Fight the funk off your shoes

Fight the funk off your shoes

Fight the funk off your shoes:

      Have you ever had your shoes throw up stench after wearing after having had them cleaned up? Well, this is normal stuff. Many people have had to contend with foot odor that develops after a lap or two. You can take control of your smelly shoes in a few steps that shall be discussed further in this article.

As you run, your feet move against the material, creating some heat inside the shoe. Also, increased temperatures in the shoe often lead to sweating of our feet. In other instances, your feet may swell due to the friction.


   These events occur in succession. They may have something to do with the smell. However, they are not to blame in a majority of these instances. Research has attributed these conditions to a bacterium in your shoe. This carries a substantial bearing, given that the smell seems to be persistent even after someone has run a few miles.

The results appeared to be similar when results from different trainers were compared. One ran a more extended than the other, but somehow the results were comparatively close. The trainer who ran a shorter distance recorded similar results with regard to odor in the shoe as the one with a longer distance covered. Usually, you will expect lower or no cases of sweat produced for the short distance runner.

    Consequently, there would be no swelling. However, these reflections will be decisive in the long-distance runner. There is likely to be sore feet as well as have plenty of sweat.


    These results support the assertion that sweating is not entirely to blame for the odor that is generated by our footwear. This post will have an article on shoe stench formation and suggest steps to get rid of it. It will also look at ways you can get custom shoes to buy, which you designed.

On this subject, you will be taken through the role of in making custom footwear for you as well as how you can create your own shoes on this platform.


Most people like their shoes customized. The need to have a unique image out here seems to be innate such that we will always have the urge to look different from the rest. Freaky shoes will handle this part for you to find out how in this article.


Why do shoes smell?

      Smelly shoes are a nuisance whether it is in the comfort of your home or the place of work or even in a social gathering, it always seems like a bad idea to remove your shoes; the culprit being the smell that shall be evolved when you do so. The stench in the boots can occur in any type of footwear, from runner sneakers, office shoes, event shoes, to hiking pairs. Somehow, you will likely find the smell in your shoes.


As earlier introduced, the smell in the shoes is caused by the presence of bacteria that get a pleasant environment on a warm boot to co-exist with your feet. SDPMS is a medical institution that studies and addresses problems that are related to your feet. They reported that there are 250,000 sweat glands in your feet, which excrete as much as a half-pint in a day.

If you were to put on shoe fir a day, it means that there is a probability that your shoe has absorbed a full pint of sweat from your feet. This perspiration creates a conducive environment that enables bacteria to breed. Sealing the moisture in your shoe, be it vegan or leather, makes the surrounding warmer, accelerating the multiplication of these naturally stinky bacteria.


Now, before you get all judgmental, you should note that the extent to which your shoes retain perspiration ranges between shoe brands. There are those products that are breathable enough such that they are able to expel the excess smell as well as sweat out of the shoe. Those closed up shoes that have minimal exit points for sweat tend to retain more perspiration resulting in more smell.


This is the reason why you might have seen your training buddy kick their shoes off in public, changing into recovery slides. However, you may see someone else who is afraid to remove their boots, fearing people's perception of smelly shoes. The extent to which your shoe can breathe and the socks you wear may have a bearing on whether or not your boots will produce the bad odor.

What happens is that, if the shoes cannot breathe, the bacteria breed proliferating to your feet. They release naturally smelly secretions. These toxins are absorbed by the shoes causing the smell to stick even after you air the shoes. At this extent, the only option left is to wash them. If not, they will continue to wreak havoc.


Bromodosis – a condition that describes the same factors that cause smelly feet. Moreover, this condition is furthered by the lack of sufficient drying of shoes. Before highlighting steps you can use to rid your shoes of the smell, we shall note some points to follow to reduce the effect of bromodosis and the stubborn bacteria that causes it.


Treatment for smelly feet

     Keep your toenail as short as possible, keeping them clean always to avoid keeping bacteria and dirt in them. Also, if you don't wash them thoroughly, you will be inviting bacteria and sweat to accumulate, leading to excessive stink. Also, you are advised to remove the dead skin from your feet regularly. When you sweat, this part of you becomes wet and soggy, allowing for a perfect living area for bacteria.


Use soap and scrub to wash your feet at least once a day to avoid bacterial buildup. Pay attention to the spaces between your fingers. These are places where if not well, tendered can easily lead to the growth of bacteria from the wetness. Finally, ensure that you dry away all the moisture on your feet, including between your fingers every time you get exposed to water or any humidity. Maintaining hygiene on your feet is one of the ways to preventing your feet from stinking.


