Cowboy Boots History And Types

Cowboy Boots History And Types

Cowboy Boots History And Types:

Cowboy shoes are known as the most elegant and traditional shoes. These shows are available in a wide range of styles. As a shoe advisor, we are here to help you who can cowboy shoes off and what kind of styles is available in the market. Are you searching for shoe restoration Dallas? Get your shoes repaired form Denos shoe repair.

What is actually cowboy boots?

Have you ever watch a western movie? If yes, then you must have seen these shoes. Cowboy shoes are usually designed using the skin of some animals such as alligator, buffalo, and snake, etc. However, modern cowboy shoes are sustainable as they are prepared with faux leather. Cowboy shoes have the following distinctive features:

  • High heel with at least 0.5 inches

  • High shaft

  • Pointed toe


Cowboy boots do not have any kind of laces, but most of them have leather loops. Laces increase the chances of falling while riding on the horse, so these shoes are perfect for horse riders.

History of cowboy shoes

Horse riders used to look for shoes with high heels to keep them protected; this is how these boots were introduced in the 19th century. Only black leather was used initially to prepare these shoes; however, some other material was also used after some time. You can find many Jordan store in Dallas and Footaction are one of the best shoe stores.


There are different types of cowboy boots when it comes to design elements, styles, and purposes of wearing.

Classic westerns are the standard shoes, and they are popular all over the world. The average height of these shoes ranges from 1 to 1.5 inches. They have a stable and balanced grip for horse riding. The upper side of the shoes is usually 12 inches long, and the toe box protects against damage if some accidents happen. Keeping your cowboy boots is important, so if you are looking for Jordan restoration Atlanta, choose William coit for this purpose, they provide the best shoe cleaning services.

The proper boot is the 2nd type of cowboy boots, and they are specially made for rodeo shows. They have comparatively low heels, and they are more comfortable for walking. You can get Michael Jordan custom shoes from Nike as they never compromise on the quality.

Roper boots have short upper side and squarer heels. They are best for casual use. Stockman is another type of boots with wide, balanced heels that provides support during walking.

Buckaroo boot looks more exciting and flashy. They are the longest boots with almost 14 inches upper side and 2 inches high heels. These shoes look charming and perfect for riding as well as walking. If you have your favorite pair of shoes which need to be repaired, then look for shoe repair Denver and hire modern shoe repair for this purpose.

Cowboy shoes are equally suitable for males and females, and anyone can get them to look stylish.

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