Dye Your Shoes

Dye Your Shoes


Dye Your Shoes


Do you get bore from your shoes just because you’ve seen design custom shoes of someone else? Don't need to worry about it because you can easily get leather shoe dyes that never fades out nor change. Although, it takes time you get your brand new shoe pair. It will look like you've painted it with your hand that cannot be matched with drip dyeing.


I got a pair of shoes that I didn't wear more because of its look and feel. I was looking for a custom shoe designer that can help me out. Well, I found that what they followed cardinal rules of dyeing. Let me expose one by one:


Experimental projects


Custom shoes under amour behave differently to each dye. It's still an unpredictable mechanism that needs an experimental piece of work. What we can predict is we can take precautionary measures depending on the dye.


Transparent dye: Dye is colorless and doesn't look like paint. Dyeing leather means applying a very thin layer of colored cellophane and get the color to darken each time when you dip into the dye. Dye before and after applying on shoe gives diverse results!


Permanent dye: Each dye is permanent. You can't get a touch for some time. There is no way of going back. Therefore, screw up your mind that applying dye on any area will last long.


According to the diverse, vibrant, and hazardous nature, it's not a suitable project for younger children who can't handle typical situations. Yes, they can join the team under the supervision of an experienced employee!


Keeping the above precautions in mind, let's start the dyeing process. Organize the things that you need, respectively, in one place.


Leather preparer: Leather preparer means using a deglazer like Angelus degalzer to make the leather surface smooth. A lot of different products like Saphir products or acetone have been introduced in the market.


Leather dye: Angelus leather dye is basically an alcohol-based dye. Alcohol-based dye means reactive, easy to apply, easy to dry, and gives a sudden reaction. These dyes are suggested more than oil and water-based resins.


Shoe polish: Men custom shoes get a good finishing result after dyeing. Saphir products are of good quality, but Kiwi polish and Meltonian cream polish stand first.


Shoes to dye: Of course, days to dye custom shoelaces are important depending on the weather condition. You should; at what time, you should apply a suede specific version to get smoother results.


Prepare the leather


Prepare the leather to remove the existing finish. Let your shoe in a dry and clean position to get lace removed. Apply finish remover over cotton and rub over the shoes to get the finishing done.


Test your colors


Try to test your dye over colored leather or on swatches because all dyes have a different reaction.


Finish work


Do you think your work has been completed? Not yet! Dye has been dried, which needs a protective layer. Wax it well to protect against hurdles!

Dye Your Shoes

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