Additionally, you need to wear socks while wearing shoes. This certainly helps in absorbing sweat whenever you perspire. This prevents your shoes from absorbing the same and end up building foul odor. Also, try to change your socks regularly by wearing a clean pair every day. The choice of socks you wear should be informed by their ability to absorb the sweat rather than keeping them in your feet. Also, they should be soft to avoid getting bruises from friction. The best option would be those made from natural fibers such as cotton or sports socks.


Moreover, you need to have at least two pairs of shoes that you can wear interchangeably. Alternating your shoes allows them to be thoroughly dry before you put them on. Also, remember to air them and remove the insoles to enhance the drying process.


Put on open sandals that expose your toes to air in dry, hot, or warm weather. Also, if possible, stay barefoot while inside the house, for it boosts your feet' chances of keeping your feet dry and aerated. On the other hand, avoid a shoe that retains moisture inside.


When it comes to treatment, you can rub alcohol to your feet once every day using cotton. Rubbing alcohol is effective at helping your feet to dry up. Also, there are alternative treatment measures, including applying powder, which is medicated to the feet. The dust and spray are antifungal. Also, you can use insoles that are treated in medicated deodorant.


Try applying antiperspirant spray and deodorant spray. Also, you can use antibacterial or antifungal soaps. They might not work for you. This is probably where you should not give up and continue the perfect one and continue to move. Antifungal and antibacterial drugs from the pharmacist shall go a long way to help to ease the situation.


Additionally, there are soaps that are made for these purposes. Such include antifungal and antibacterial soaps. Finally, wash your feet in vinegar or Listerine if possible.


Some treatments applied at home may be effective in combating this vice. However, were they not to show positive results, you can decide to see a doctor who can prescribe stronger antiperspirants and medicated soaps. They can give you an in-depth analysis of what you can do to prevent such occurrences from happening. An extreme condition of sweating is hyperhydrosis.


Learning the art that is undergone to make a shoe is informing and exciting. The focus is not only on how much right it gets but also on how to conserve the environment. The following are ways one can successfully use to remove stubborn bacteria from shoes, hence eliminating the stench in the boots.


Step I: steps to follow to rid your shoes of bad odor


    Now that you know what causes the foul smell in your shoes, its time you learned what to do with them. The first step is always to prevent the situation from happening. Usually, after knowing the root cause of your shoe tribulations, you would try hard to kick away any possibilities of experiencing the problem. Whether you have had the stench before or not, you will want to remain watchful not to invite it to your footwear.


The primary prevention option you have is maintaining the hygiene of your feet. Now, it is not true that those with smelly shoes or feet have poor hygiene. Some people have excellent health and hygiene practices. However, they always have to grapple with this condition with the rest who have poor hygiene. We already know that it is not unique to those who are dirty either. Bacteria can develop anywhere. Whenever they decide to descend to your part, they do so regardless of the hygiene status.


Therefore, to keep these pathogenic organisms away, you need to consider a number f measures in addition to staying clean. Firstly, you will need to consider changing your shoes often. This will enable them to dry after you have worn them. This, therefore, means that you need at least two pairs of shoes, be it trainers or go-walk footwear, you need to stock at least two pairs to make the switch possible.


Secondly, you should put on socks while wearing shoes. Socks help to absorb the moisture inside the shoe deposited from the sweat that results due to excretion. If left in the shoe, the sweat forms a perfect breeding ground for bacteria that multiplies and forms colonies. When they release their smelly toxic waste, they stink, evidence that they are thousands if not millions of them inside your favorite footwear.

The most preferred socks material is natural fibers such as cotton. Also, the material should be soft. Natural fibers are efficient for absorbing moisture and soft material if to ensure that you are protected from blisters that may develop due to friction between your feet and the shoe.


Another safe way to prevent your shoe from contracting the stubborn stinking bacteria is to ensure that you wash your feet regularly. Once or twice a day, it will go a long way in assisting combatting the situation and bringing the pathogen population to control. While washing, you are advised to consider the spaces between the toes more. These spaces are known to hide the bacteria even after washing them away from the rest of the foot. Besides, you need to ensure that you use mild soap and scrub for this to get to all spaces on your feet.


Furthermore, dead skin matter on the feet and long toenails do not help you in eradicating the bacteria on our feet. Therefore, use a foot file to scrape off the dead skin cells from your feet and wash the foot afterward. Also, clip long toenails and clean them thoroughly with soap. After all, this process ensures to dry your feet thoroughly, including in between the toes.


