Everything You Need To Know About Shipping Shoes

Everything You Need To Know About Shipping Shoes

Everything You Need To Know About Shipping Shoes

Shipping of shoes has become something that many, if not all, have decided to get involved in. Many entrepreneurs and producers have decided to pick on the shipping because it is somehow cheap, just as many people would want it. Moreover, for many years now, the rate at which business people are involved in shipping is very high. However, when shipping, either shoes or any other footwear, you need to undergo several steps in order to ship your products.

Furthermore, the economy of a state is determined by how people are organized and how far they can go to make sure that they secure their business either in shipping footwear or something that leads to the productivity of the shoes in a specific country. It actually does not matter whether you are an e-commerce merchant dabbing in sneakers sales or sending a pair of shoes to your counterpart in another state, all you need to do is follow up the steps recommended for shipping shoes.

Additionally, when shipping your shoes via mail, there is some information you need to understand first before shipping your shoes. To all shippers, your work will worth nothing if you decide to neglect the basic rules on shipping. It is not actually a big deal, for you will only be securing your business. However, many shippers tend to use short cuts without knowing that this would make them deserter, which is really not a good thing.

As a suitable shipper, you need to always decide on what is right for you. And this can only happen when you choose to take into consideration the rule of shipping. This will basically help you navigate through the system smoothly. Lacking etiquette in the world of transportation is very alarming because you can never expect to be successful when you lack etiquette, something that will expand your work. Therefore, if you got no idea, it does pay for those who did not know.

Moreover, in most cases, when you are shipping new sneakers, you are advised to use your original box (that is, if you have it) as an inner container to avoid complications. You cannot risk leaving your work unprotected because, in the long run, you will just be doing useless work for exposing your cargo to bumps. Generally, when you ship your shoes in the original box, you will not only providing excellent protection, but it also makes your customers happy.

When using the original box to ship your shoes, do not just sit there and hope for the best to happen, it is not a miracle or something. You are supposed to make sure that your shoes secured inside the box. Freaky Shoes freakyshoes.com has the best services on mailing or transits that are widely used in shopping shoes. On your shoes, add material like papers inside the box; this will prevent your shoes from sliding during transportation. Basically, when you leave them unsupported, it might catch the attention of the bumps on your way to your destination.

In addition, when you do not have the original box to ship your shoes, a bubble mailer can work for you in most cases. However, as a shipper, you need to have both the mailer and the original box; for example, if one fails to work for you, you are sure of still shipping your shoes. One option will not always work for people who have been unable to think like entrepreneurs and would want the best for themselves.

Shipping, as simple as it may sound to many people, it is something very delicate that needs your full focus, especially when you are packing your shoes for shipping to a different country. Therefore, there are some things you need to make sure that they are okay before you depart. First, make sure that the right and left shoes are wrapped with a plastic before you slide them in the bubble mailer or original box. Secondly, ensure that you have secured all the buckles or embellishment to prevent them from snagging, which may damage your shoes in the transit.

The method of shipping shoes also depends on the structure of the shoes. In a case where the shoes that are being transported are either large, high heels, or in an unusual shape, they are best shipped in the original box. The ones with usual forms and slightly small are shipped into a bubble mailer.


Everything You Need To Know About Shipping Shoes


Shipping Used Shoes

Used shoes are basically the already worn pair of sneakers or a vintage dress shoes. However, as a shipper, you are not to assume now that they are already used shoes, why should you even bother to transport them in a cleaner condition? You should make sure that you ship your shoes in a clean condition to avoid being judge by the look of your shoes. The following are some of the measures you need to consider in order to make your shoes clean for shipping;

  • You should use a clean piece of cloth to wipe the plastic uppers of your shoes and the leather.

  • Use a shoe brush or old toothbrush and lightly brush the outside parts of the suede shoes.

  • Brush the soles using a lint roller for inserts until they are completely clean.

Lastly, you should also make sure that you secure the shoelaces together. You can either put them inside or on top of the shoes to avoid mix-up. You got to believe that shipping shoes which are well organized and clean is the best thing, it actually does not mean if they are either new or old.

How to pack shoes for shipping

The packaging is the essential thing when it comes to shipping shoes because you might end up packing your shoes the wrong way, which can also lead to mislabeling. Moreover, for you to pack the shoes, you should make sure that they are all clean. Do not pack something that is dirty. If you applied water on your shoes when cleaning them, then air dry them in at room temperature if possible? Kindly do not dry your shoes under heat or sunlight.

