Dress Essentials For A Techno Club Or Rave

Dress Essentials For A Techno Club Or Rave

Dress Essentials For A Techno Club Or Rave

The EDM events are melting point for many and for flaunting styles. From kinky outfits to basic hoodie and high styling statements, people can be found in everything. But what is the most appropriate thing to wear?

One thing you should keep in mind always, wear whatever you are comfortable in. Let’s get into detail what you should wear, carry and what not.


1. Earplugs

This is one item that people ignore. But you must remember that festivals and clubs are loud which are not good for your health. If you will carry your earplugs to these places, you will surely thank us later.


2. No expensive items

If you want to take your rave glasses along with you, make sure they are not expensive. Yes, everyone has a distinctive financial standpoint. If you will step in these places in expensive outfits and shoes and what if they get damaged?

This can be heartbreaking. Even if you are carrying glove lighting, make sure they are of reasonable price because even if they get damaged or lost, you don’t end up crying over its loss.


3. Avoid big brands

If you are planning for EDM festivals 2020, then make sure you pack your essential without big brands in it. This means that you should not pack Gucci and Armani types of big brand outfits or wear them. Losing them will cause you serious trouble.

Get a sassy outfit in which you can rock the show.


4. Say no to white shoes

What? Are you planning to wear white shoes in the EDM festival? It should be a big no. Wearing white in these events can spoil your whole look as they get dirty when in case a person steps on you. You just can't prevent this. The only way is, not wearing them to these festivals or events.


5. Accessories & accessories

Yes, get your favorite accessories and pair them with your outfit. This will look amazing when you will put them on with rave goggle, chains on loud prints and bling chokers on your attire.

Play with these alluring accessories to make your boring outfit stand out from others.


6. Shoulder bags

Don’t go for a large backpack or even for a medium-size bag. A cute sling or a shoulder bag can work best for you. You can keep your goggles steampunk and other important belongings in your bag safe.

It sounds poor but yes some people try getting hands on other people’s stuff. A shoulder bag can be easily carried to the EDM events where you don't have to stress over their load and keep your mobile phones to perfume, lip gloss and other things handy.

After the Edm music festivals 2019 hit, be prepared for your upcoming EDM 2020 festival from today.

Read blogs and freakyshoes.com and learn what else you should pack in your bag now. Don’t forget to keep your steam punk goggle which can match your personality and can give you a new and chic look in the event.


Dress Essentials For A Techno Club Or Rave


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