Create Your Shoes With Easy Steps

Create Your Shoes With Easy Steps

Create Your Shoes With Easy Steps:

Shoes are one of the important fashion statements for all. You wear them every day and walk around, so don’t you think they should be amazing and comfortable? Well, making your favorite shoes is a complicated process, but you can try for sure to make the best one for you.

For making the right shoes, you need to grab the right materials, cast your feet, cut parts of your shoes in the right size, and assemble them in parts and get on to the designing. So let’s get started in creating shoes with some simple steps.

First, learn what are custom grade shoes? and how to make them.


Prep your material

Decide what type of shoes you want to make. There are a variety of shoes that one can make, not limited to sandals, sneakers, high heels, boots, etc. Try with the best style, suiting your personality.

1. Design your shoe: Before moving ahead, you should have a perfect design that you want to achieve. Either you can find a design, create your own or use a blueprint. With these custom shoes you can put pictures on as well.

2. Make a foot cast: For this, make a cast mold of your size, this way it will custom-fit personally. You can grab a box filled with alginate jelly and place your feet in it, it should be till your ankle. Let your footrest for at least 15 minutes while your jelly solidifies, then slowly remove the foot.

3. Remove & tape the last: One the last has solidified, it's time for you to take them out and be ready. Cover the last with colorless masking tape. This will keep them from getting damaged easily, and you can draw the designs directly on last.


Assembling the shoe

1. Cut leather or fabric: Using your design, cut necessary sections of leather or fabric using a scalpel or a surgical knife.

2. Stitch your pieces together: Stitching is an important part. Be careful while stitching the pieces to make custom shoes joker.

3. Make neat eyelets: Eyelets are a type of holes that are required for fixing the laces through.

4. Cut your sole: If you have nabbed a sole from your old shoes or purchased a customized one, then you don’t have to cut a new one, else you can use a sheet of cork for making a comfortable sole for your shoes. The cork sheets are cushiony and also waterproof.

5. Stich & glue pieces together: Stitch the fabric to your shoe sole and also make use of a shoe adhesive for fixing the sole. Apply this glue evenly and slowly. This helps in maximizing the waterproof seal for your shoes and keeps them sturdy.

You can also know how much to charge for custom shoes online.

Final step

Once all the customizations are done, quickly waterproof your shoes with the best help of a sealant spray. Let them dry for 2 hours and you are done. Later, test them through a test walk.

If you want to create your shoes and want to add art on custom shoes anime or any kind of artwork, visit today.

Create Your Shoes With Easy Steps

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