After you have dried your shoes, take your shoebox and place it within an outer container; however, you should make sure that they fit snugly inside with no allowance remaining. You should also stop the inner box from sliding about by adding a packaging material. To some point, it will prevent the shoes from damaging. Do not shy away from Freaky shoes freakyshoes.com because they have the best shipping box that will help you ship your shoes safely.

Moreover, you should make sure that you don’t forget about the important things when packing your shoes. Use a tape to seal the package and make sure that you do not make it lose. You Should also remember to securely tape your parcel and ensure that the shipping label you made is appropriately fixed. When tapping your package, make sure you have done it right; make it tight that it cannot easily be opened.

A point to note, it is also suitable for a shipper to know that the use of a bubble mailer can ship shoes with a smaller weight. All you need to do is to carefully insert your shoes in the bubble mailer after you have wrapped them in a fine plastic to hold them together during shipping. A shipper should also consider including a custom note with the shoes which personalize the customer's price.

How to Ship Shoes

Take a really good look at your closet; it is evident that the number of shoes exceeds any amount of jackets and t-shirts. There is a very simple reason behind this, many if not all, people love shipping shoes than any other outfit. Moreover, almost every shoe that you have ever come across in one way or another, they were shipped. Therefore if you ever desire to ship shoes, then visit Freaky Shoes freakyshoes.com to get the right connection with the shipping industries.

Additionally, when you want to ship, it is not something that you will just wake up one day and do it. If you want to be a good shipper, you should learn how to save for it, thus making it simple for you. Basically, shoe shipping will just be a piece of cake when you have enough capital or savings. Once you are connected to the shipping industry, they will provide you with any shoes of your choice.

Moreover, besides being the most and fashionable clothing that is shipped, they have become the easiest to ship because of their size, and this will make them fit in any box. However, if you are in need of more information, then Freaky Shoes freakyshoes.com will gladly help you out.

Get the Buyer’s Right Address

As a shipper, you should make sure that you double-check the address of where you are sending the package, again and again, to be sure of where you are sending your parcel. It will be so bad when you inform you’re your customer that you are sending the package only to find out that it never got to them. Moreover, if at any point, you realize that your handwriting is pathetic, then pick somebody else to take through the writing.

You should always put your buyer in touch as a good shipper. When you involve your buyer in your shipping process, it will actually create a good relationship between you two. Your package is likely to go the wrong individuals when you fail to do so. Furthermore, when you establish trust between you and the buyer, then that makes it easy for you people to correct any mistake that might come your way. Generally, staying in touch with the buyer is only to make them know that their package has gone out, and then you should send them the tracking number for them to get the package on time.


For a shipper, you should make sure that you get the right box for you to safely ship your shoes. Freaky Shoes freakyshoes.com has the best original box that is recommended to be used in shipping shoes. You can easily order them online at a friendly price and pick them to the nearest freakyshoes.com offices. They produce boxes that have a flat rate, which makes it very easy for you to know what you need to charge on shipping shoes.

Shipping Labels

Freaky Shoes freakyshoes.com produces the best printing shipping labels that have a Click-n-ship system; this will actually make your work easier when labeling your shoes for shipping. Moreover, marking your package, the return address, and delivery instruction should be done in the post office; otherwise, the rest of the procedure can be done using your own computer. However, click-n-ship can also offer you a 'batch'; this is an option that allows you to input a number of addresses for multiple orders that constitute the same item.

Additionally, you can possibly choose to do your international shipping labels when you are comfortably seated in your house. This will genuinely avoid the cost of transport when looking for labeling companies; all you need to do is visit Freaky Shoes freakyshoes.com and get it done the right way. However, you should make sure that you follow on the proper steps; just click the website and insert the correct custom information.

Many people, if not all, may not be able to get the printer to do the labeling. Do not get discouraged because Freaky Shoes freakyshoes.com the best solution for you. Of course, all you need to do is take the package nearest Freaky Shoes offices or follow them on freakyshoes.com and get your package labeled. Write the address of where you are shipping your shoes, type it, print the full information, and leave the rest to post office. The office will then weigh your package and put the necessary information in order to get you the right label that will match your shoes. It will surely make work easier for you when sending the shoes to the new owner.

