Distinguishing Features between Diabetic Shoes and Regular Shoes

Distinguishing Features between Diabetic Shoes and Regular Shoes

Distinguishing Features between Diabetic Shoes and Regular Shoes:

   The design of diabetic shoes and regular shoes is very obvious to be different from each other as the diabetic shoes are made specifically to tackle the problems related to the foot of a diabetic person such as numbness, poor circulation of blood, and ulcers. If we particularly virtually see diabetic shoes and normal shoes, we can easily distinguish between them.

    The shoe design of a diabetic shoe is made in such a way so that a diabetic patient feels comfortable while he wears the shoes. A regular shoe cannot provide the same comfort and support which a diabetic shoe provides to the patient. So, here are some of the features of a diabetic shoe which will clearly tell you the difference between a normal shoe and diabetic shoe.


Diabetic footwear features

   The diabetic shoe should be made and customized in such a way that the problems which a diabetic patient has to suffer can be prevented by the footwear. The below features make diabetic shoes different from other shoes:

Profound toe box-The guide to make my own shoe as a diabetic patient states that the shoes must have enough space for the foot and the toes to make movement otherwise if there is less space in the shoes, the pressure will be exerted on the foot and toes.

Eradicate pressure points-The uppers of a diabetic shoe should be made up of a stretchable material if you are getting your diabetic shoes designed from a customizing shoe app. When the uppers of a shoe will be stretchable, the shoe will adhere to the shape of the foot and also help in releasing the pressure points.

Suitable soles-the the soles of a diabetic shoe are very different from a normal shoe. The soles of a diabetic patient are very comforting and support so that the foot of the patient can function freely and properly.

The interiors are magnificent-The interiors of a diabetic shoe are made in such a manner so that any of the smallest details do not prove to be a disturbance or irritation for the foot. So, when you purchase diabetic shoe custom com, then do mention the minutest requirements that you want in your shoe.


Advantages offered by a diabetic shoe over a regular shoe

The following are the advantages or merits of a diabetic shoe over a regular shoe.


  • Helps to tackle the pain in the foot

  • The shoes prevent the happening of calluses

  • Provides better motion and support

  • The shoe also prevent the breakdown of skin and hence enhance the blood circulation in the foot

Reduces the pressure on the foot and the toes as the toe box of the shoes is wider and also the shoe material is made up of stretchable material.

By now, you must have understood that a diabetic patient cannot wear a sneaker design your own as the regular shoe will not be able to provide the same comfort to a patient that a diabetic shoe provides. So, a diabetic shoe is very important for a person suffering from diabetes otherwise the patient can suffer from major problems.


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