Meanwhile, you can intensify your process of preventing bacteria by wearing shoes that can air freely. There is plenty of footwear that can air without necessarily removing them. Alternatively, you can have these shoes by ordering your customized pair from Another option of freely aerated shoes is flip-ons and sandals. Consider wearing these pairs if you don’t intend to go for an official function.


Furthermore, you can prevent this menace that causes bad odor in shoes by washing your footwear thoroughly with soap and airing them to dry well before putting them on. Also, dry your previously worn shoes in plenty of sun and air. This enables your footwear to dry maximally from the dampness it had from your sweat. In other terms, never wear a damp shoe.

Also, consider changing your socks for another pair mid-day if you may be having excessive perspiration – a condition known as hyperhydrosis. On the other hand, avoid tight shoes. They contribute to high rates of sweating.


Step II: eradicate the bacteria.


Breaking free from this menace will require you to sanitize your shoes, including the insoles before you put them on. There are different ways you can evict these pathogens. By knowing what the bacteria live on, you put yourself in a position where you can cut the chain that supports their survival, and they shall be gone.


The first way is to stop sweating in the shoes. Since it is not possible to stop, sweat is a natural product from a homeostatic process that results from metabolic reactions in the body. Here are the solutions:


Firstly, freeze the shoes. Well, this may sound a little crazy, but you already know that bacteria survive in mild conditions of warm temperatures and moisture. Destroy them, take plastic bags, wrap your shoes in them, and then throw them to a freezer for the night. By morning, defrost them and dry them before you put them on.


Secondly, you can improve this initiative if you buy a spray with sanitizers and pray in the whole shoe rack. Removing the bacteria is equal to removing the bad odor permanently. Therefore, do not try to sink the odor in the shoes by spraying with a chemical that smells nice while promoting the bacteria-living environment. Also, use cotton balls o spread alcohol n the shoes in small amounts. Ethanol is a good sanitize. When it finally dries up, you will be sure to put on a shoe that lacks bacteria.


Alternatively, vinegar can disinfect surfaces thoroughly and may be used in this activity as well. Spray distilled vinegar solution in the shoe and wait until it dries up.


Step III: Do away with the smell


After uprooting the cause, you now need to do away with the smell left behind. First, you need to ensure that other factors are taken care of before using conventional interventions to get rid of the smell. One of the elements is cleaning the shoe. Well, after destroying the bacteria, you should opt for thoroughly cleaning your footwear and allowing it to dry. After that, use baking soda to help in neutralizing the acid malodorous that was initially produced and deposited in your shoe.


Baking soda is powdery. Therefore, to avoid having to deal with the messes again after you sprinkle the powder into the shoe, alternatively, you can tie the soda into a ball in a piece of cloth, a dryer or a coffee paper, and leave the ball inside the shoe overnight. Baking soda does not have a smell. Therefore, confirm that your shoe has stopped releasing foul smell before you use the footwear again.


The other option is to use charcoal as the deodorizer. Look for some charcoal tights, leave them in your shoe overnight, and observe if the smell would have changed in the morning. Charcoal helps in absorbing bad odor. Therefore, it helps in enabling the shoe to breathe.


Step IV: improve the smell.


The interventions you used above eliminated the bad funk from your shoes. However, if you wanted to improve the smell of your shoes for the better, here is what you can do.


Use soap to improve the smell. Place some bars of the remaining detergent in the shoe and let it stay there for the night. The bars of soap play two roles. One, they absorb the unnecessary residual smell. Secondly, they introduce an exquisite scent into the shoe. After usage, you will have a pleasant scent coming from the footwear.


Furthermore, you can apply essential oils into the shoe to make it appeal to smell. Place a few drops p lemon onto a ball of cotton. Put it inside the shoe overnight. While using this, use the disinfectant of sanitizer you used earlier alongside it.


        Additionally, you need to ensure that the shoes are always kept dry so that the problem remains at bay. This can be realized by keeping your boots stuffed up by dry matter in your home, such as old newspapers. These materials will help in absorbing clingy moisture from your shoes. Also, you can use kitty litter.

Did you know that cat litter can absorb foul smell from your home, leaving it fresh? Well, if it can do this to the house, it can definitely do the same on the shoes. Alternatively, you can use old clothes for this activity as well. Old torn clothes such as socks or pantyhose will do well in this instance.


Step V: throw them away


If you have followed all the above highlights, then you should expect significant results on your shoe-game. However, any results other than the positive ones only serve to prove that there isn't anything that can save your shoe, so it is time to part with it. Throwing away this particular pair will solve more than what another shoe might be worth.


