Fabulous Home Remedies for Removing Dry Paint from Shoes

Fabulous Home Remedies for Removing Dry Paint from Shoes

Fabulous Home Remedies for Removing Dry Paint from Shoes:

Paint stains are simply unavoidable, and almost everybody has likely faced a situation where their shoes have been stained with dry paint. If you have been in this situation, then you must be aware that removing dry paint from your shoes can be an awfully daunting task. This might be a difficult task but not an impossible one.

You can find many techniques to get rid of dry paint from shoes by using materials like Acetone, dish detergent powders, latex paint removers, thinner, turpentine, rubbing alcohol, or even olive oil. Of course, there is a whole way to it, which we will be elaborating further.

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 Getting rid of dry paint from your shoes is much harder than removing wet paint. There is no one way to remove it, here are some of the best ways to go ahead with it.

Fabulous Home Remedies for Removing Dry Paint from Shoes

Removing Dry Paint from Shoes

Method 1

1. Remove the access paint: The dried paint can be scraped off using a spoon or knife, making it easier to blot and sponge the stain.

2. Blot with a wet fabric: Dampen the stained area with abundant water so that the stain fades. It is advised to keep the fabric moist to allow it to be flexible.

3. Use detergent: After mixing a detergent in a bowl, carefully dip a wet sponge in the mixture and rub the stained areas with a copious amount of pressure.

4. Rinse with water: Rinse off the mixture with cold water and keep repeating the steps mentioned above till the stain is no longer noticeable.

5. Use a Nail Polish remover: If stain is still intact, use a nail polish remover and dab the affected area till the stain goes.

Method 2

This is a similar method with different materials.

1. Remove the excess paint: Once again, use a spoon or knife to remove the new paint. While holding the cloth, slowly scoop off-color to make blotting and sponging easier.

2. Wipe with wet cloth: Dampen the area with a generous amount of water to fade the stain. Keep the area moist to maintain the flexibility of the cloth.

3. Use a dry cloth: Now place the shoe upside down against a dry fabric. Make sure the stained area is face down.

4. Apply oil in the inside of the shoe where the stain is: Make use of a sponge, pour some oil, and rub it thoroughly over the shoe’s inside. Exert force on the stain. The paint will gradually come off on the cloth placed outside. Keep doing this till the stain goes off completely.

5. Rub the stain with detergent and dry fabric: Use detergent on a cloth and keep rubbing on the stained area to get rid of leftover dry paint.

6. Soak in hot water: Soak the show in lukewarm water and keep it soaked for a minimum of six hours.

7. Rinse off with cold water: Lastly, rinse off the shoe with cold water. By this point, the stain should have been gone.

10 things you need for getting rid of dry paint from shoes

There is no one fit-for-all method for getting rid of dry paint since there are different kinds of paint and different textures of shoes. However, here are the top 10 things that will come in handy for getting rid of stubborn paint stains, be it any kind of paint or shoe.


1. Acetone

A liquid cleaner and intense paint thinner that works best for removing dry paint from the middle sole of any boot or shoe.


2. Citrus Degreaser

It can be used for eliminating water-based paint marks and dried acrylic paint from shoes.

3. Dish Detergent Powder

Best for acrylic paint stains or soft dry paint stains.

4. Nail Polish Remover and Acetone mixture

A mixture of 80% remover and 20% acetone is better. It is recommended for removing paint stains from shoes as pure Acetone has chances of ruining the shoe material.

5. Mineral Spirits

An odorless and slightly refined version of paint thinner is ideal for eradicating oil-based paint stains from sneakers, shoes, and boots.

6. Latex Paint Remover

It can be used to eliminate acrylic paint stains, wet-oil based paints, and old dried latex paint marks from all kinds of footwear.

7. Special Paint Remover

Very useful for eradicating dry paint from shoes.

8. Olive Oil

A relatively harmless material for cleaning old and dried oil-based paint marks from canvas and leather shoes.

9. Rubbing Alcohol

A natural shoe deodorizer, which is useful in cleaning dried oil paint marks from shoes.

10. White Distilled Vinegar

A natural and safe ingredient to remove old and dried paint marks from shoes.

Removing Different Kinds of Dry Paint from Different Shoes

There are different kinds of footwear, comprising different materials; for instance, there are leather shoes, canvas shoes, suedes, etc. It must be quite evident that the method of removing dry paint from each of these kinds of shoes is different and requires different items.

Soon we will be talking about how you can get rid of dry paint by each type.

Leather Shoes

It is understood that getting rid of paint on leather can get intimidating. There are different grades of leather, as well as diverse forms of paint. Also, you do not want to end up damaging the high-quality leather if you cannot differentiate between the techniques. Luckily, here are some precise steps to eradicate dry paint from leather without damaging it, which will still leave it in excellent condition.

Acrylic Paint

The acrylic paint dries fast because it comprises of polymer emulsions. If your leather shoe gets stained with acrylic paint, here is how you can remove it.


1. Soak a towel in olive oil

To get rid of dry acrylic paint, dip a towel in olive oil, and dab it on the stained paint mark of the shoe. Let it sit around for 10 minutes.