Lastly, you should make sure that you go to the office immediately if you choose to label your package from home. Typically, when the shipping date is different from the date on your label, you should correct it immediately to avoid getting into trouble.

Mailing the Package

It has never been easy for those people who use USPS to ship their shoes than when they use a scheduling a pickup service. As a shipper, you need to be always on toes, not to waste time queuing in the long line in order to be served before the office closes. This is very wrong to the shipper who would want to mail their package on time. You can easily do that by visiting Freaky Shoes freakyshoes.com, where you will only be required to fill out a form and wait for the mail career to be sent to your house. You will then be free to pick the shoes you want to send out to the buyer.

Let the office know that you will send the package out which has already been paid for, that is when you printed the shipping label at your home, and you actually do not want to schedule a pick up to them. The teller will immediately scan your package and give out a receipt together with a tracking number.

Furthermore, when you want to print your shipping label from the post office, then it is straightforward! Just visit the office and leave all the work to the teller. The teller will verify the information then you will be required to pay the shipping fees. You will then be free to leave. However, you should make sure that you hold on to the receipt to enable you to send the tracking information to the buyers.

Finally, it is very simple just to follow the shipping etiquette and shipping process for you to be at a safer side. Once you have sent your first box of shoes, you will be comfortable because you know that everything is settled. You can only retain your customer if you choose to follow the right path when shipping your shoes.

Shoe Shipping Industry

It is one of the most renowned and essential industries for many decades now. It played and still plays a vital role in society. To speak, the trade between nations has been determined by the growth of shoe shipping industries. The information produced by Freaky Shoes freakyshoes.com is that the demand for shoes has dramatically increased due to the existence of sectors globally. The industries have managed to catch up to their consumers' expectations, which is really an excellent thing to shoe shippers.

To be precise, the shoe shipping industries, together with the advertising websites like Freaky Shoe freakyshoes.com, have been able to sustain the buyers' demand for many years now. This has made many people start shipping shoes, looking at it as a business thing.

Short Facts about the Greatness of the Shipping Industry

It is evident that shoe shipping industries have shown its greatness not just in one or two countries but worldwide. Additionally, in order to make you understand the importance of the shipping in the transportation industry, Freaky Shoes freakyshoes.com has come up with some facts on how great this industry is;

  • Even though the containers used for shipping are large, nearly most of them comprise a rather small crew, and they are approximately 13-24 crew members.

  • The distance traveled by a shipping container across the ocean to and fro every year is considered to be enormous. Generally, one year of ship traveling can be compared with the distance covered in traveling three-quarters of your way to the moon and coming back.

  • Shipping is profitable; this is the world’s most income generating source. It has been reported to have generated close to $300 billion in a whole year; with these values, and it is very accurate, that is the backbone of the international's economy. However, it has been reported that the most packages being shipped are shoes.

  • For many years, it has been affordable, and shipping has been one of the most affordable means of transport, and it still serves as the best in transporting packages.

  • Shipping is safe compared to any means of transport. In fact, it was implemented internationally as the most reliable commercial transport by the International Marine Organization (IMO).

  • Large container ships have massive power, and it has been reported that the most enormous container's potential is 1000 times more than the power of a car. Moreover, they can travel a distance of 25 knots at the peak, but in heavy weather conditions, they travel a distance of about 17 knots.

  • Moreover, both Japan, Greece, and Germany are the countries with the biggest fleets in the world, with China and the USA taking the fourth and fifth positions, respectively.

Challenges Faced by Shoe Shipping Industries

The demand growth has been identified as the most significant challenge in the shipping industries. This means that the rate at which the shipping industries produce their services is very low compared to the rate at which the customers order for their packages. This is actually a massive blow to the industries and the customers at large. To deal with this problem, they need to make sure to increase the supply of shipping services.

Moreover, there is also a need for the coalition of stakeholders to across the shipping industry, thus increasing the collaborative effort among them. The investors should also give a hand on this to ensure that the shipping of shoes continuous as usual without any complications.

Geopolitical, this is another challenge that has been considered as a global issue because it affects not one but many industries. The politically affected country is likely to cause problems to the shoe producing industries. Freaky Shoes freakyshoes.com thereby urges shippers to take keen note on the issue of geopolitical issues to ensure that they manage to ship their packages to their buyers.

Of course, the demand for power and energy has turned out to be the essential raw material for the production of shoes. However, when it is produced at a lower rate, then it becomes a challenge to many. The growth of shoe shipping dramatically depends on the availability of the energy produced. Therefore sufficient power will always be a plus to shoe shipping industries.

