needs to settle in the right position. You need to prepare yourself to stay off feet for at least 6 weeks or maybe more. The fact, a foot doesn’t have much tissue to cushion bones so that postoperative pain could be an issue. The pressure that will put on your foot will make things much worse for you. So yes, it takes 5-6 weeks to recover from surgery fully, and during this time, you need to put as little pressure as you can.

During your recovery time, you may need to wear the surgical boot to protect your foot from further damage after surgery. You would require to avoid running after your surgery. It’s necessary to wear the right footwear, and for that surgical boot will work the best.

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