Getting Rid Of The Paint On Suede Shoes

Getting Rid Of The Paint On Suede Shoes

Getting Rid Of The Paint On Suede Shoes

The people who are fond of the suede shoe have to take great care of the shoe material as well and many also spend enormous amounts of amounts to maintain their suede belongings. Often the people are worried about the care of their belongings as well because they are very delicate and can be damaged easily. To increase the longevity of the materials, they have to be taken proper care of.

But if by chance your custom shoes design made of suede get ruined by the paint spilled on it you will naturally get panic. But there is nothing to get panic about as you do not need to invest more money in a new suede coat or furniture. There are many alternatives available to clean the paint on the suede rather than throwing the thing away.


  • Dry cleaner

  • Water

  • Soft-soap

  • Leather cleanser

  • Sponge

  • Cloth

  • Butter knife

If you paint any other type of paint rather than the custom shoe paint, on your suede shoes and you realize that the paint is not apt for the material of the hoe, don’t worry you can remove the paint. So, here are some steps that will help you to remove the paint.

1st step- The first step involves removing any excess paint from your clothing using a blunt tool. Use the edge of a butter knife to scratch off the excess paint that can be removed from your custom shoes converse. Do not use the tool very harshly or else the material of the shoe can also develop some scratches, so use the knife with a soft hand.

2nd step-The remaining paint on the material or product should be now treated with soap suds. To make the soap suds, the make a solution of warm water and detergent and make sure that you stir the solution well so that enough amount of suds is formed. Then, with the use of a sponge apply the suds on the spotted part of the custom shoe men made of suede, but do not dip the sponge in water.

3rd step-Now, remove the suds from the suede material with the use of a dry cloth and let the material take its time to dry.

4th step- If the paint is still present on the material, then it is advised to use leather cleaner. With the help of a dry cloth rub the paint on the material with gentle hands and then let the material completely dry itself.

5th step-At the last, if your suede belonging does not gets cleaned up or the custom shoelaces of your favorite shoe do not get rid of the paint, then you must seek the help of a dry cleaner. The service of your belonging may prove to be expensive for you but the suede will be worth it.

Hence, don’t get panic if your suede belongings get dirt by paint, just follow the above-stated hacks and you will get your suede belonging cleaned to a certain extent.

Getting Rid Of The Paint On Suede Shoes


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