History of Wrestling Shoes

History of Wrestling Shoes

History of Wrestling Shoes:

  When you think of wrestling, throwing blows and kicks and leaving one party injured to the point of death comes to mind. In the present world of the sport, John Cena, Roman Rays, and the rest leave a scaring memory when we think of them. The spear kicks and ankle blows make them look like agents of the devil. What is unknown is that it all began back in time, when shoes invented, and the world today seemed so far and time was devoid of inventions.


The ancient Greeks wanted to train their soldiers in close hand to hand combat to turn them into fighting machines. They did grappling type techniques such as clinch fighting, throws and takedowns, joint locks, pins, and other grappling holds.

However, it dates back to the old testament times when the patriarch Jacob is said to have wrestled with God's angel, though not proven the type of wrestling he used, it sounds to be very heroic. Cave drawings dating back 15000 years ago show Egyptian and Babylonian wrestlers using the present-day holds. The Iliad, in which Homer recounts the Trojan war of the 13th or 12th century, B.C. also contains wrestling mentions. The Indian Mahabharata and Ramayana epics contain trails of wrestling in their martial arts. The Romans borrowed much from the Greeks but went ahead to eliminate much of their brutality.


Greeks wanted their soldiers to be war cats, and death was not an option for them. Though during those days, they used a buskin as their wrestling shoes. A buskin is a knee or a calf-length boot made of leather or cloth which laces closed but is open across the toes. A high heeled version was worn by Athenian tragic actors to make them look taller.


Wrestling occupied a prominent place in legend and literature competitions. The brutality in it served as the focal point of the sport. In the fifth to the fifteenth century, wrestling remained popular and enjoyed many royal families' patronage, including those of Japan, France, and England.

The England settlers took the wrestling tradition into the American land with them and made it a fashion, but they found it popular amongst the native Americans. Wrestling served as an amateur sport in the North American colonies. It served as a vital activity for holiday celebrations: country fairs, holiday celebrations, and military exercises.

The first organized wrestling tournament took place in New York City in 1888. It has been an event in every modern Olympic games since the 1904 games in St Louis, Missouri.


United World Wrestling (U.W.W.) established in 1912 in Antwerp, Belgium, the international governing body for the activity. It was the international federation of associated wrestling styles ( FILA). The first N.C.A.A. championships held in 1912, in Ames, Iowa. In 1983, U.S.A. wrestling, located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, became the national governing body of U.S. amateur wrestling.


Since wrestling began back in the ancient days, there are many myths associated with it since no one was there to document it, preferably. For example, Greek mythology celebrates Zeus's rise as a ruler of the earth after a fight with his father, Cronus. Both Heracles and Theseus were famous for fighting against man and beast.

This theory has documented a lot of present-day movies. Iranian Pahlevans regard Rustam of the Shahnameh ( Book of kings) as the greatest wrestler. The Mahabharata describes a malladwandwa ( wrestling match) between the accomplished wrestlers Bhima and Jarasandha. In Pharaonic Egypt, wrestling evidenced by documentation on tombs ( circa 2300BC) and Egyptian artwork ( 2000-1085 BC).


About 1100 to 146 BC, the most popular form of martial art was the Greek wrestling in ancient Greece. In Turkey, the national sport is oil wrestling. I have traced back to central Asia. 510 BC to AD 500, the Roman wrestling was born during the reign of the Roman Empire, which they absorbed from the Greeks. "Shuai jiao" is a fighting style originating from China, which has a recorded history of over 4000 years.

The Arabs depicted Muhammad as a skilled wrestler, defeating a skeptic in a match at one point. In the eighth century, a significant win experienced in Byzantine. Its emperor Basil 1, according to court historians, won against a boastful fighter from Bulgaria. In 1520 at the Field of the Cloth of Gold pageant, Francis 1 of France threw fellow king Henry VIII of England in a wrestling match.


The Lancashire style of folk wrestling may have formed the basis for Catch wrestling, also known as" catch as catch can" the Irish developed the "collar and elbow" style, which later found its way into the united states. By the 19th century, the Greco-Roman style featured in many fairs and festivals in Europe.

A Frenchman credited for reorganizing European loose wrestling into professional art. In continental Europe, prize money offered in large sums to winners of the Greco-Roman tournaments, and freestyle wrestling spread rapidly in the United Kingdom and states after the American civil war.

It regulated in formal competitions, in part resulting from the rise of gymnasiums and athletic clubs. Since 1908, the Greco-Roman event has been in every summer Olympics since its first modern transformation in 1896, Athens. Freestyle wrestling became an Olympic event in 1904, and the women's freestyle wrestling added to the summer Olympics in 2004.


Today various countries send their teams to the Olympics, including Russia, Iran, Turkey, Mongolia, Azerbaijan, Japan, South Korea, Gambia, the united states, and several ex- U.S.S.R. nations. United world wrestling has regulated amateur wrestling as an athletic discipline, but professional wrestling has largely become infused with theatrics but still needs athletic ability.

