Cleaning Flip Flops and the Athletic Shoe is Not Tiring But, Rewarding

Cleaning Flip Flops and the Athletic Shoe is Not Tiring But, Rewarding

Cleaning Flip Flops and the Athletic Shoe is Not Tiring But, Rewarding:

      There is a need to talk about cleaning the flip flops and sandals which have not been cleaned for a long time. But you first need to know the need for cleaning your sandals. Have you ever notices those black spots on your shoe’s footbed and wondered what that was? It was your dead skin.


     You hate to see it because that seems gross and there arises the need to clean your sandals and shoes. The dead skin that gets stuck on the shoes makes them look irritating and as well as the shoes also start to stink which makes them more uncomfortable. There are shoes with porous footbeds in which the dead skin starts to rot and makes the shoes worse.


Different sandals, different cleaning


You should be well aware of how to clean slides sandals and other types of sandals in different ways. The level of cleaning will depend on the different types of sandals like rubber flip flops require quick cleaning and the sandals will then look good as well as smell nice.


If you want to know how to fix slide sandals using the quick method, you will require some white vinegar or rubbing alcohol that is easily available in the household as paper towels. There are also alternatives which are available as a cleaning agent such as dish was or an accessible cleaning spray.


The cleaning process


The Lospollos tv has shown this method of cleaning using the paper towel and cleaning agent. Firstly, you have to make sure that the footbed is clean and if your sandals are just flooded with dirt, use the elbow grease to the sandal and this is known as the quick cleaning.

Then you will come across a quite gross thing which is known as footy water. When the sandals are very dirty, the sandals will be needed to be scrubbed and the scrubbing will lead to foot water which is considered to be quite disturbing.


The making of the scrub


now you are required to make a DIY and the things that you will require are a toothbrush or a nail brush because we need to now exfoliate the shoes. As per Los pollos tv, to make the scrub make a thick paste of one-fourth quantity of borax and some water and then using your hands apply the scrub on the footbed all over.


Then grab the toothbrush or nail paint and use it vigorously on the footbed by rubbing it all over but be careful the rub has to be a harsh one and the foot water will be all around, so you should take care of your surroundings as well.


After the scrubbing is done and the sandals or flip flops are enough to clean, use some cold water to rinse the shoes and then dry the shoes using a rag towel. In the end, the perfect pair of clean sandals will be in front of you.


So, clean your shoes at your home by yourself and enjoy cleaning.



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