Easy Diys To Keep The White Sneakers Clean

Easy Diys To Keep The White Sneakers Clean

Easy Diys To Keep The White Sneakers Clean


The fashionable girls are obsessed with white sneakers. There is a frequent hunt of many people as to how to keep their white sneakers clean. A small trick to a coffee shop can even result in your shoes filled with dirt, oil, or mud.

Yet, the bloggers, fitness freaks, celebrities and everyone else are shown wearing or flaunting white sneakers only. It is a common question of many, how do they keep their sneakers white? After great research and considering expert suggestions, some of the helpful tricks are jot down here.


Simple hacks

Take your favorite nail polish in white color and apply on the shoes wherever you have spots or stains. It does wonders.

  • You can get your hands on the amazing cleaning tool like Magic erasers or Mr. Clean wipes. You can also take a cloth rag and

    can dip the same in white vinegar. Rub it all over your tough stains, and they will get removed instantly.


  • Make use of a toothbrush, gentle soap and warm water. Scrub gently also on the places where it is hard to reach with a toothbrush.


  • Put your white laces as well in the washing machine for cleaning them, else you can also wash them in warm water and

    gentle soap. Then, let it dry for some time.


  • Your shoes can be a bit damp once you have cleaned them. For helping them to get dried faster, take some crumpled paper

    towels and stuff them inside your shoes. They will then absorb the excessive moisture and they help your shoes to get dried rapidly.


  • If in case you have stepped in an oil slick while crossing street or have dropped your foot in a greasy place, then as soon as you

    reach home, grab your mildest shampoo, toothbrush, warm water and rag for wiping gently all of the oil smudges.


  • Never leave your white sneakers outside too. They are getting already enough UV exposure, which can lead to unwanted

    discoloration and fading. You must always treat them right and store it in a dark, cool place when you are not wearing them.


Can bleach help?

There is a common question as can you make use of bleach on your white sneakers? Well, definitely yes. You need to dilute it before using it directly on the shoes.

Most of the experts have suggested mixing a part of bleach with five parts of water. It is because your white fabrics can turn yellow if used directly. Simply, dip your toothbrush in a diluted bleach solution and scrub the same gently.

Rinse the same with warm water as soon as you are finished.

Try any of these simple DIY hacks for cleaning white sneakers today. These hacks are easy to follow and affordable as you can get all these things easily at your home. So what are you waiting for? Take out your shoes lying with mud around, and try these hacks to upgrade their condition.

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Easy Diys To Keep The White Sneakers Clean

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