Great Tricks So Your Favorite Shoes Won’t Hurt

Great Tricks So Your Favorite Shoes Won’t Hurt

Great Tricks So Your Favorite Shoes Won’t Hurt

Wearing comfortable shoes is what everyone prefers; however, some pairs of new shoes hurt your feet. Freaky shoes pay special attention to the comfort of your feet, and we know how to handle this problem. We will be sharing with you some great tips to wear new shoes with great comfort. So, you no more need to worry about what to wear with a red hat? Pick up your favorite pair of shoes and use these tricks to enjoy a party without worrying about the discomfort.

Classic Band-Aids for feet

This is an old trick that can keep your feet safe while wearing new shoes for the first time. So, whenever you buy a new pair of shoes, keep band-aids in your bag. It will reduce friction and prevent rubbing. Don’t forget to buy a band-aid while buying high heels. It should be large enough to cover the friction area of your feet.


Use Talcum powder

You can also use talcum powder to minimize the friction on your foot. Before wearing your new pair of shoes, sprinkle some talcum powder. Use this talcum powder on dry feet.


Thick socks and heat

Thick socks can also help to reduce your foot pain. Another important factor is heat; it makes the shoe material expand so, you can use your hair dryer to heat the shoe where it hurts your feet. Run hairdryer for one minute and then wear your shoes and start walking until it gets cool. Then again, repeat this process until you feel comfortable with your shoes. This trick is only suitable for leather and other natural material.


Make use of stick deodorant

Most of the new shoes hurt your toes, heel bone, and the upper surface of your foot. You feel pain when the friction arises between your foot and shoes, so you can control this friction by using a stick deodorant or a roll-on stick.


Silicone insoles

Silicone insoles are products that protect your foot against friction. You can also use these protectors to enjoy your new shoes. You can get these products from online orthopedic stores and pharmacies.


Use Ice

Take a small plastic bag, fill it with cold water, and place it inside your new shoes. Put your shoes in the freezer for more than 5 hours. In the morning, you will notice an expansion in your shoe size; it happened when water converted into ice. This trick is very helpful in making your shoes wide.


Moisturizing cream

This is the easiest way to avoid discomfort while wearing tight shoes. Take a small quantity of moisturizing cream on your hand and apply it to the friction area; it will reduce friction and heal your rashes.

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Great Tricks So Your Favorite Shoes Won’t Hurt

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