DIY Methods To Clean White Mesh Shoes For Making Them Look New

DIY Methods To Clean White Mesh Shoes For Making Them Look New

DIY Methods To Clean White Mesh Shoes For Making Them Look New:

   Everyone loves shoes that are white in color and all-new when you buy them. Unfortunately, white is one color that gets stained easily and these stains make the shoes look odd. Well, lightweight sneakers are functional and trendy.

   Mesh is breathable and can keep your foot cool. Additionally, the material makes one feel that they are wearing socks. The white mesh is clean and crisp. This remains until you use them. Well, if you have been searching for a boot cleaner near me, then don’t rush for expensive cleaners when you have the best DIY methods.


Cleaning white shoes 

   If your sneakers are picking up dust and dirt while you are on the trail or road, you can clean them without wetting them. This technique doesn’t work much on the liquid stains like coffee or ketchup, it can only freshen up your shoes if they have picked up some nature’s residue.

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How to clean them when they are dry?

    A soft toothbrush can be used for brushing at the areas which appear stained. Finish the session by brushing sneakers lightly. Don’t scrub hard as it can hamper the materials. Use a gentle touch and remove all the loose particles before you wash shoes with anything else.


Bucket trick

If you are having stubborn stains on the sneakers, you can submerge the white mesh shoes in any bucket which is filled with soapy water.

  • Remove the laces

  • Remove the insoles too

  • Mix some mild detergent and oxygen bleach in warm water and add this solution in your same bucket

  • Let your shoes submerge in this water and swish them.

  • Let your shoes soak for 5 minutes

  • Use a soft brush for gently scrubbing the dirt which has loosened during soaking

  • Rinse your shoes under the cold water until all your soap comes out


Dish soap trick

This trick acts like a quick solution to repairing and cleaning shoes if you are looking out for a cobbler online

Don’t lookout for the places that dye shoes near me when you can clean your shoes on your own. The dish soap helps in cutting through grime and grease. This works well in removing stains from the white mesh shoes.

  • Make a paste by mixing dish soap and few tablespoons of water

  • Swirl the paste until it is foamy and none of the color residues from soap remains

  • Dip toothbrush into the paste

  • Scrub shoes gently with best help of soapy brush

  • Rinse the same with cold water

  • This trick works well when it comes to repair leather handbags too

Vinegar trick

Vinegar is a natural alternative for cleaning the tough stains. You need white vinegar, soft brush and spray bottle.

  • Spray some vinegar on the stain

  • Scrub smoothly with the best help of a brush

  • Let it stay in the sun for an hour or two

No matter, whether you are looking out for high heel repair near me or for resole cowboy boots near me, you don’t have to make additional expenses on cleaning them. Follow freaky shoes and get DIY solutions for making your white shoes shinier and better.


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