Fixing the Flip Flops Straps and Not Replacing Them

Fixing the Flip Flops Straps and Not Replacing Them

Fixing the Flip Flops Straps and Not Replacing Them:


The flip flops are a very common kind of footwear that is preferred by many people to be worn as they are comfortable. The flip flops are characterized by straps which sometimes cause irritation and can pose a threat. The flip flops do not cover the foot entirely and thus people often like to wear them.


The most irritating thing or part of a flip flop made custom slides is the strap. The strap of the flip flop breaks easily and even if you had bought the flip flops a week before. So, the only solution that is left after the strap gets detached is buying a new pair of flip flops or other shoes, no there is a solution to fix the strap of the flip flops.


Fixing the Flip Flops Straps Tips 

So, before throwing away your custom slide slippers with broken straps, you are recommended to implement and follow the given steps which can be useful to use to attach the strap, as well as this method, will also save your money. So, follow the given steps and attach your straps.


Step 1- A screw


You must have got surprised by the fact as how a screw can help you to fix the strap, but believe, a small screw can do all the wonders. But, there are some certain characteristics that the screw must have so that it works for the strap of personalised slide sandals for a longer duration.

The screw should not have a shank and its head should be flat and the tip of the screw should be enough pointy to be inserted inside the rubber. To insert the screw, you must also have a screwdriver.


Step 2-Screw and carve


Start the fixing process by screwing the screw on the bottom of the strap of the custom sandals wholesale and keep it screwing until it reaches the other part of the strap but make sure that you screw the shoe in a straight direction keeping the screw straight. This step has to be performed slowly in order to avoid any mistakes.


Step 3-Its fixed


Once the second step is done, your flip flops are ready to be worn again. But remember that on the sole of the slippers, the screw should not pose disturbance, so be assured that the screw has properly inserted in the rubber. Now, you do not have to run to the shoe store to buy new flip flops or custom basketball slides. For the time being your flip flops are repaired.


This is how you can also repair the strap of your flip flops. But to avoid any injury, it is always advised to buy a fresh pair of flip flops after they have disintegrated completely. If you do not want to buy new footwear then this method will surely help you as it is the most easiest and accessible method in which barely with the help of a screw you can repair your flip flops.


Enjoy wearing your flip flops and forget about the strap as it has got repaired.




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