Effective Ways To Clean All Types Of Shoes

Effective Ways To Clean All Types Of Shoes

Effective Ways To Clean All Types Of Shoes

Get ready to give your old shoes an amazing makeover with some easy cleaning tricks. Here is a quick guide where you can learn how to clean your favorite shoes by using affordable products from your household and kitchen.

How you clean your shoes depends on the material of the shoes.


Leather shoes

For your leather shoes, it is important to clean debris by wiping your shoes with some white vinegar and water over your shoe stains. As soon as your shoes are dry, rub your shoes with a soft cloth. You can also buff with a baking soda.

Wipe your shoes and buff the same once they are dried.


Suede shoes

Start by working in one direction. Make use of nailbrush for gently buffing the stains away. Once you have removed all the dirt, add pressure and work on tough stains. If required, follow up by scrubbing a bit hard with a white eraser.

You can also make use of a nail file. For stubborn stains, use a white washcloth for rubbing white vinegar for attacking spot and use the same all over for brightening suede.


Sheepskin boots

Use a scrub brush and gently wipe off the debris from your boots. Then get a white eraser for rubbing the stubborn stain. Now wipe your shoes with a damp cloth. Use cold water & distilled vinegar and work on the areas where you need spot cleaning.

Finally finish by wiping the solution with a damp cloth, then stuff the boots with newspaper so as to retain its shape while they dry.


Canvas shoes

Start by wiping the dirt from canvas slip-on & sneakers with the best help of a clean toothbrush. Then use this toothbrush for scrubbing this paste made of baking soda and water on your shoe sole. Next, put your shoes in the washing machine on a gentle cycle.

Let them air dry by using a vent or a dryer so that it doesn’t shrink your shoes.


Running shoes

Remove the loose dirt from your shoes with the best help of a toothbrush. Dip in a laundry detergent mixed in a cup of water. Use this solution on rubber areas, but never on leather shoes. Make use of a wet sponge for wiping the suds. Refresh the laces by pretreating the stains with some laundry detergent and throw them in a delicate bag while you do laundry.

Clean off the area around before restringing shoes.


White sneakers

Apply some nail polish or vinegar in a cotton ball, then use it for wiping stains away from the white vinegar. You can use it for wiping stains from the white sneakers. You can use a toothbrush for scrubbing the kicks with one part of bleach and with 5 parts of water. End it by rinsing in warm water.


Flip flops

If your rubber flip-flops smell bit stinky after a beach trip, then start off by running them in warm water. Sprinkle some baking soda on it for 5 minutes and then scrub them with a soft toothbrush. Wipe off the solution and your sparkling flip flops are ready.

Follow these ideas to clean your shoes and visit Freaky shoes to know more.

Effective Ways To Clean All Types Of Shoes

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