It is possible for the smell to stick around for a long time due to having the bacteria attacking and spreading to the inner shoe regions that you cannot stay to save. Also, use antiperspirant when going far, and may not be in the house. It will help you to bear the smell that comes out.


Freaky Shoes for custom Footwear

      Freaky Shoes is a shoemaking company that provides its clients with an exclusive platform that enables them to design their own footwear. What it does is that it gives you a choice - an opportunity that you can take to express your creative craft and inspiration on your shoes. Besides, you can design absolutely any shoe type. Majorly, deals in sneakers, canvas shoes, vans, sportswear, sandals, etc. It is, therefore, a website for custom shoes, and helps to design footwear online.


How it works


The company employs three-dimensional imaging and printing. This is a state-of-the-art technology that enables you to design your shoe with anything you want to put on it. The platform further furnishes you with colors that you can use on your footwear. Moreover, you are not limited to the graphics on the site. Freaky Shoes gives you the freedom to design outside the website and upload your logos or images to use in branding the products.


After you have submitted your preferred design, you will choose if the product needs to be hand-stitched or produced mechanically. After that, you will send your order, which shall be worked on and shipped to your address in less than four weeks. This tells you that apart from offering you a platform to have a say on what you dress your feet, it also employs more mechanisms to enable you to have an exact brand you wanted with full specifications in place.


Freaky Shoes has its operations based in China. However, the site is run from the United States. After they have collected your designs, the company factory in China embarks on working on the order. Before long, you will be having your item with you. The company has put measures that enable the clients to get what they want, even if they have to involve professional couturiers.


Commercially, you can use the company as a partner such that you can design and order in bulk so that you can sell the items. It is evident that since Freaky Shoes is a factory, they will sell to you at a wholesale price, which you can quickly turn over and harvest your profits. Further, from this idea, the site can help you build a brand name for yourself.

   For example, everyone knows how to differentiate Puma from Air-max Nike. These are prolific brands in the market that you can be part of as well. For instance, you can have the value of your small online enterprise to increase to unprecedented heights. Scaling these heights is not easy, but you sure have heard of a shoe brand called Jordans, haven't you?


Moreover, the fact that you are an outgoing and fun person just makes you want to show your buddies what you can do with an artist's brush and paint. Uniqueness is more or less a need for human beings. Turning up for a party with customized shoes helps build your brand and reputation to a higher level. Before long, your friends shall be benchmarking on you for fashion pro tips.


However, it is against the company policies for clients to use inappropriate languages as graphics to imprint on their shoes. Furthermore, any images or logos that promote violence, racism, gender discrimination, etc. shall not be adopted. Also, you cannot use graphics that are trademarked.

To avoid open lawsuits and problems with the government and a backlash with the world community, the company will contact you to change your designs to suit the recommended models that uphold the integrity of the company and that of the human race in general.


In other words, the company will allow you to express yourself in any way possible. Still, it retains the right to respectfully decline your design on the grounds that it violates the above specifications. Also, it is within your power to edit the model and have your shoes printed and shipped to you. However, Freaky Shoes does allow you to brand shoes of all genders with zero discrimination on gender orientation.

For example, if you logged on to the site,, you will be confronted with all sorts of designs, including a vans pair with LGBTQ flag colors on it. They will, therefore, provide you with custom shoes you can put pictures on, and all you need to do is arm yourself with the necessary tools to do so.


Additionally, it is in everyone's interest that the projects turn out okay. However, it is somewhat disappointing if otherwise, an error is made. This site gives you a platform and shows you how to customize shoes online. You will, therefore, need to give your bet and countercheck before submitting your finished product.

When production resumes, you are not allowed to recall, refute, or cancel the order. In the case where the product is faulty, you are encouraged to reach the customer care on for assistance, and you may be shipped a replacement upon sending pictures of the damaged product. Therefore, there are no returns; neither are their demands for the same.


The bottom line


Smelly shoes are indeed callous. It is a headache having to put up with the smell every time you wear or pull it out. The urge to throw your shoe may be a little intense, and this may impact your interest in getting a new pair.

You can mitigate this issue in a few steps, summarized as maintaining the hygiene of your feet, shoes, and other accessories you'd like to use on your feet. The goal is to eradicate and, if possible, prevent the bacteria that cause the funk in the shoes. The methods and solutions to go about this are highlighted in this post.


Can you have your shoe custom made? If you are wondering where to get this, simply log on to and have a blast. Upload your favorite logos and graphics and let them define your style.


Fight the funk off your shoes

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