Dyeing Your Shoes

Dyeing Your Shoes

Dyeing Your Shoes

Dyeing shoes is one of the most interesting transformations because you can create something of your style and something custom and unique. Have you ever just got bored with your white pair of sneakers, your custom shoes Nike basketball you are wearing for 3 years, and you are craving for a new shoe look, which enhances your basketball practice. Here’s a way for you, you can easily dye your shoes however you want to it you also might mess up. Giving a new color to your under armor custom shoes is something that you’d love to do and won’t regret.

First, let’s take a look at the cardinal rules of dyeing. Dyeing your shoes is experimental as it is unpredictable, and all materials react differently to the dye. You can’t predict results, so it’s better if you use an old pair of shoes you can bear to damage. Keep in mind, the result may not be how you wanted it to be, but you’ll still love it. Dyes are permanent and not like paint, apply thin layers as each layer will darken the color. Won’t you be a little excited that you can change the color of your custom shoes for running may be according to your costume and then you won’t have to buy so many shoes.

Let’s begin with the dyeing process; firstly, you have to strip down the shoe from the factory finish such as oils, wax, and silicone). Use a harsher product like white spirit or acetone (used for darker colors). You can use Renomat for your leather shoes, but if you rub it hard, it might help remove the finish of shoes, it is mostly used for lighter colors. It may take several applications of stripping depending on the finish, which makes it more time-consuming. You don’t have to take it down to its bare color unless you want to keep a lighter shade as your base. Once you are done with the stripping process, allow your vans custom shoes to dry overnight.

Now it’s time for the dye, try using the best dye available. Use small and finer paint brushes that apply the dye when you’re ready with all the stuff. Simply apply the dye on the shoe, but it will be wise if you apply a little first and see how easily the leather absorbs and reacts to it. Now, you know if adding a little or a lot of dye would be adequate. If you really want to give your frayed shoes a rich color and turn it into some cool pair of shoes, you have to make a few applications of the dye. But keep in mind to allow several hours between applications, it would be best if you would let it dry overnight as the dye is harsh on the leather and can be easily soaked up.

Once you’ve applied the dye, you just need to seal it all with a good quality polish. Giving shine to your shoe will bring out the colors. First of all, apply the mink oil renovator to ensure that the leather does not dry up. The second step is to use a cream polish to intensify the color you just applied. And the final step is to finish it off with a wax polish to give a shiny look.

Now you know how you turn your old shoes to some new stylish. This process is a little time consuming and requires patience, and you won’t regret the results. Another thing that you won’t regret is dyeing your custom shoes running when you get bored of their color or if it looks old and worn out.

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