Create Customized Shoes With The DIY Process

Create Customized Shoes With The DIY Process

Create Customized Shoes With The DIY Process:

The custom shoes have transformed from its niche market in big a part of the shoes culture over the past few years. This whole process is littered with DIY experts that sell their services and explains people about the easy to customized methods for making sneakers.

Many people indeed love custom sneakers as it helps them in giving their personality a new look and some sort of uniqueness. If you are unsure about from where to start, then just have a look at the top 5 products which can help you in preparing customized shoes easily.

Things that can be used when you want a technique for customizing my own sneakers are,



The best paint is available in the market which is used widely for making custom shoes. The most popular paint is Angelus acrylic paint. It is known for durable feature; it lasts for long on the shoes and comes out vibrant on different materials.

This paint can last for more than 3 three years on your custom sneakers if the shoes are stored well and worn in proper conditions.


Fine brushes

Making use of the correct brushes is also an art for amazing results. You can now get your customized basketball shoes with the best help of these. It offers alluring results and helps in keeping the lines precise and clean. High quality and strong brush are a must-have when you are working with acrylic paint.


The brushes are also available in different sizes. If you want to make fine lines, make use of a thin brush but if you want to fill in the color in your custom footwear, you need to use a thick brush for filling in the details.


Reconstructing tools

Make use of a sharp knife which helps in distressing parts of sneakers which are hard to reach. While following the process of custom canvas high top, sometimes you need to remove the parts even which you don’t want any longer.

Experiment with the best with different grades of sandpaper that is a premium way for distressing various materials.


Embroidery pen

The embroidery pens are not for the beginner customizers but they best help in making custom shoes. They work well on the canvas sneakers and speeds up the whole process. You can easily poke thread in the shoe material and can avoid doing the same for long hours.



For repairing custom slide sandals, the airbrushing is also an easy and clean way. You can pair well this technique with a stencil which helps in making alluring designs. This technique is a bit hard but once you start doing it with interest, it offers spectacular results.

You don’t have to be professional while customizing your sneakers. You just need to be attentive and lay complete attention on every detailing, so that you can perform the best and can prepare an amazing sneaker or shoes out of your boring and old sneaker.

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