Colour Your Converse

Colour Your Converse

Colour Your Converse:

    Most of us, if not all, love Converse sneakers, and for good reasons, the comfort that comes with them to wear, and they blend with just about anything. The best of it is, you can easily customize for any artist. It’s made of a fabric that can be coloured with one preference. This could be a choice of marker paint or dye, or one could decide on doing all depending on the blend one would choose.


It’s easy to work on new converse. But in some cases, one might opt to go for already worn shoe, or if you own some, you will clean. And for the rubber sole, one can opt to use an alcohol-based cleaner before colouring potter converse shoes. Once dry, one opts to choose what fro, paint maker and dye.


When colouring, it's easy for one to make a mistake. It's advisable to sketch one preferred design on a piece of paper or to scrape the fabric, and then colour it in using the is always important to choose the best paint for your converse, and to achieve this, you got to work closely with

How to colour your converse

        To start with, when you want to colour your converse, steps need to be followed to make sure you come with the best results. Of course, this is just giving out something perfect and presentable. However, you can use markers to colour the rubber parts of the shoes; this will help bring out what you wanted clearly.


Clean your shoes


      It is evident and proven that brand new converse is the best to work with when colouring. But this does not hinder you from colouring your converse. Therefore, you need to clean them first to enable the ink to stick and bring out a precise result. provides rubbing alcohol that will be used to wipe the rubber parts of the shoes. On the fabric parts, use a damp towel. However, before moving on with the whole process, you got to let the shoes dry first. There are thing you should always put in mind when cleaning your converse;


  • When you are going to buy a converse, then you are advised to go for the white because they tend to bring out the best because of their transparency.

  • When painting, you are required to remove the laces, in case you are planning to colour the whole shoes. However, again you may choose to decorate both the shoes and the laces.


Get some fabric or permanent markers

       Permanent markers will always tend to show the best result against a white converse because of their transparency. On the other hand, the fabric markers only work on the fabric part of your shoes. Visit and get the best tags for your shoes. However, if you may want to use them to massage the rubber parts, then you should;

Design and Practice

 Come up with a design and practice it on a scrap of fabric before you apply it on shoes.

 If you dont need to make mistakes on your shoes when colouring, then practice it on a sheet to make it easy for you. Mistakes made on your shoes when painting tend to be challenging to correct. However, there are points you should know;


  • You should always practice on your colouring skills before you put it into action, especially when you want to colour the rubber parts of your shoes.

  • Try to practice a scrap of fabric when you want to colour fabric parts, and this will give you the best feeling you want on your converse. Always be free to visit for detailed information.


Sketch your design on the shoe using a pencil

       Sketching will always make work easier for you. If you have dark shoes, has a white-coloured mark for you and light marks for those who want to use them to sketch on white shoes. Of course, everyone is after making results.


Fill your design in with paint primer

       If you are using acrylic paint, then you are advised to use paint primer, for it will make your colouring attractive and the best, of course. However, if you may desire to use fabric paints, then you don't have to work with paint primer.

 Applying colours

      Colour in your design with a lighter colour first then the darker. In most cases, a darker colour is known for taking a long time to dry, unlike their counterparts. Therefore, you should always paint your shoes in a lighter colour first because it takes a short time to dry. This allows you to add another colour with no fear of the risk of losing what you intended to have as your outcome. A point to not;


  • If, in any case, you want to use fabric markers that are meant for coloured fabric, then you need to shake them first before using it. Do not tap on your converse when colouring this will help you get the intended ink into the right position.

 larger shapes

     Start with larger shapes when you are colouring in your design. You should always start by painting the edges of your shoes first. If, in any case, you want to add any sample, you should give it time to dry up. However, when you make a mistake when painting, wait until it dries up and then paint over it for correction.


Wait until the ink dries before adding the outlines

        If you want to add the outlines on your shoes, you should wait until the ink wholly dries up to avoid any complication. However, the frameworks might not be that important, but they can, at some point, make your work look vulnerable. Use thinner lines on smaller details and thicker on more substantial shapes. You are free to go to to get one with the best quality because most of them are custom made converse.


Spray the fabric part with a shoe sealant

       You are provided with a shoe sealant by to protect your colouring and make them last for a long duration of time. However, you should always make sure that you are using the right spray, or your shoes will end up being too bright. Point to note;


  • You should keep in mind that you cannot spray rubber parts that are already coloured as this will wear off your design for as long as you wear them.