2. Remove excess paint

Scrape off the excess paint with a blunt knife. The remaining paint should be wiped off with a scrubbing pad, followed by cleaning it with a lukewarm soap and water solution.


Paints with Water Base

Contrary to removing acrylic paint, the paints that have a water base can be eliminated simply by cleaning the tarnished area with a regular soap of washing detergent.

1. Use a magic eraser

Dried up water-based paint can be gotten rid of by using a magic eraser since it has a harsh surface that wipes the paint without leaving any traces or scratches.

2. Wash and dry

After the paint come off, wipe the shoe with water and allow it to dry.

Paints with Oil Base

The oil-based paint has components like alkyd and linseed; thus, it is much harder to get rid of oil-based dried paint on shoes. Materials like turpentine or special thinners are absolutely essential to make the stain go away.

1. Remove excess paint

Use a paper towel to remove the excess, but avoid spreading the oil even more on the surface. Apply some olive oil on the shoe surface. This absorbs the oil paint.

2. Use a soap and water solution

Clean off the oil with moderately warm soapy water and a sponge. Use a leather cleaner to eradicate any further paint stain.

Latex Paints

Latex paints are another form of paint with which your shoes can get stained. Dry latex paint is incredibly difficult to get off and requires solvents. There are various solvents to opt for, but so far, the most effective, efficient, and widely available one is rubbing alcohol.

1. Use a solvent

Apply a good quantity of solvent on the affected area of the shoe. The paint will eventually soften after some minutes. Then just scrape it off.

2. Clean

After this, you must wipe the remaining solvent with a rag for a pristine finish.


Canvas Shoes

Canvas shoes do not soak up paint as quickly as leather shoes, so it is much easier and quicker to get rid of painted patches. You will probably require soap water or any kind of solvent-based on the type of stain, and you are good to go.

Acrylic Paint or Paints with Water Base

1. Chip off paint

The dry acrylic or water-based paint should be first scraped off using a coarse toothbrush.

2. Use soap and water mixture

The paint stain should be softened using a lukewarm water and soap mixture. Also, ample water should be used to dampen and soften the stained patch.

3. Scrape

The tempered paint should be brushed off with a hard object.

4. Wash off

The leftover ink should be washed down with a load of water until it is spotless and gone.

5. Apply nail polish remover

Lastly, wipe the obstinate stain with a nail polish remover. Once clean, let your canvas shoe dry in a cool and shady place.

Paints with Oil Base

1.Scrape off excess paint

Use a course toothbrush or your fingernails to remove the paint chunks. Now you will be left with the stained part.

2. Apply thinner

Pour thinner on top of the stain and keep a bowl nearby to prevent extra thinner from falling.

3. Scrape off the softened paint

The thinner will soften the paint and make it easier to scrape the remaining paint. A faded layer of paint might still exist though the majority of it will be removed after this step.

4. Use a dry cloth

Put a towel on the surface and place the shoe against it, with the stained area face-down.

5. Use Turpentine

Pour turpentine on a sponge and rub it inside the shoe. The paint will appear on the fabric as it comes off. For this step, use a rubber glove and keep replacing the dry cloth once it gets wet with turpentine.

6. Rub off the stain with detergent and dry cloth

Rub outside the show with a dry piece of cloth. Use laundry detergent to clean the leftover paints that might still be present.

7. Soak in warm water

Dip the shoes in hot water and let it stay for 6 hours or the entire night. Gently rub the stain on and off to eradicate loose paint as it gets softer with water.

8. Rinse with cold water

Finally, rinse the shoe with cold water. Once dried, the stain becomes invisible. The canvas shoe might feel a bit tight around the foot after it is washed and dried—no need to worry, as the fabric stretches over time.


Suede Shoes

The process of getting dry paint off from the suede shoes is a bit more tedious. It is much better to be prevented to every extent possible, but if you do face an unfortunate incident where the need arises, you should do it. Although this one might require heading to your nearest dry cleaner, there is a simple method that you can try at home too.

1. Remove excess paint

Scrape off the paint as much as you can. Special care must be taken while doing this to prevent ruining the delicate and excellent quality leather of suedes.

2. Use a special cleaning liquid

Make sure to use a leather cleaning liquid in the affected area and let it soak in. The liquid for suede shoes can be ordered online.

3. Use a soft dry cloth to absorb

After applying the cleaning liquid, place a permeable fabric or foam piece over the stain to soak the paint and prevent the paint from spreading to nearby areas of the shoe.

4. Rub the stained area with soapy water

Once the paint gets soaked, use a new foam piece dipped in a soapy solution and rub on the stain, lightly but thoroughly.

5. Dry the suedes

The last step is to dry the suede shoes with a vacuum cleaner or leave it to self-dry in a cool, airy place. In conclusion, getting rid of stubborn paint marks and old and dried paint from shoes seems challenging, but with the right materials and cleaning tools and equipment, it can be quite easy to get rid of any form of dried paint from footwear.


Fabulous Home Remedies for Removing Dry Paint from Shoes

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