The survey states that cyber risks and data theft have been an enormous challenge to those who tend to use online to make an order of a package. This has greatly created fear amongst many people. The fraudsters have made it so difficult for the buyers to make order in fear that they might steal their personal information or try to hack their accounts. However, you should not worry you because Freaky Shoes freakyshoes.com has you covered; visit them when you need more information on how to protect yourself from these cyber-attacks.

Additionally, as shippers, you need to pay more attention to the response against the changes that are bought about by industrial and economic supply, which are genuinely the background and the long-term drivers. Therefore it will be essential to differentiate the differences between the fundamental changes in trade patterns both from industrial drivers and the economy without forgetting those that are induced by the trade policies.

Third-Party Logistics

Third-party logistics provider has been affected so much with the COVID-19 pandemic, and this is due to the closure of the borders in many countries together with the uncertain lockdown which has dramatically changed the rate at which the shoes are ordered. You can see the rate at which people are affected in the whole world with the daily tasting of the virus cannot go along the shipping of any package.

Furthermore, this virus has really affected the ecommerce fulfillment worldwide. With nearly 50 percent of the ecommerce brands have been negatively affected, thus experiencing virus-related shipping issues, which has been caused by the international border closure. The introduction of lockdown in the majority of the countries has also affected warehousing. Similarly, this virus has contributed to the delays in the delivery of shoes that have resulted in the decline of sales in many states.

Additionally, researches indicate that despite the unprecedented challenges facing the global at large, the producing industry analysts say that many third-party logistics have qualified as an essential critical business. However, they are adding that those who are openly operating are spearheading generously, and therefore, being urged by agencies to donate crucial supplies and make sure that they expedite delivery to those in need of. But for shipping, there is a probability of waiting until the virus elapses, which will really affect the shoe shipping sector, for cargoes, are allowed to cross the borders.


Everything You Need To Know About Shipping Shoes


How Much Is To Be Charged For Shoe Shipping and Handling

In order to figure out on how much you are supposed to charge for shoe shipping and handling, you will need to determine the amount charged by putting together the shipping and packaging costs, then refer to them as a handling and shipping fee, and this is what is required to be paid by the buyer.

The calculation that should always be kept in mind is;

  • Handling cost: - this is found by multiplying the hourly rate of the employee by the average minutes needed to package the shoes over the actual number, 60 adequately.

  • Packaging costs: - you basically need to carefully audit the total budget then determine the necessary expenses for packaging your shoes.

  • Shipping costs: - under shipping, you will need to sum up in order to estimate the weight of the package. It is also done to find out the destination and dimensions of the parcel that has been shipped out.

Additionally, as a shipper, you always need to take your calculations into account. You should also make sure that you keep in mind that you are not the only one involved in shoe shipping; there are competitors, and you should be keen on them. Furthermore, you should also consider taking the following into action;

  • Get competitive: - you should always be ready to take a keen look at what your competitors are charging for their shipping services. Therefore, when you are financially stable, try to outsmart or match them. If you do this, you will be able to entice more buyers to order packages from your store.

  • Consider implementing rush delivery: - just like Freaky Shoes freakyshoes.com has managed to fulfill their rush delivery option, you should also think about it to operate efficiently for those customers who need their products fasters. However, it may seem to be costly on your side, but you will surely recover it from shipping and handling charges, which is if you decide to charge more on your services.

  • Consider charging more for heavier packages: - for bulky and more substantial packages, you can consider charging more because of shipping costs. You cannot charge a massive package the same way you are charging light ones; it will actually have a significant impact on you. For example, for the packages that exceed 25 lbs., you may want to increase their charges by 10 to 20 cents than what you charge on parcels below 25 lbs.

Bottom Line

Surely, with the above information, it will be correct to say that shoe shipping has changed the lives of many in one way or another. With Freaky Shoes freakyshoes.com front lining in shoe production and other footwear, it has actually changed people's perspective and views on shoe shipping. Additionally, Freaky Shoes freakyshoes.com has been able to create the safest online website that will protect you from cyber risks when ordering for your package.

Moreover, as a suitable shipper, you will always want to look for the best, and you can only find this on Freaky Shoes freakyshoes.com. So never shy away from getting in contact with them for more information on shoe shipping.


Everything You Need To Know About Shipping Shoes

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