Effective And 100% Working Hacks For Cleaning Converse Sneakers

Effective And 100% Working Hacks For Cleaning Converse Sneakers

Effective And 100% Working Hacks For Cleaning Converse Sneakers

Are you not tired of buying a pair of converse sneakers, only for knowing how dirty they turn after two weeks only? Well, don’t be stressed anymore, great thanks go to DIY cleaning hacks which can turn your sneakers look brand new, no matter how dirty they have turned up.

Before applying any of these methods below, you must remove the laces from your shoes for cleaning them easily.

Start by running your sneakers under the lukewarm water for thoroughly dampening them before you started cleaning them. Shake off your excessive water and apply any of the methods given below:

Use powder cleaners

Make use of abrasive powder detergent and add some of it into a bowl as you mix it with a small amount of the heated water. You need to make a consistency like a paste. Dip any of your old toothbrushes in this mix and started scrubbing on the rubber areas of your shoes.

Scrub in a circular motion in a small portion and focus on the highly stained areas. Make use of warm water for rinsing the shoes and use a clean towel for wiping this dry. Check your shoes and see if any of the previous steps are required to be repeated in some areas which are having stains.

When you are finished, let them air dry. You can also make use of a baking soda if you don’t have an abrasive powder cleaner.

Use general toothpaste

The toothpaste works for cleaning the converse shoes. Make use of a toothpaste that is not in gel form. The colored toothpaste is not the right option as it may stain your shoes. Grab your old toothpaste and pour some toothpaste on it.

Start cleaning your dirty shoes with it. Work this paste on your shoes and clean gently the dirty spots. Once you have applied the toothpaste on your shoe fabric, let it stay for around 10 minutes.

After this time, wipe off the excess toothpaste from your shoes by using a damp towel. Get your shoes as whiter as you can by repeating the above-mentioned steps. This is an easy and quick method for cleaning converse shoes in less time.

Using vinegar and baking soda

Combine one tablespoon of white vinegar and hot water, and add some baking soda to make a thick paste. Take an old toothbrush and work this mixture on your rubber soles & canvas of the sneakers.

For cleaning well the tough stains, start working in circular motions. If required, add some more cleaning paste. Make use of lukewarm water, and rinse the shoes for removing baking soda and vinegar.

If the stains persist, repeat this step on some more areas. In a sunny and warm location, let your converse sneakers dry completely before you place your shoelaces in them.

Try any of these methods for cleaning converse sneakers available on Freaky shoes today and you will get a feeling of wearing tidy and brand new shoes.

Effective And 100% Working Hacks For Cleaning Converse

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