Remove the masking tape once you are done

        After you are done with painting your shoes, remember to remove the masking tape. Your shoes will then be ready to wear. You also remember to put your laces back. The removal of the tape only applies when you are using paints and dyes to colour your shoes.

Therefore, you don't have to put tapes when using markers. Remember that got you covered since they have the best masking tapes with high quality. They are making sure that you are also able to access custom converse men.

How to clean a canvas and leather converse sneakers

         If you are wondering which method would be the best for use in cleaning your converse, then be informed that your hands are the best way you can use. Laces should always be your priority before you start washing them. Use appropriate material to brush off all the dust from your shoes.


Freaky Shoes has provided you with Dawn. Mix the product in a little dish liquid, dip a piece of cloth into the solution and gently wipe over the whole shoes. Soak your shoelace in the same solution to give you an easy time when washing. Finally, dip the same cloth in clean water and use it to wipe your shoes to rinse them.


Use a towel to stuff your converse shoes in order to help you maintain its shape when they are drying and also absorb moisture from your sneakers. To make sure that your sneakers are not affected by sunlight or heat, you will need to dry them at room temperature. Remember, keep clean and be healthy.


Be cautioned against washing your converse with machines because there are high chances of it damaging your converse; would love to let you know that your hands are the best way to go when it comes to cleaning your converse.

How to maintain a white converse

      Spray your white sneakers with a stain repellant and water before, and after wearing them, this will make them stay cleaner for a more extended period. Freaky Shoes provides you with the cleaning products like Kiwi Sneakers Protector for any type of shoe, be it leather or vegan shoes.


Moreover, when you feel like you cannot find the appropriate time to clean your shoes when they are in a mess thoroughly. Then has you covered. Spot-clean stains with water and a mix of mild dish soap to make it easier for you when cleaning them later.


You can also use an eraser sponge to remove or wash away the marks on your shoes. Freaky Shoes provides you with Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Extra Double, which is wrapped to get reed of stain on your shoes quickly.

How can I remove tough stains from my white sneakers?

       You want to keep your white shoes free from tough stains, then don't freak out because has you covered with their quality products. Hydrogen peroxide and baking soda are there to solve your problem; therefore, it doesn't matter if your converse is leather or canvas. These products will surely work for you.


Finally, for leather, you only need to dip a wet brush in baking soda and use it to rub the stains gently. With canvas, dip the brush in hydrogen peroxide and scrub until you see a change. Rinse away every lingering stain with a wet, clean piece of cloth and leave it dry.


To add on, you should always know that no one can bear walking with stains all over their converse. Smartness doesn't only apply to the clothes you put but also your footwear. Therefore, there is a need for you to keep your shoes clean.

Ways To Customize Your Converse Sneakers

      Turn Them Into Dancing Shoes: - with this, you need to form a paper template and then draw the outlines onto the sides of your sneaker. After that, you will paint the sneaker with a marker and black paint.


Make Them Spikey: - for you to make your sneaker attractive, you can at least stick spokes at their back.


Add a Fur Lining: -you only need to sew fur to the outside or inside your converse. This will make them look more beautiful.


Cover Them in Glitters: - most of the people would love to design their sneakers to look attractive. You can do this by coating your sneakers with a layer of glitters of any type.


Make Waves: - the most admired paint is the Japanese wave-inspired design, which has been to fashion for quite a while. You will first draw an outline and then fill it with watered-down fabric paint, leaving it with an elegant outlook.


Stud Them: - this is just a matter of inserting studs around the sneaker, and then press them inside to make them firm.


Get Spacey: - protect your soles by tapping up their bottoms and then paint them with brushes and a sponge for a beautiful look.


Embroider Them: - according to, you will need a pearl cotton thread and a chenille needle to protect your fingertips when stitching your sneakers. Design your shoes in any way, so long as it suits you.

Bottom Line 

     With enough evidence, it is appropriate to say that Converse sneakers are adored worldwide. Furthermore, there is a different brand for your choice in; all you need to do is visit them and get one that suits you. Additionally, do not shy away from getting substantial kinds of stuff from this company. Remember that will always be there to attend to your needs.

Colour Your Converse

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