Customize Your Basketball Shoes Jordans

Customize Your Basketball Shoes Jordans

Customize Your Basketball Shoes Jordans:

    Attention Jordon shoe lovers, now there is a great way of expressing your love for Jordon shoes through your creativity. You can now easily personalize your favorite kicks without any help from a professional shoe designer.

The best part, it is easy to do method to customize your own basketball shoes jordans and cheap enough for artistic creation in the most functional way. If you want to customize your own basketball Jordon shoes, then follow the below-mentioned steps today.

What all you need?

  • Cotton balls

  • Angelus paint

  • Acetone

  • Rubber gloves

  • Glass

  • Masking tape

  • Paintbrushes

  • Matter finisher

  • X-Acto knife‚

  • And a hairdryer

  • And off course your Jordon shoes

Get started to make your custom handmade printed sneakers

Wear rubber gloves in your hand and soak the cotton balls in acetone. Rub this coating off your shoes and try scraping it off easily. If your rubbing step starts leaving a residue of this paste, don’t stress as it is normal.

Repeat the process and this will slowly eliminate the residue. Once your paint is off, your shoe turns gray in color. This whole process takes around 40 minutes to get completed.

Masking tape for customizing basketball shoes

Once your coating is off from your shoes, make use of masking tape for covering all the areas carefully that you are not willing to paint. Make use of an X-to knife for cutting along its edges and for clean lines.

Mixing of colors

Mix your colors in a proper glass and stir it with the brush. As this is your experimentation process, one can mix it in various colors as they want. Expect to get better and highly refined with time.

Painting shoes with a brush

As you start painting your shoes, start with thin and light layers. This will allow you to avoid the streaks. Apply additional paint for achieving a great finish. Ensure your layer dries off properly before the application of the next coat.

Make use of a hairdryer in cold weather for speeding up this process. Don’t be sad over your mistakes as sometimes the paint spills when you are not an expert in using small brushes.

Lay attention on detailing

Make use of a small liner brush in the tools arsenal for cleaning up its edges and moreover take care of its small details. Don’t get impatient and commit mistakes. Focus on your detailing. Make sure whatever you do, it should be tidy and color should not spill or out of the border if you are carving any design on your Jordon shoes.

Finish like a pro

Your angelus paint is created for withstanding all elements. After your painting job is over and once your shoes are dry, you need to seal them properly and perform your customization. Make use of a dryer for drying your remaining paint.

After complete drying of a shoe, apply a finisher. Use a Krylon Matte, which is available readily at your art & craft store. When you spray, avoid getting closer to it. Liberally spray it and let it dry for some time.

Once your customization is done for your customized sneakers, add your laces in your shoe and you are ready to go and flaunt your Jordon shoes around.

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