Get your Shoes Dried Out Quickly

Get your Shoes Dried Out Quickly

Get your Shoes Dried Out Quickly

It becomes a quite hectic task to dry out your shoes after you wash them as the shoes need a considerable amount of time to dry out. If you do not get your shoes properly desiccated, and wear them wet, the shape, as well as the material of the shoe, also gets disturbed as well as your foot may also develop some problems. So, to void these problems avoid wearing wet shoes.

There are alternatives to dry out your shoes if you are in a hurry like a hairdryer or a fan but these products can damage your customized shoes such as the custom shoes with pictures. So, if you are not in a hurry you can grab some newspaper and wrap your shoes in them or you can use the rice as well. Well, here are some ways through which you can instantly make your shoes dry.


Methods to dry shoes

Separate the insoles- Separate the insoles of your custom shoes and let them dry individually. This method does take time but it is effective as well. The insoles can be kept in front of a fan or under the bright sunlight which will also help to treat the odor.


Drape the shoes with newspaper-In this method, dark ink newspaper is not recommended. Wrap two to three layers of newspaper tightly around the shoes as the newspaper has the quality to absorb water quickly and do secure the newspaper sheets with some rubber bands and you’re dried out shoes are ready.


Fill the shoes with newspaper-You are recommended not to use newspaper or this step if you have got white custom shoes Nike as the ink of the paper is likely to get transferred to the shoes and can ruin it. Fill the inside of the shoes with some newspaper balls and fill the shoe to the brim.


Change the outer covering of the shoes- The newspaper has great capability to absorb moisture in a short period. So, after intervals of two to four hours, check if the newspapers have got filled with moisture, then change the covering of the newspaper with the fresh ones.


Using dryer

Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions if you have got certain expensive and chic shoe like the custom shoes vans, first have a look at the manufacturer’s advice before you use the dryer. If a certain type of shoe is not suitable to be dried out using a dryer then avoid using the dryer method as it can ruin the material of the shoe.

Set your dryer to the lowest temperature-When you have decided to dry your shoes in the dryer the make sure that you set your dryer settings to the lowest or else the high heat can damage the custom shoes basketball and can also cause them to stink.

After reading this article by Freaky Shoes, you must have got plenty of ideas to dry your shoes if you are in a hurry or have enough time. So, dry out your shoes and wear them comfortably.

Get your Shoes Dried Out Quickly

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