In Switzerland, they have a local derivate of the German Ringen known as Schwinger is a popular folk sport with local schwingfest where regional competitions played throughout the country. The U.W.W. has broken down wrestling into categories. International wrestling discipline and folk wrestling discipline. However, it recognizes six subjects in all. Three are Olympic: Greco-Roman wrestling, men's freestyle wrestling, and female wrestling. The other three are amateur pankration, belt wrestling ash, and beach wrestling.


Wrestling shoes are not as old as the sport. Most of these early matches performed naked and barefoot as well. According to Dave Coffman, organized sports boxing pre dates sports boxing by at least 150 years. According to him, the ancient Greeks wrestled long before its first fighter stepped into the ring. There are various types of wrestling practice; they include Folkstyle, Freestyle, the much stated Greco-Roman.




Folkstyle is not as flashy as the other techniques. It exists in Canada and the United States and practiced at a collegiate level. No high amplitude throw exists in this type. Scoring is slow-paced and less technical. Sometimes a muscular wrestler with strong positions can dominate. College-level folkstyle fighters can still dominate and bring a particular skill to the set. They just don't use their physical strength, but also mental strength is required. Over the years of training, one can develop a strong mental capacity to live through the sport.




Unlike folkstyle, Freestyle practiced across the world. The two styles are related. You can look at Freestyle as an evolved type of folk style. Freestyle has more scoring opportunities, allowing an athlete to attack the entire body in various ways. It doesn't emphasize control as a folk style but instead focuses on explosiveness and risk. Throws will be more dynamic and of higher amplitude.




Greco-Roman incorporates more high amplitude throws than any other style of fighting. It may be one of the modern techniques for a viewer in North America. Unlike the aforestated moves, this one involves attack from the torso up. You cannot use the legs at all to score points. The emphasis is upper body engagement. In Greco, the position is everything, closing the gap, and controlling under hooks, body locks, and attacking the body.

Fighters usually spend a lot of time developing their hip power since it produced from them. This discipline gives the soldiers the ability to generate more power from their punches. Once you master these disciplines as a viewer, you will be able to discern what moves your favorite player is specialized in and give you the capability to predict a fight's outcome.


All these disciplines have evolved, and it is right to note that these days the ring is dominated by fighters who wear sneakers and sports shoes. Freaky shoes.com is a shoe design website committed to bringing to life your idea of the perfect shoe.

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John Cena has enjoyed a successful WWE career. He has won 24 championships ( including 15 world championships), headlined five Wrestle Manias, won the iconic Royal Rumble, and won the money in the Bank Ladder match. He is undoubtedly the WWE's face and also the company's ambassador who has helped the company reach corners of the earth that it wasn't before.

However, a lot of people in WWE are displeased by his success. He doesn't get enough credit for the sneaker culture that he cultivated in the world of sports and entertainment. Cena was one of the first wrestlers to ditch the traditional wrestling boots and compete in a fresh pair of sneakers, his conventional reebok pumps. His outfits have redefined WWE's larger than life characters.

He got a partnership with one of the softest shoe company crocs. It has shown a pure athlete with a delicate way of approaching life despite being the world's most influential character. He also has appeared in several movies, though not as much as his predecessor the Rock. He has appeared in movies like train wreck and sisters and the fox series American Grit. He has hosted Saturday night live has starred in the 2018 comedy film, "the pact."


Johnson is popularly known as the Rock, and a former WWE match player also has redefined the sneaker world. Unexpectedly, the muscle-bound celebrity would wear sneakers during a super bowl 54 promo video. The expectation that he would have rocked some fancy, ancient-looking boots.

He is one of the icons who has brought popularity to the sneaker world in the sports and entertainment industry. Sometimes the shoe world can have terms that are hard to understand, but sneakers Reddit is there for you. It will give you meanings of words that you can use to make your orders at freakyshoes.com.


The sneaker game has grown with the wrestling field. During wrestle mania, big shots like, Hulk Hogan, Enzo Amore, Nikki Bella, Batista, and Shane McMahon, wore them in the ring. There was a time Shane came rocking the Air Jordans. Another wrestler with the dopest sneaker game is Kofi Kingston.

He has worn the “ Christmas" Nike KD 111 and pairs from the Adidas and Jeremy Scott collection, in the WWE smackdown. The Ghana-born superstar wore zoom hustles in his match against Dolph Ziggler back in 2010 at the night of champions. He has been wearing kicks in the ring, like the “ Tiger " Nike hyper flights.

They are super light, but the creases are so crazy. In his sneaker wear schedule, he has this one in his priority: Jeremy Scott x Adidas wings 3.0 ( gold), Jeremy Scott x Adidas “ shark,” LeBron 9 “ Miami Hurricanes,” and Nike zoom Hyper flight " Tigers," blue-and-white customized Nike Shox to match the stay Puft Marshmallow Man gear.


Final thoughts


The wrestling game has evolved. Shoes and boots are an option for the ring, but sneakers are preferable because of their lightness, and they can be customized to fit the fighter's description.




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